Dress to Thrill: Casino Fashion

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Fashion Casino

Traditionally, the casino has always been a place not only for gambling and socializing, but also for showing off your most expensive luxury clothes. Indeed, when you’re thinking about what to wear for a night out at the casino, the first thing that comes to mind is some imagery from Casino Royale, with its general 007-style coolness and Bond-girl gorgeousness. However, dressing up to the nines is no longer necessary if you want to visit a land-based casino. You can simply wear stylish semi-formal apparel. And of course, tidiness is a must as well! Well, this bit is easy, but how do you really define what kind of attire is most suitable for the grand moment you finally walk through the casino doors? Well, let’s have a closer look!

In general, it all depends on whether you visit luxurious Monte Carlo, a more relaxed riverboat casino on Mississippi, thrilling Las Vegas, or a 24-hour once-a-year championship event.

Glamorous Casino Attire

The first thing we need to acknowledge here is that in the casino world, elegance is a sign of politeness, rather than just showing off. Because it’s not like you don’t have to be a high society person to dress up once in a while and have the time of your life, right? That’s what casinos are for! So, if you’re in Monaco, Macau or any other fancy location, take a chance and dress like for a red carpet. A simple rule: suit up as if you were a movie star!

So this is one of those rare occasions when men can follow a white tie dress-code, and women put on gowns “just like a baroness” and take on the role of true killer queens. Remember Sharon Stone in that Casino movie scene, where she was wearing a sparkling dress? Despite the fact that it was a mini-dress, it weighed more than 18 kilograms! And even though it’s not necessary to torture yourself, do try and pick something extraordinarily fine. Call a hairstylist and makeup artist because this night you want to be ready for a spotlight and be, well, just perfect!

Dress to Thrill: Casino Fashion

You might want to watch the Casino Royale movie again to get inspiration. As for colors, go for elegant extremes – deep dark tones, sophisticated shades of light colors, nudes, and juicy-brights. And don’t forget to work on your body before wearing such a luxury! Because there’s just nothing in the world as gorgeous as golden skin and fit curves.

But even though this kind of sumptuous red-carpet elegance is precisely the goal you’re trying to achieve here, it’s still pretty important not to go overboard with richness. So if you’re talking about jewelry, a good idea is to stay humble, especially with diamonds! Earrings only or even just cufflinks would be enough. And it’s also very important to not end up looking cheap when you throw on all those sequins, fur, and jewels. Also, you may want to look at some celebs on the red carpet to know what’s in trend; because the hairstyle of Sharon from Casino will only be a suitable choice if the rest of your outfit is from Moschino. Anyway, what you want to wear is your own choice; it’s your own unique form of self-expression! Because otherwise, where else would you wear all that glamorous stuff? Just make sure you’re not out of the casino, and everything else will be okay!

However, if you still need a more precise piece of advice, scroll down for an ultimate list of dos and don’ts for a luxury casino style!

You can’t go wrong with:

  • tuxedo
  • dinner jacket
  • dark dress shoes + matching socks
  • button-down shirt
  • asymmetric clothes
  • high heels
  • night gown
  • sequins/glitz
  • jewelry and watches
  • drapery
  • Dior-style dress (tea dress)
  • silk
  • velvet
  • deep neckline
  • metallic fabric
  • tiara
  • feathers
  • faux fur
  • hairpieces
  • cufflinks
  • shirt studs
  • bow tie
  • embellishments
  • clutch
  • retro chic (as seen in The Great Gatsby)

What not to wear:

  • ballgown (too much is too much)
  • see-through dresses
  • gloves (looks suspicious)
  • offensive slogans
  • ripped jeans/shoes
  • uggs and rubber boots
  • uniform style (don’t look like a croupier or waitress)

Laid-Back Casino Outfit

The good old times of casino glamour may well be a real inspiration to us all, even today; but nowadays, it’s not necessary to wear diamonds to get into some of the more popular establishments out there. That’s mainly because they’re situated near resorts by the river or seashore. And for such casinos you don’t need to dress to thrill; you simply need to relax and have fun!

So perhaps that’s why the best choice for such occasion is a business casual style. Men look great in no-tie shirts, polo shirts, chinos, and boat shoes. You can even wear jeans, t-shirts sneakers, or even shorts, and that would be totally fine. Another good recommendation is to wear light fabrics; because the temperature might rise, and you don’t want to be playing alone by the roulette table, purely because you’ve all got unbearably sweaty.

Casino Fashion Woman

Likewise, all kinds of light cocktail dresses work well for women. Generally, you might look for something you’d normally wear in a nightclub, except in a more suave style. For example, neon colors and animalistic prints would be too much for a day; but for a night in a casino, they would fit perfectly. At the same time, you don’t want to show too much body, even if your purpose is to distract the other players.

You can’t go wrong with:

  • pantsuit
  • dinner jacket in dark tones
  • blazer
  • pastel shirt
  • chinos
  • loafers
  • leather shoes
  • waistcoat
  • cocktail dress
  • mini dress
  • off-shoulder dress
  • tube dress
  • qipao (traditional Chinese dress)
  • strapless dress
  • bandage dress
  • neon colors
  • animal print (yep, this is the perfect occasion!)

What not to wear:

  • too sexy
  • untidy clothes
  • too old
  • flip-flops
  • beachwear
  • sportswear


  • What is the most common dress code for a casino?

In general, the casino will just require casual wear. So if you’re preparing for a special occasion in a big-name casino, they will inform you about the dress code.

  • What should I wear if I’m going to a casino in Vegas?

The majority of casinos in Vegas might not have any dress code at all. However, don’t wear flip-flops, even if the casino doesn’t have any special requirements. Pants, shirts, jeans, and jackets work well for men; while blouses, skirts, and dresses are suitable for women’s attire.

  • What to wear to a casino in Monte Carlo?

Casinos in Monte Carlo usually have a black-tie dress code, especially if it’s a charity event. Wear a tuxedo or an elegant evening gown and just stay away from simple suits and cocktail dresses.

  • Can I wear sunglasses in a casino?

While for most poker events you are allowed to wear sunglasses indoors, that might not work for a regular night at the casino, where all kinds of games are being played. That’s because these casinos want to steer clear of drugs, and they don’t let players in if they are suspected of using drugs.

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