A Casino Dealer Career: What Are The Main Opportunities and Considerations

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Casino Dealer inside the Casino

While some casino regulars might think of dealers as of a cog in a machine, they, in fact, performing functions that determine the quality of service. They are a key part of any non-automated game. Have you ever wondered what makes a good casino croupier become one? Let’s reveal some key aspects of a dealer’s career!

Dealer Training

Specific training takes around three months; and this is, of course, obligatory. At first, people learn to handle chips properly. At first, this like a piece of cake! But in reality, it stretches your fingers, and you have to deal with it. After this, dealers learn how to spin a ball (in roulette) and shuffle cards. As for the latter task, there are two basic approaches: a chemmy shuffle and a riffle shuffle.

The next step of their training is to learn the rules of casino games.

Card Dealing TraningAfter successful completion of the training, an applicant may start a job as a trainee. Before getting employed, people will be asked to provide a fully transparent account of their background. One experienced dealer, Jacqui Terry, shares that it took her a year to fulfil her traineeship.

She has revealed some numbers to us: at that time, London-based casinos offered salaries of around £15,000 for trainees and more than £40,000 for managers (the highest position you can naturally reach starting as a croupier). What Jacqui appreciated the most was television work, which included meeting celebrities, as well as traveling. In 2006, she quit and began hosting poker events.

According to Glassdoor, the average income of an American croupier is currently around $55,000.

In Europe, it’s probably easier to get a job at a big casino straight away (as there are not many gambling venues in general); while in Vegas, you won’t start at a major facility. It may also happen that a casino in a small town will offer better conditions than the ones located in world gambling centers. For example, Skycity Casino in Darwin, Australia, tends to be quite a profitable place for croupiers.

Social Skills

The work of a dealer is primarily a service, former Las Vegas croupier Max Rubin claims. He thinks that the most important aspect of the job is about delivering good service and keeping it lighthearted.

Nowadays, there are lots of unusual casinos that depart from a traditional image of a modest croupier dressed in a suit!

Antoniya Hamberg shares her experience of working as a dealer and having a lingerie uniform. She is not satisfied with the inappropriate reactions she gets and describes social interactions as the hardest part of the job: some players coming to casinos to make the most of the night may not care about being polite. Nevertheless, Antoniya says that the tips (which all dealers typically share) are totally worth it!

Aaron Ranie, who has been working for more than two decades in the already mentioned Skycity Casino, explains that this tendency has changed a lot. In earlier times, the job of a dealer was just about the mechanics of actions performed with chips and cards. But nowadays, casino croupiers are more likely to entertain the audience and be more actively involved in the process. They can celebrate the wins of the clients with them, but they surely can’t encourage anyone to do something (to bet more, for instance), nor indeed discuss any personal problems. Here, Aaron also dispels a certain myth about casinos waiting to rob their customers blind, saying that everyone working there actually enjoys it when people win! This creates a  good mood which is then contagious, and spreads joy and excitement to all the visitors and administration!

Things to Be Prepared For

A casino croupier should be quick-witted and calm, as the gaming process is always fast and stressful to many players. One thing to consider before pursuing such a career is that you will spend most of the time standing; often in a smoky environment! Dealers need to count fast and to know all the rules perfectly well, as any mistakes can risk ruining the whole process. There’s no need to be a math genius, but being able to calculate properly is essential! Some table games require more concentration than others — for example, craps is considered to be one of the most fast-paced forms of entertainment.

Career Opportunities

Casino Blacjack Croupier DealerThe next career step for a casino dealer would have to be becoming a floor manager! It is a promotion that could lead to further ones, but in terms of money, a person will lose a lot on the tips (as they will no longer receive them). After successfully performing as a floor manager (who overlooks the dealers and customers), you can expect following a career of a shift boss. Eventually, it may lead to the casino boss position.

Sometimes, dealers switch to other casino-related areas. Some become hosts of gambling events, while others go for casino marketing jobs. Max Rubin shares his opinion that marketing, which includes giving out complimentary rewards, is the most fun and the least stressful type of work you can get in the business!

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