How to Play Roulette and Win: Tips and Easy to Follow Advice

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Winning in roulette collective

People who play roulette are very special! They know that there is such a thing as the house edge, and the house is always going to gain a general advantage over the players. They know that the odds are against them and that nobody has become a millionaire purely from playing roulette – unless they were actually a billionaire to start with! They know it all, but they still play.

They still play because there is still a solid chance of winning. It might seem that the only thing they need is to make a winning bet. But since nobody knows where the ball lands and which bets are going to win over the next spin of the wheel, the only thing a roulette player can do is to follow some simple and easy to learn guidelines about how to maximize the odds of winning and to minimize the losses. So here they are!

Start Playing Free

Roulette is a simple game. But there are many different betting and payout options and many possible betting strategies. If you are new to roulette, you really need to understand how the game mechanics work, before you risk any real money. That is why the first advice is to find a free roulette table online – there are plenty of them over the Internet – so you can practice as much as you need to, and ultimately gain the experience you need to be able to play well. At a free roulette table, you can try every kind of betting system you might have read about; or even try and come up with your own.

Read More About Roulette Game

Do not expect that one or two articles about “how to play roulette,” “how to win playing roulette,” “the best roulette bets,” etc., are able to fully prime you and make you ready to play. You need to keep reading more and more. Do take the trouble to find out about the history of the game as well – this will really help you to better understand how the game works, as well as which roulette games to choose if you decide to try your luck. Study the odds and the payouts for any bet you can make. Read about the various betting systems and approaches. Get some ideas about the game before you actually start playing it.

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When you’re choosing your roulette reading, mind the titles. If it’s called something like “how to beat the casino at roulette every time,” be aware that this particular article is not trustworthy. Remember to focus on “how not to lose” instead of “how to win” – this is simply because the house always has an advantage, and so the only thing you need to do is to work with your chances wisely.

Accept Your Losses Before You Lose any Real Money

While developing your betting ideas and wagering your money, remember that the best way not to lose in roulette is not to play roulette! So if you do make a decision to take the risk, take it without hesitation, and be ready to lose your money with no regret.

Losing money is always frustrating, and can lead to stress. This being so, it’s good not to be too attached to your money when you’re about to wager. Remember that roulette is a game, and like every game, it’s meant to be fun and entertaining. It’s up to you whether you make it a stressful and frustrating experience or not. Our advice is, ‘don’t!’ Set aside the money you want to wager before you start to play. And actually, brings takes us to the next piece of advice we’ve got for you…

How to Manage Your Roulette Bankroll and Your Limits

Bankroll management is essential for roulette. Only play the game with the money you’ve set aside for wagering; and no more! Otherwise, you could end up in trouble. It is important to decide how much money you could risk tonight before you place your first wager. Even before you enter a land-based casino or log it to your online roulette table. Why? Because the game has the power to carry you away. It has happened too often with too many players who have lost more than they could afford.

That is why you should always mind your limits. The limits of how much you could lose are relatively easier to understand. However, the limits of winning can be even more important. Imagine that happy moment when you have won much more than you even had in your pocket to begin with for tonight. At that point, you’ll be tempted to keep on wagering, because of that wonderful feeling that this is your lucky night. And in a land-based casino, there will be many people who would expect and encourage you to play on. But you should remember that this is exactly the moment when you need to stop playing. You will never regret deciding to stop, but you might well regret that you didn’t!

It is difficult to say what your win limit should be. A reasonable ratio can be 1:1 – your limit to lose equals to your limit to win. For example, if you came to a casino with $500, be happy when you win $500 more, and walk away with $1000 in your wallet. It is up to you to decide on both limits – just make sure you pay due attention to this issue before you start to play!

How to Bet at Roulette and Win

If you’ve have already read enough about the game of roulette, then you probably understand that mathematically speaking, your chances for winning or losing money are still the same. With higher chances of winning for low payout bets and low chances for high payout bets, it is still the house edge that matters, so it does not really matter what kind of bet you make.

Then you could also ask why there are so many different betting ideas the players are still trying to use if your chances of winning money with different bets are still the same; or indeed, why there is so much talk about ‘the best bets’ and ‘winning bets.’ But try to think about it in the opposite way: players try different betting ideas just because the math is leveled across the betting table. Otherwise, they would choose to wager their money in ‘more winning’ way. And if the math for every bet is still the same, then the only thing that matters is the sequence of the bets.

You could try the famous Martingale system, by doubling up your bets until you win and finally get back everything that was lost. Read up on this system; but do be careful with it, as it can devastate your bankroll before you even have a chance to win! Or, if you believe that either good or bad luck comes in streaks, double down your bets immediately after your loss and then double them up after your win; because if your luck does indeed end up following this ‘streak’ pattern, then you can win some pretty good money.

You can also follow the ball as well. For example, if your bet was first dozen (1-12), but the ball landed in second, you can try to bet on the second, hoping that the ball will land there again. Or instead, you can keep on wagering on the first dozen, as you wait for the ball to land over there.Roulette bets on table

Alternatively, you could even try and “sequence the sequence” of fully random events, so as to predict the outcome of the next spin. Although this task might be very entertaining, and you might thoroughly enjoy working on it, the very idea of finding at least some logic behind the spin results is without foundation. There is no logic to it! The wheel is built to ensure that the results are completely random. The casinos monitor the performance of every wheel while using special software to analyze the data of millions of spin results; and if by any chance there is a slight tilt in the randomness they will either fix the wheel or replace it.

After all, this is what the word “random” actually means – you cannot predict anything that is random. Neither you can reasonably predict where the ball lands. Maybe, you might ask, if you watch the wheel long enough, there is a way to know or ‘feel’ the spin result in advance somehow? Well, this possibility cannot be ruled out. But as we have seen from our news searches, there are no news headings like “A Fortune-Teller Won a Fortune at Roulette.”

What you could really do is to try to stay on the reasonable side with your betting. For example, you could make a certain kind of wager known as an “outside” bet – Red/Black, Odd/Even, High/Low, etc. While the payouts are low, you win more often than with other bets. But if you feel like taking more risks and your bankroll allows you, you could also try “inside” bets with higher payouts but a lower hit probability – just be careful about this strategy, though.

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