Biggest Offline Casino Pet Peeves

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Whenever you come to a land-based casino somewhere in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, or Macau, you expect nothing but a pleasant (and hopefully winning) stay. However, life can sometimes have other plans for you. And no matter whether you’re in a good or a bad mood, there will be things that might annoy or irritate you. But in order to deal with such pet peeves, you need to know your enemy. So that’s why we’ve collected the 8 biggest offline casino pet peeves that casino players hate and the way to deal with them. Let’s get started then!

Grumpy Cat#1. Grumpy Players

When players lose a fortune at a casino, they tend to behave really weird – some players get too emotional and cry their eyes out, some prefer to leave right after, and some get really grumpy. And don’t get us wrong here, there’s nothing bad about being grumpy. However, people around don’t always want you to be rude or unfriendly. Yes, you lost! But enjoy yourself at the casino and don’t just ruin the game for others.

Solution: The more you pay attention to grumpy players, the worse your mood is going to be, and you won’t be able to enjoy the games to the fullest. So just ignore them.

Sloth#2. Overly Excited Players

Okay, grumpy players are annoying, but what’s even worse is overly exciting players. And while a really nice conversation and laugh at the table with other players can actually cheer you up, it can also suck the life out of you.

Solution: Same as with pet peeve #1, just try to ignore them and don’t let anything ruin your game!

#3. Grumpy Dealers

If you’re in a situation with grumpy players, you can simply ignore them; but when you finally reach the table and your croupier is grumpy, you can’t just ignore him, and that’s the worst thing about it! And although dealers usually take a test before starting the job in order to see whether they can or can not communicate with the audience, we all can have a bad day. And yet it’s extremely annoying when you come to the table in your best mood, ready to win, and your dealer is being unfriendly.

Solution: No better solution than to change the table or the game.

Pig on the Fence#4. Bad Hygiene

Since brick-and-mortar casinos usually work 24/7 non-stop, obviously, there are some people who can spend the entire night at a blackjack table. And sometimes, especially in summer, you may get stuck with unpleasant smells. Cigarette ashes, the rest of somebody’s meal, a glass of champagne poured on a table – this can easily make your mood jump from ‘yay, I’m winning at the land-based casino’ to ‘God, I wish I stayed home.’

Solution: You can easily ask a casino member to clean the table or find you another non-smoking table.

#5. Slow Play

Snail Slide

Obviously, people need time to consider their bets, especially when it’s a big call in poker, and there’s a big pot in the middle. However, other players find it extremely annoying when it takes ages for you to bet at a $1-$2 table. Just respect everyone’s time and patience.

Solution: We don’t recommend saying anything to this person. In case you hurry them, and they lose, they’ll blame you for their failure. So just take a deep breath and ignore.

#6. Blaming the Dealer

It’s never fun to lose at poker or watch a blackjack dealer finish a five-card run with a 21, while you have a jack-nine. And while it’s completely okay to chat, joke, and interact with the dealer, some people cross the line when they lose a game and start blaming the dealer for their loss. Unfortunately, this is a pretty common situation at brick-and-mortar casinos.

Solution: If you lost a game at a table with the person who starts blaming the dealer, you could simply show them an example of how to behave. Just drop a line to the croupier, thanking for the game, and maybe the other person will understand their mistake and start acting properly.

#7. Advice

There are people who always try to give you a piece of advice when you actually don’t need it at all. And this is actually great to receive some tips and tricks from a professional player when you’re only a newbie. But usually, you only get advice from players who don’t even know how to play themselves. They judge your game, your bets, your poker face, and that really can start messing with your heads.

Solution: Ignore them. Yes, we know we gave you this advice a couple of times above, but trust us, this is the best way to get out of unpleasant situations in land-based casinos!

Rooster#8. Too Much Light and Noise

When you come to an offline casino, the venues are usually bright, shiny, and VERY loud. And while all this is made in order to keep a player entertained, this may actually hurt your eyes, ears, and irritate you a lot.

Solution: Many players tend to wear earplugs. This may not only help your eardrums stay safe and healthy, but also help you stay focused on the game instead of getting distracted by the music and sounds.

Online Casino – a Solution to All Pet Peeves

Now you finally know how to deal with annoying players, dealers, and irritating surroundings. However, we have one more secret that you should know while dealing with your offline casino pet peeves – switching to an online casino!

If you choose Bovegas online casino, you can be absolutely sure that no other players or dealers will ever annoy you! Here, you are free to pick the game, the time, and the place where you want to play. So whenever you can’t decide whether you want to drive to the land-based casino and deal with irritating things or stay at home and truly enjoy the gameplay, stop doubting and come have some fun at BoVegas online casino!

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