Top Poker Myths That Players Still Believe In

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Top Poker Myths That Players Still Believe In

Poker Myths That People Discuss

Today we will talk about the most common and widespread misconceptions about poker. Poker is a game where some players lose their money, and many of them do not see it as their own fault. Such people often accuse the tampered RNG, poker bots, and superusers of their failures, although, in reality, the reason for their loss is the lack of high poker skills.

Practically, most poker players believe that it’s enough to learn poker rules, gambling theory, and other topics to start winning. In fact, that is not quite the case.

1. The RNG is Tampered

This is the most common casino myth which is believed not only by beginners but also by those who have already played thousands of hands.

Naturally, we take defeating the opponent for granted, but at the same time, we are much more upset when we are defeated. This is the nature of the human psyche: we tend to keep in mind bad situations rather than positive ones. Notably, real poker pros don’t take it so hard.

Why is it impossible to tamper the RNG? Firstly, the RNG should be confirmed by a license. Secondly, random cards dealing depends on a variety of factors: starting with the processor functioning and ending with the pointer position on the screen. Finally, the rake is supposed to be the main poker room’s profit, that is, it takes a certain amount from each hand in cash games or from each prize fund in tournaments. Therefore, poker rooms are interested in fair play.

2. Good Flops Are Dealt to Set Players Up

Essentially, this is a continuation of the previous myth. A player receives suitable cards on the flop and completely unnecessary cards on the turn and river. As a result, rumors are going around that poker rooms are doing this intentionally to cheat on players, entice them into the game and increase the pot as well as an amount of rake.

Of course, there is no evidence of this myth. It has appeared because of an incorrect game, when, for example, a player begins to slow play their set on an irrelevant board.

3. There Are More Bad Beats in Online Poker

This is also a typical myth which is common for those players who tried offline poker, and, being inspired by the first success, lost a dozen stacks online. Nevertheless, every poker player thought about numerous online bad beats at least once in their life.

Online Poker Myths

Bad beats happen both online and offline. However, this myth can be explained by the fact that we play much more hands when playing online, especially if we speak about multiple tables at once. It should come as no surprise that we will eventually get more bad beats playing more hands.

Naturally, there is no evidence of fraud on the part of reliable poker rooms, as their leadership simply does not need it. The main source of poker rooms’ income is a rake, so such kind of cheating is simply meaningless.

4. Casinos fabricate Downstreaks after Cashouts

Many players face downstreak after they withdraw money from their account. They do not take such things as a dispersion or a psychological component into account. It’s much easier to blame the poker room, isn’t it?

It is believed that poker rooms allegedly do not like the fact that customers withdraw their funds, so they use downstreaks against such players. As a rule, players withdraw money after the upstreaks. However, poker supposes that downstreak always comes after the winning streak. In such a circumstance, weak (and lazy) players begin to blame everybody but themselves instead of working on their game.

5. Bluffing is the Only Way to Win in Poker

This common myth is popular with people who do not know much about poker. It was formed under the influence of movies and poker broadcasts. You can even find special TV shows based on bluffing. Shark Cage is one of them as one of its main goals is to bluff a well-known poker pro.

Entertainment is the most important thing for a TV show, that is why the meaning of bluffing in poker is deliberately overestimated. So, when you watch a video from some tournament and see an incredible bluff, you should remember that this is only one hand out of the long tournament day.

Before this, opponents have played dozens of trivial hands. Self-discipline, tilt-stability, maths knowledge, and the ability to read opponents are much more important in poker whereas frequent bluffs are a costly affair.

6. Poker Is a Source of Easy Money

Sometimes, such an idea can be heard from newcomers who have experienced an upstreak at the very beginning. Of course, at a short distance, poker can become a source of easy money. However, if you have decided to become a real pro, you cannot rely on this concept.

Casino Poker Myths

In fact, poker gives freedom, independence, and a heavy responsibility at the same time. Of course, if you compare the money earned by a factory man somewhere in Asia with the same amount won at a poker table, then poker makes easy money. However, as they say, easy come, easy go. A poker player should be ready to take charge of their actions. There are no hundred percent poker tricks, guaranteed salary, pension, annual leave, and workday schedule – you are your boss.

At the same time, a professional poker pro has to endure losses, downstreaks, and dispersion. That’s why you should stand ready for anything and make a conscious decision when connecting your life with poker.

7. Poker is Based on Luck

Poker is not like any other gambling game where the results are defined by the RNG, and all you have to do is to manage how much to bet. This is a tricky game which involves a lot of complex decisions and logical thinking. Even if you’re not playing offline, and therefore not seeing and analyzing your opponents, you still need to think about what other players have on hands and which actions they are likely to make.

8. Poker Requires Exceptional Math Knowledge

It is true that quick card counting is a key to success in poker. But the game is so much more than just that. You don’t have to be a math genius to become a competitive poker player. Some experts would even argue that concentrating on math too much is not efficient but destructive in table games.

The history of poker knows some professional mathematicians coming to gaming and successfully applying their skills there. However, in most cases, winnings in poker depend on a player’s ability to bluff and read opponents.

9. Practicing With Free Credits Is a Good Idea

It can work only for learning the rules. When it comes to real betting decisions, the process is way too far from the real-money one. People behave too differently depending on whether they risk something or not, and behavior is the key component of the game of poker.

10. Playing Higher Stakes to Learn

Even though it’s clear that you should practice investing real money, it doesn’t mean that you have to play high stakes from the very beginning. This way, you’re likely to exhaust your bankroll quickly and lose interest in the process.

Proper bankroll management is the essence of any casino game. Participate in higher stakes games only if you have enough money to outlast the swings.

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