Top 10 Largest Casinos in The United States

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Largest Casinos in The United States

Posh apartments, luxury restaurants (and no doubt a huge number of gaming machines) are integral parts of any prominent casino in the US. Such gambling venues are constantly seeking to expand, to extend their territories and to add new features. Sometimes their vastness and elegance are so astonishing that it becomes difficult to resist visiting them. If you have ever asked yourself “Where is the largest casino in the United States?” then this article will be of great use to you. We’re going to introduce you to the largest casinos in the US, so that you’ll know which gambling places truly deserve a visit!

WinStar World Casino and Resort

WinStar World claims to be the biggest casino in the world let alone the United States! The Resort is about 600,000 square feet in size; offering its visitors over 7,000 gaming machines, 100 table, and poker games, and 1,500 rooms to stay in. The resort is also one of the greatest venues for entertainment. Here, you can enjoy various events: including MMA fights, theatrical performances, and golf competitions.

Foxwoods Resort Casino

Located in Mashantucket, Foxwoods is only half the size of WinStar. Despite only being 340,000 square feet in size (!), it still contains 4,800 slot machines, as well as over 250 tables; including varieties of Blackjack, Baccarat, Craps, Keno, Bingo, and other games. The abundance of games here will keep you excited for the duration of your session, while the FoxWoods reward program will take your gambling experience to a whole new level! You can earn points from playing the games here, and these can be used on dining, entertainment, spa, retail, or whatever.

Mohegan Sun Casino

As bright as the sun, as large as you can imagine! Mohegan Sun is one of the biggest gambling establishments in America, covering over 300,000 square feet of Uncasville. The main hallmark of Mohegan Sun must be its slots, which all come from top-notch software developers. There are over 5,000 one-handed bandit machines, with up to 1,024 pay lines. And it is no surprise that table games are also well covered. Various versions of Baccarat, Poker, Blackjack, Roulette, Hold’em, and others are all ready and waiting for you.

While you’re busy playing your favorite games, the resort takes care of your children, offering them an array of appropriate entertainment activities. So, there won’t be a dull moment for anyone in your family!

San Manuel CasinoUnited States casino slot

San Manuel is not the largest casino in America; but readers of the Southern California News Group do say it’s the best gambling venue in California. Opened in 1986, San Manuel is also one of the oldest casinos in the US; and at the same time, it has the most modern games. With over 4,800 slots, San Manuel will keep you entertained; whereas the Hall of Fame Slot Wins will serve as a nice incentive for you to try the games.

Riverwind Casino

Among the gambling states, Oklahoma deserves special attention, which encompasses at least 3 casinos in America, including Riverwing. This venue claims to be the most rewarding casino around; it offers promotions on blackjack, slots, red letter dates, etc. The Riverwind Wild Card allows you to earn some points, which are themselves redeemable at Riverwind dining facilities. As for the games, you will find about 3,000 slots, 20 table games, Roulette, Bingo, Keno, Poker, etc.

Choctaw Casino Resort Durant

Thrill is all around here, at Choctaw Casino Resort Durant. The feeling of great joy can be experienced while playing one of 4,300 available slots, in particular, the jackpot machines. If you prefer table games, Choctaw offers you varieties of blackjack (including Blazing 7s progressive blackjack), roulette, hold’em, poker, craps, and many other games. Overall, 210,000 square feet of gaming space are at your disposal.

Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort

It’s not only the name that beckons players around the world to visit Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort. The gambling venue is a truly fascinating place to play games, have fun, or just relax. At this resort, you will come across 4,300 slot machines, over 70 table games, poker rooms, an 800-seat bingo hall, and more! You can step away from the games and use the service of such facilities as Spa, Hotel, Kids Quest, or Cyber Quest. Even though it’s not the biggest casino in United States (about 300 square feet), it’s one of the most tempting venues for sure, as it has everything you or your family could possibly need.

Pechanga Resort & Casinoslot machines in the USA

Pechanga Resort & Casino is always buzzing. This is all because of its games, which are all available 24/7; exciting games that are unlikely to leave any punter indifferent. There are 4,000 slots, 154 table games, a non-smoking poker room with 38 tables, and a 700-seat bingo facility. But the greatness of the resort doesn’t end here! More than 20 gamblers win over $1,200 every hour at Pechanga Casino, and as many as 11 fortunate gamblers have left the venue with over a million in their pockets.

Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

Hollywood is a big draw for ambitious actors; but it also boasts a great resort called Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. The area of 250,000 square feet offers you a nice number of slots (2,000 games), over 100 table games, and over 40 poker rooms; including a 24/7 high stakes poker room. On the website, you can check out upcoming concerts, live dining entertainment, comedy, and culinary events.

MGM Grand Casino & Hotel

The only people who have not heard about MGM Grand must be those who have never had a predilection for gambling. And yet, it’s rather unlikely, as the resort regularly hosts boxing matches, concerts of popular stars, and simply offers you an amazing night time at the nightclubs. MGM Grand is definitely among the list of the biggest casinos in Las Vegas, having about 3,000 of slot and table games, 27 bars and restaurants, and over 5,000 hotel rooms. On top of that, on the website, you can check out the chefs who cook for you, book an arrangement for your wedding, or get an unforgettable helicopter experience. There is no doubt that MGM Grand Casino & Hotel is fully deserving worthy of a visit!

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