Casino-Related Pet Names

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Gambling Nice little Dog

What’s the best lucky charm for your casino experience? You can try voodoo dolls, a lucky rabbit foot, or a horseshoe (though we doubt security will allow you to enter the casino with this one). But what can be a better mascot for your casino experience than your favorite little pet fella? And if you still don’t have it, why don’t you get one? Oh, and by the way, to make sure it brings you luck, you can actually give it a casino-related name. But how to pick a good name for the pet from the gambling world? Well, read on to find out!

Female Pet Names

Dime — In casino jargon, the word “dime” doesn’t mean a 10-cent coin, but rather betting $1,000, which can be quite a good start for becoming a high-roller in the future.

Queen — This posh name can relate to a queen in general, but you can also think of the same-name card every time you call your furry (or not) beauty. The Queen is a face card that may bring good luck, especially when you play Blackjack.

Name of Animal Corgi

Hottie — The best trend you can encounter while playing casino games is having a hot hand or a hot streak; so you might as well call your little baby girl Hottie, to get more of those.

Roulette — The game of chance that so many casino players love might also become a good name for your pet girl. She will definitely bring about some lucky spins!

Lottery — Some players win over $100 million by just buying one lucky ticket. It should be you! Call your little Lottery each time you fill in those tickets, and you can become a billionaire overnight.

Big Bertha — in casino lingo, this means a multiple-line slot machine. It’s funny to call this way a tiny doggie girl or a big cat mistress. She will be your mascot in playing multi—line slots; and you can be sure she’s going to attract some very big winnings.

Carousel — a jargon name for a line of slot machines in a land-based casino. Also — a cute name for your female pet! So if you’re a fan of slots and looking for some luck so you can finally win big, take your Carousel girl, with you and see what happens. Gambling Head of Parrot

Bookie — for the fans of sports betting, this is the best name you can give to a girl pet. Not sure which team wins the game? Which horse or car finishes first? Then show it to your Bookie girl and see whom she prefers more. Then you can most certainly bet and savour some healthy winnings!

Baccarat — if you love playing this card game and you get inspired every time you watch the old James Bond movies, then Baccarat is a great name for your female pet! Watch her every time you get your cards, and don’t forget to stop when she feels anxious, or to get a card whenever she’s confident. That way, you’re going to ensure you have a pretty good chance of winning at Baccarat!

Male Pet Names

Winner — Now, what can be more self-explanatory than this one?

Bet — Your Bet certainly needs to be big enough to bring you lots of good luck.

Buck — A jargon word for betting $100. Not that much of a bet, but sounds like an awesome name for a dog. More Buck, more barks = more winnings!

Cute Hammer Standing

Comp — Aren’t we all loving those comp points? You can have a tasty meal, lots of drinks, stay at the casino hotel, or even travel on vacation purely by collecting those comp points alone. So a pet named Comp can inspire you to earn more of those, and then enjoy your free bonuses!

Croupier or Dealer — You know who this is, right? So having your own little Dealer, or if you like it in French, croupier, is quite useful for helping you accumulate luck.

George — Casino dealers keep this name for an especially generous tipper. And who gives big tips? Right, those who win big! So to become one of those high rollers, you can have your lucky pet called George.

Beautiful Cat Laying

Jackpot — This name speaks for itself. More Jackpots, please! You can have a pet Jackpot around all the time, to help bring more real-money jackpots into your life as well!

Chip — A wonderful name for a pet, and we’d say, it has already become more of a traditional name for dogs. So, why not go the traditional way and call your little buddy Chip? And you may have more of the casino high-denomination chips to bring to the Cahier!

Bingo — Another word from the gambling world that have already become a common option for naming your pet. Nevertheless, Bingos can wave their tails and love you so much that there is every chance in the world you’re going to reap some really significant winnings in casino games… Especially Bingo!

Beautiful Snake on the tree

Jack — Jacks are all around in the casino theme. There are lucky jacks in the deck of cards, the Blackjack game, the Jacks—or—better poker type, and finally, his majesty the Jackpot. Call your pet Jack, and luck is sure to be on your side.

Whale — Another jargon word for a high-roller that throws their money all around the casino, makes big bets, and wins some big money. Go hard or go home! Or call your pet Whale, and he’s going to attract some big money into your casino life!

Questions About Casino-Related Pet Names

  • Can a pet really bring you good luck?

Well if you don’t believe in superstitions, you might still believe the science, which says that pets really can sense people’s moods. So if you feel anxious, for example, but you can’t stop playing, hoping to get your money back, your little buddy may poke you at the right moment when you surely need to take a break. This way, at least you don’t lose all your budget! Also, many players have stories to tell about of how their pets help them choose the winning numbers or lottery tickets. Just try it and see!

  • What if I already have a pet but without the “lucky” casino name. Will it still bring me luck?

It’s all about how much you two are dedicated to each other! If you feel like the pet is your best friend, then this meaningful friendship is sure to make for some really good luck with everything you’re hoping for, no matter what the pet’s name might be!

  • Are there any really unusual pet names that relate to a casino theme?

You can look up some casino jargon dictionaries. You can call your pet a name that nobody really thinks of as being a real casino word. That’s how you can get your lucky mascot, while other people might not even know about it!

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