Betting on a Dozen Online Roulette Strategy

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Online Roulette

There are a couple of ways you can win in Online Roulette. The first one is by betting on randomly selected 18 numbers or less (less than half of the wheel); which most bettors choose, although they change some numbers on subsequent games. In the second approach, the bettors choose 12 numbers (less than one-third of the wheel) and stick to the same numbers.

We are going to show you how to up your game using the second approach, as well as a 4-step strategy with seven rules.

Why 12 Numbers

In Roulette, when you select 12 betting numbers, that makes up almost one-third of all the numbers on a European Roulette wheel. There are 36 numbers aside from a single Zero, and the 36 are themselves organized on the field: both as 12 numbers for each of the 3 Dozens, and 12 numbers for each of the 3 Columns. In spite of the fact that there are always going to be 25 numbers against you, hitting a winning streak will still help compensate you for your losses: as you get two chips for each chip wagered, whereas you only lose one chip if you lose. Roulette is all about risk management, and you can get your reward by generating more chips if you implement some smart tactics!

Choosing Your 12 Numbers

It’s possible for you to select any one of the six, either a Column or Dozen, and stick to the chosen numbers. Each set of 12 numbers might have their pros and cons; they are equally spaced on a wheel. Their chances of occurrence are equal: but selecting these 12 numbers has some benefits for you!

The most obvious benefit is quick wagering: you just need to wager the selected amount in one box covering 12 numbers (a Column or Dozen) instead of clicking on every number from a mixed set, unless you stick to the same set and repeat your bet.

Your 12 Numbers

The second benefit is that you avoid too many combinations. You save worrying about what set of numbers to choose, as the possible combinations of 12 numbers can make you dizzy! Furthermore, it complicates the game if you keep on changing the numbers, and makes it impossible to form a stable win/loss ratio.

To follow this strategy, you need to accomplish four easy steps:

  • Prepare the 12 Numbers

Select 12 numbers (A Dozen or a Column, or mixed numbers – it’s up to you)

  • Make Notes

Begin recording the outcomes of each game

  • Analyze the Notes

Now you can see the frequencies of the results, and you can also see the likelihood of your 12 numbers occurring or not in the next few spins. You can wager accordingly, change the bet size or just wait until your next losing streak ends.

  • Apply the Strategy

After having written down enough outcomes, you can see at what stage of the betting strategy your Column is, and you can then assign one of the seven rules that we’re about to introduce you to.

  1. Bet only one unit, which can be the online casino’s minimum chip value amount.
  2. Bet double when your Column has appeared two times in a row, as a triple win is quite possible. Do this only once after each double win. This rule is optional.


  1. Lower the wager twice, no matter whether you win or lose your wager (see rule 2).
  2. Avoid too many losses: don’t bet after losing three times in a row, just wait for rule 6 to occur.
  3. Stop wagering at all if you lose more than 12 chips and take a break.


  1. After one of your column numbers appears again after various continuous losses, you can start wagering one chip again; as in rule 1, which discusses one chip as a minimum bet.

End Game:

  1. Stop wagering after reaching your target, which can be between 4 to 8 units for a session.
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