Train Your Brain to Become a Great Gambler

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While most gambling websites post thousands of different blog posts about gambling strategies, various tips and tricks that can help you become a better gambler, they often forget the essential component of success! This single greatest tool is located right between your ears – yes, you’ve got it right, that’s your brain. Surprisingly, your mind can do impossible things, including making you a great gambler, just with the little hacks we’re about to reveal to you. So, without further ado, let’s find out the apparent secrets of becoming a better casino player!

It’s All in Your Head

Gambling is usually considered to be all about luck and probability. However, if we actually dig deeper, professional gamblers learn that memory and discipline are their best friends whenever they play casino games. And no wonder – you can’t achieve success by making rash decisions. Instead, you should train their minds by controlling emotions, breaking old habits, and learning new ones.

Create a Memory Palace

If you’re familiar with the TV show Sherlock or the novel Hannibal by Thomas Harris, you probably know what we’re about to reveal here. A memory palace is considered to be one of the oldest mind hacks that ever existed, which can certainly help improve your memorizing skills, used by ancient Romans and Greeks.

A memory palace is building in your mind – it can be your childhood house, your current apartment, or an imaginary place. While you’re mentally walking through the palace, try to memorize every part of it, adding stops during your imaginary tour, where you place facts you need to remember. Then, try to connect these facts with specific actions or people in order to create some detailed data.

This may sound impractical or silly; but actually, being able to commit things to memory really does have a tremendous impact on your gambling skills. For instance, this can be helpful when you’re trying to memorize the basic strategy of Blackjack, or indeed to remember a starting hands chart playing Texas Hold ‘Em.

Write Things Down

write things down

Although this may sound like a completely useless mind hack, it may actually impress you. Scientific evidence shows that when you write things down, you’re more likely to remember that information!

And the same goes for when we’re talking about gambling strategies that you want to memorize. When you read a book on poker strategy and find useful information, get a clear notebook and take copious notes. You’ll be amazed by how quickly you’ve memorized all the information and became a real gambling pro!

Keep Your Body and Mind Fit

Just as we do physical exercises to build better bodies, our minds require the same practices to increase oxygen and blood flow to the brain. The studies have shown the real effect of cardiovascular exercises on children’s grades.

And you don’t need to push some weights in order to see the results: walking, jogging, swimming, and cycling can add benefits to your routine. And once you have that oxygen flowing to your brain cells, you’ll instantly notice how easy and fast it is to remember things.

You can also try exercising your mind by learning a new language or playing a musical instrument you’ve never tried before. Even playing scrabble or doing crosswords can open up new possibilities of your thinking process.

Practice Yoga and Meditation


One of the best ways to simplify the process of concentrating and improve the clarity of your thoughts is to meditate. Just by focusing on one thing at a time (breathing), you can develop mindfulness that can help you stay focused on essential details without letting any noise interrupt you. Yoga, in turn, can not only stretch your body but help your body and mind connect with each other.

Naps Are Essential

If you’re trying to learn a new Blackjack tactic or card counting method, try taking a nap right after your study. Studies have proved that this simple trick can drastically increase your abilities to remember new information. And the difference is immersive, too! For instance, a 40-60 minute nap can increase your retention by 5.

Listen to Music

Listening to music while playing poker and blackjack is actually a bad idea. This can easily distract you and negatively impact on your game.

However, listening to music for relaxation is actually an amazing idea. Relaxing between gaming sessions or studies can really stimulate your brain to learn new information.


But here’s an interesting study to think about: two groups of students were listening to 2 music categories of music. The results have shown that the group who listened to the genre they liked performed worse than those who listened to the genre they didn’t like. The logic is simply: listening to the kind of music you prefer can actually serve as a distraction. That’s why when creating a playlist for relaxation, make sure you choose it wisely.

Think Like a Navy SEAL

Mental toughness is one of the key things Navy SEALs learn to succeed in their missions. In order to develop this, they need to train 2 components: discipline and habits. You can simply start by making your bed every morning in order to train yourself and set the tone for the entire day.

Another technique used by Navy SEALs is the ability to deal with their emotions. Whenever they have a specific reaction to an event, they try to change the story, in order to change the emotional response. This can be extremely useful while playing any card game – remember that you control the story and not the contrary!

To Wrap It Up

All of these above-mentioned brain tricks can not only improve your cognitive control, memory retention, or mental performance, but they can also help you make smarter decisions at the card table.

Just remember, that in the end, the best way to become a great gambler is to focus purely on your mental game and always play for your pleasure!

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