Wedding Chapels in Las Vegas

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Imagine that you are in Las Vegas, you have already hit the jackpot, and the atmosphere of permissiveness and lack of limits play havoc with your hearts so intense that the two of you decide immediately to tie the knot. And it doesn’t matter that you’ve only known each other for a couple of days or maybe you even met right on the eve at the gaming table. Well, what else can you do in the “Marriage Capital of the World,” right?

Las Vegas offers a wide range of services for your wedding ceremony. You can get engaged while observing a fantastic view from a helicopter, partying in a limo, having a tour to Antelope Canyon, during a concert of your favorite rock band; or your ceremony can even be held by Elvis! So marrying literally in the air, underwater, even in a dessert – all the above are real options in Vegas, and the question whether you are luckier in marriage than in roulette ultimately lies at the discretion of fate; and it’s just as well! Who knows… Maybe this a spur-of-the-moment decision of getting a marriage license will be your biggest win after all!

But routinely, the question arises, where to do the job?

Lace or lavender? Gardenias or roses? This article is a guide for those who decided to tie the knot and at the same time want to hit the honeymoon jackpot!

Tanked Las Vegas Casino ChapelChapel Tanked Las Vegas Casino Chapel

For the first time, we learned about this picturesque church through TV. It went on the air on the hit TV show TANKED, which is where it got its name from.

The team of the show has built one-of-a-kind slot machine themed fish tank for lovebird couples to get married under. And the contrasting dark fish behind the glass, which are constantly watching you, really does create a special atmosphere for you! So this chapel really is your best bet in Vegas!

Lucky Little Wedding Chapel

Wedding Chapel Lucky Little

The Lucky Little Chapel is a 5-star wedding experience! This small, old-fashioned church is perfect for couples who are in search of an elegant place to say “I do.” It offers you a variety of packages from simple to sophisticated; so you can surely find something to suit your taste! For all those desperate romantics out there who believe that money doesn’t buy happiness, the church offers the most standard package, with prices starting at $99. For lovers of refinement and luxury, the church provides a Lucky Deluxe line of packages for less than $3500, which includes a line of expensive experiences and delights. Having held your ceremony in this cozy and atmospheric church, you will then find that as a memento, you will have a wonderful photo that you will put on the fireplace and which will enjoy looking at with your future grandchildren and great-grandchildren!

Treasure Island Wedding Chapel

Wedding Chapel Treasure Island

Looking for a romantic setting to celebrate your love while playing Slots or Poker? Treasure Island Casino & Chapel will take care of the most unforgettable day of your life, and it is going to be full of excitement and unexpected surprises! The Wedding Chapels are elegantly designed in champagne tones, where the majestic marble altars and smell sweet floral arrangements look expensive and magical. The set of packages here consists of intimate or themed weddings on a majestic ship within Sirens Cove or a traditional ceremony in the exquisite West Chapel, which is sure to please all your guests. After all, the church accommodates up to 65 people!

The full package of services offered by the church is as follows: photo, video, floral arrangements, garment rentals; indeed, a full package of other services is available. These are memories that will live forever!

Venetian Chapel

Casino Venetian Chapel

If you want your special day to be excellent, enjoyable and hassle-free, you will certainly have to choose the Venetian Chapel. Here, the planners are sure to diligently follow every organizational detail; and as a result, nothing goes unnoticed. Because we’re sure you agree: you don’t want to turn this day into a headache, right?

The church offers several wedding packages at affordable prices for the world capital of entertainment. The atmosphere of this beautiful wedding venue is truly magnificent! The Wedding Chapel package creates a special mood. And one more essential feature, without which the perfect wedding cannot be imagined, is the wedding on gondolas. Something like that can be repeated only in Venice! But why go far? Regardless of what you’re looking for on your special day, the world-class Venetian chapel is sure to amply cater for all your needs.

Chapel of Crystals

Casino Chapel of Crystals

The name itself evokes the image of something truly fabulous. Although it is better for holding smaller weddings, the hall accommodates up to 30 guests, where everyone will be provided with comfort and convenience. This place is great for the renewal of vows. “I Do” is sure to sound sweeter in a room full of glittering crystals!

Chapel in the Clouds

Las Vegas Chapel in the Clouds

The Chapel in the Clouds at the Stratosphere Las Vegas represents unconditional love on among the clouds! The church includes two chapels: the grand Bella Vista for 90 guests and the intimate Bella Luna for 20 visitors. Both churches are located on top of the Stratosphere Tower, which is located at an altitude of 1,149 feet! The picturesque indoor and outdoor observation decks, let’s say at Level 112, allows guests to see a stunning view and have access to thrilling rides around the Tower.

With seventeen packages, you guaranteed to take the very option that reflects your budget and your taste.

Weddings, stag and hen parties are best held in the Chapel in the Clouds.

Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel

Wedding Chapel Viva Las Vegas

If your dream is a tasteful and traditional wedding, which accurately reflects the spirit of Las Vegas; then the Viva Las Vegas Chapel will be perfect for you, because it’s a true reflection of this city. There you can order a themed ceremony to enjoy the world, which is believable to no one but you! Also, you can utter your marriage vows with Elvis “himself.” Viva Las Vegas is suitable for lovers of brightness and uniqueness, and it is completely different to everything that is associated with a traditional celebration.

The church treats every couple with care, regardless of whether it is a customary or same-sex marriage.

Besides the most creative and affordable wedding ceremonies, couples receive access to the Wedding Website. It is pretty modern, with features including a free digital Wedding Invitation and Live Video Web Stream of your ceremony. So those who have an urgent business or don’t have the money for a ticket can just watch your ceremony online. So on your wedding day, you will feel as if you are under the spotlight; or almost literally on the movie set itself!

Given the range of services and lots of fun and entertainment offered by these churches, you can understand why Las Vegas is so fond of the love doves! Marry in Vegas, play and win start-up capital for your future family. Your couplehood will surely not be boring and trivial, but rather hilariously fun if you will start it here! Or else meet your destiny in Vegas. Who knows, maybe these eyes on the opposite side at the slot machine are the ones you’ve been searching for all your life!

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