Mind-Bending Roulette Stories

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Roulette People playing in roulette

A rapturously acclaimed and epic casino table game, roulette traces its history back to as early as the 17th century! The number of roulette players has now reached up to several thousand enthusiastic gamers who are all fervent devotees of the bright checkered wheel, the legendary symbol of roulette.

So far, the realm of roulette gaming has known plenty of outstanding stories representing the remarkable upswings of the most prominent roulette virtuosos. Every single story tells us a lot about the success of some of the most accomplished players in the world who have made their name spinning the sparkling black-and-red wheel.

Charles Wells

Gamblers Charlesm Deville WellsA Marseille-based ship engineer and scammer, who inspired the famous song “The man who broke the bank at Monte Carlo,” Wells gained his notorious reputation by breaking the bank at the famous Monte Carlo Casino Resort when he was playing roulette. It was his lucky night in 1891 when he came over the casino and allegedly won 23 out of 30 consecutive spins. This resounding winning streaks provoked plenty of doubts and even not a few disputes among his contemporaries, who reproached the avid spinner for cheating during the game; a game which, by the way, brought him about 2,000,000 francs!

Mike Ashley

American roulette Mike Ashley RouletteRanked 54th among the wealthiest people in the UK, this Newcastle United Football Club owner enhanced his immense wealth by wagering a total of £480,000 and then winning £1,300,000. Interestingly, Ashley placed his bets only on the single number 17, which proved to be his luckiest bet! However, there were rumors that this tycoon only wanted his proverbial 15 minutes of fame in roulette history! So he left his prize on the table and went out of London’s Les Ambassadeurs casino, to the sound of clapping and cheering from the audience, who were very impressed by his attitude.

Joseph Jagger

Betting Joseph JaggerKnown worldwide as an outstanding roulette strategist, Jagger has adopted a very elaborate and creative approach to the roulette game. The textile businessman refused to accept the theory that this game is based on randomness. Instead, Jagger argued that roulette outcomes are pretty much biased in general. The avid gambler got a few people to note down the numbers that occurred at one particular wheel; and consequently, he tracked the frequency of certain number occurrences. As a result, the player found out that some numbers were “preferred” by the wheel a lot more than the others. So, the punter did manage to take advantage of the biased wheel, and he managed to make about $375,000 at the Monte Carlo Casino in 1893!

Ashley Revell

History Ashley RevellThis is the legendary name that comes to mind when speaking about the craziest bet ever placed in gambling. Revell is the notorious daredevil who literally did everything humanly possible to get his chance to gamble in the very holy of holies of the roulette industry. Before embarking on a risky and adventurous trip to Vegas in 2004, the guy sold all his possessions; including his car, his house, and even his clothes! After about $135,000, Ashley wagered all his money on the red 7 roulette pocket. Fortunately enough, both the luck and roulette wheel seemed to “have mercy” on Revell and doubled his fortune. Hence, the craziest gambler ended up cashing in $270,000, ultimately making history as the punter who ventured the whole lot and ended up getting twice as much back!

Philip Green

A media tycoon and gambling high roller, Green is another accomplished magnate who has proven that a person can boast outstanding achievements in both business and gambling. One night in Les Ambassadeurs casino in 2004, London, the businessman hit it big by winning around £3 million. Well, it just so turns out there you can’t have too much in real life! Even if you’re ranked 205th on the Forbes Global list, there’s still a chance you can cash in a few more millions over one opulent night somewhere in London’s luxurious district!

Sean Connery

Realtime Gaming Sean Connery NationalThe iconic embodiment of one of the trendiest fiction characters, Connery had a bright glimpse of gambling fame before entering cinema instead. Sean’s remarkable win is an undeniable example of why you should stick to your intuitions and assumption, no matter what kind of pitfalls you may encounter along the way.  In 1963, the star-to-be Sean Connery paid a fateful visit to one of the Italian casinos, Casino de la Vallee. He bet on a lucky number 17 three times in a row, and he only managed to get it on the last turn. So this fortunate James Bond figure scooped over $25,000, and this was the victory that preceded his even more spectacular achievements! Of course, those were to onscreen, and not in the casino!

Any social phenomenon, whether it’s a YouTube blogging trend or some real gambling entertainment, needs its own outstanding groundbreaking figures to keep it afloat. And it does seem as though the gifted pros this article covers are the late and seasoned Steve Jobses of the roulette niche, who have actually succeeded in shaping the ultimate concept and unique philosophy the game is known for. The jaw-dropping stories laid out above have been a source of inspiration for some of the more success-hungry roulette punters out there, motivating them to move forward with their big “spinning” adventures and to keep on mastering their gaming talent. Indeed, these talented masters form the real elite of the roulette industry; sparking further interest in the game, as well as fueling its growing popularity in the world of gambling: both online and offline!

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