Casino Décor: Sassy, Classy or Excessive?

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Casino nice inside

The most prominent feature of every casino is its interior, and everybody knows that it should be captivating and mesmerizing enough to attract players and make them want to come back even after a huge loss so that a new win can feel as satisfying and memorable as possible! The décor differs from one casino to another and can equally make you feel like a misfit or a royal. Thus, on today’s agenda, we have all kinds of casino décors: sassy, classy and excessive.

Let’s face it: even if it sounds a bit pretentious, every player wants to experience that same old all-consuming euphoria on entering the establishment, which is designed to be the greatest entertainment for those who are not afraid to try their luck. Even if you’re an average citizen with an average income, you need to spice things up from time to time, throwing away the money you saved for months or even years on something that’s sure to bring you those long-awaited thrills along with some nervous chills – gambling! And all in all, there is a pretty good chance of winning, even for an amateur of slot machines and table games. And is there a better way to plunge into the glorious and luxurious atmosphere than visiting one of the most famous casinos in the world?  There are plenty of them around the globe, and you will find one in almost every major city of Europe, Asia, the Americas, Africa, and Oceania. So to facilitate your search, we have prepared a list of casinos that are known for their unique décor.

Bellagio, Las Vegas

Let’s start our hit parade from the most obvious destination – Las Vegas. Bellagio in Las Vegas is probably one of the most recognized and famous casinos in the world. Its opulence can nearly be seen from space, and the luxurious interior makes you feel like you’ve just entered a palace of ancient gods; or just any Las Vegas casino, for that matter! Yes, it is almost obnoxiously breathtaking, as its total gaming area constitutes almost 116,000 sq. ft. (10,800 m3). Its dimensions are unimaginable to a humble human being. Fortunately, the number of players entering the facility is sure to exceed all your expectations, and you will never feel lost or alone among the 2,400 slot machines and 124 tables for various card games. This place also hosts multiple poker tournaments, and there is a special hall for sports betting as well.

Las Vegas Bellagio Casino inside Talking more precisely about the interior design, Bellagio is blindingly bright on the inside, although a little more humble color-wise on the outside.  So your eyes might get a little sore from the superabundance of gaudy, vibrant details. But don’t be alarmed, this creates an atmosphere of joy and of the celebration of life! Especially when your eyes finally manage to adapt to these surroundings.

One thing that could probably bring you down on this place is that there is a multitude of carpet details, making everything look excessively old-fashioned. Here we are talking about the hall with slot machines and poker tables. You look around and the only question you want to ask: is it some kind of an ancient method of soundproofing, or what’s up with all the carpeting?  The tapestry is basically everywhere. That’s why our verdict for this casino is ‘excessive.’ There are just too many colors, which make for a bit of an eyesore; along with certain carpet details that give this place kind of an archaic ambiance.

Monte Carlo Casino, Monaco

What do you instantly imagine at first when you hear the words ‘Monte Carlo?’ We bet it’s men in tuxedos, women in evening gowns, sports cars, limousines, and expensive yachts, Rolexes, fame and wealth. It seems like this place was specially made for the royal elite to dwell and prosper. And if anyone would like to experience the feeling of being part of this elite, that’s undoubtedly the perfect destination for them. Every wealthy and witty businessman and entrepreneur knows that country’s profitable tax system allows buying a property with a good price/quality ratio; so that’s why this small state has attracted so many prosperous members of high society.

Although this town is well known for its nightlife and parties, there is no better attraction for wealthy people than a chic and sophisticated casino where you can spend your spare time pleasurably, while your brokers make another million for you every couple of minutes somewhere at the stock market in New York. We’ve got a perfect match for you, a casino that is definitely going to stir your soul – Monte Carlo Casino!

Casino inside Monte Carlo, MonacoWell, it’s time to talk numbers now, because this casino really does have something to boast about! Since 1893 this town has been home to multiple gambling tournaments attracting thousands of thrill-seekers who want a real “gambling rush.” The exterior represents a masterpiece of Charles Garnier, an architect responsible for constructing the Paris Opera. This lavish casino opens its doors to anyone who is ready to be mesmerized and fascinated by its marble pavements, ionic columns, castle-like façade, and golden decorations. The number of slot machines is a little less impressive compared to Bellagio, as there are only 1,000 pieces of those; but the town is also very small, so that’s more than enough to make sure this place is a real treat for even the most demanding player!

The interior of Monte Carlo Casino is awe-inspiring and chic, and it sort of makes you think you’ve just entered the Vatican Museum. It’s up to you to decide if you like this style or not, but it certainly highlights your superior status. The verdict for Monte Carlo Casino is definitely “classy.”

Sun City Resort, South Africa

So if we’re going to keep jumping around from one continent to another here, then we might as well mention this stunning casino in South Africa. Sun City Resort (sounds similar to Casino Decor inside Sun City Resort, South AfricaSin City, doesn’t it?) incorporates everything a player might wish for, a luxurious hotel with spa, golf courses, water parks and much more. And by “much more,” we mean of course the largest Casino in Africa with 852 slots and 38 tables to play poker and card games. Doesn’t sound that impressive after all the other casinos we’ve presented here; but believe us, for the hottest continent out there, this luxurious castle looks both exotic and excessive. It is hidden away in the thick jungle and looks like an isolated Far Far Away Kingdom from an animated movie. The interior is amazingly thought-out with marvelous decorative ornaments, massive chandeliers, and golden statues. Be careful, because otherwise, you might end up getting dizzy from the sheer abundance of richness and opulence!

The Sun City Resort is a resort of contrasts, where a modern design coexists with luxurious baroque décor, to help transport you back to the time of Victorian England with its all its pomp and splendor. So what would we say about Sun City Resort in South Africa? Defiantly sassy!

Online Casinos and the Importance of Their Design

That’s true that in our digital age, every business is slowly yet persistently transfering its assets into the online domain. That is the way to be more recognizable and efficient in the modern fast developing world. That is also a way to reach out to younger generations (18+, of course, if we are talking about online casinos). Thus, gambling entrepreneurs didn’t think a lot about it and decided to launch their first online casino in 1994. If you really think about, it happened not long after the invention of the World Wide Web which finally enabled the whole “online” concept. This way, you can see that people have always been looking for a more efficient way to do business in the gambling sphere, and that there are still certain criteria for success.

First of all, the casino should have a reliable license and it should be a top game provider. Nevertheless, having those two aces up your sleeve isn’t going to save you from failure in the event of a bad design concept! Conceptual casinos with a prominent idea around which the whole promotional campaign is built is the core of any profitable gambling business. The website design should be catchy and preferably easy on the eye, with vivid colors and entertaining content. Casinos that fail to pass these criteria and use dark colors and concepts usually get the smallest amount of players and depositors. Hence, it is really important to think all these things through and study your main audience before launching the online casino.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Décor

Gamblers are a tough lot; underestimating them and thinking that all they need is a slot machine and a nice poker table with a nice-looking dealer is unwise! Because after all, the casino’s ambiance is everything to them; and a good ambiance is precisely the reason they’re going to come back and have a nice time again. People should feel welcome and comfortable within the walls of any casino. Every win should be amplified, and every loss should be smoothened by the atmosphere surrounding them in a land-based casino. When it comes to an online casino, the website with the most effective design is going to attract the biggest number of players.

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