Test: What Type of Gambler Are You?

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Every person sitting around the gaming table is an individual. And in a game, everyone has the chance to show their true character. When we get excited, our best and worst features immediately become apparent! Imagine a typical evening in a casino. Dimmed lights, the croupiers and dealers are wearing tuxedos, the elegant waitresses are providing excellent service; and of course, the gamblers, the most important people of all for the casino industry, are ready to place their bets!

But take a closer look. Wait and keep an eye on them during their gambling activities; they’re all expressing different emotions as they pursue their winning streak. Some of them look pretty excited and thrilled, while others are experiencing considerable fear and anxiety. But have you ever wondered what type of casino player you are? We can give you a really accurate answer to this; so just make yourself comfortable, stay with us for a while and take this simple personality test, if you want to know what drives you when you’re playing games of chance! The rules are rather simple: every question has several answers, and you have to choose one that fits you the best. Each number corresponds to your own particular kind of gambling personality; so, for example, if you picked mostly number “1,” then, player “A” is going to be your result.  All you need is to answer our questions truthfully! So, let’s get going!

The List of Questions

Why do you visit the casino?

  1. I like trying out all the strategies I read in the book yesterday.
  2. Escaping from the yelling of my darling wife/husband and spending my entire limit makes for a really good evening!
  3. I just can’t wait to see my friends again to show them all how cool I am when I’m playing these games!
  4. I just can’t live without games! I’ve got a little bit of extra money, so what better place to spend it?

What do you do first when you come to the casino?

  1. I’m gonna start playing right now! What am I waiting for?
  2. I order a drink for myself, choose a number and try to calculate the odds.
  3. I order all the drinks that are in the bar, so that everyone at the gaming table can get whatever we want!
  4. I worry too much. Where’s my sedative?!

Test: What Type of Gambler Are You?What best describes your money management skills?

  1. I know exactly how much money I should wager.
  2. I have set a limit on my bankroll and the amount of time that I can spend playing.
  3. In order to win, you need to bet big! That’s why I save some money after every small win.
  4. I’ve recently received a paycheck! Work hard – play hard! Let’s do it!

Do you have a game strategy?

  1. Oh yeah! I have tested all of them and developed my own strategy that works for me.
  2. I have chosen a little basic strategy and always stick to it.
  3. I always rely on my gut feeling! All the money I’ve got at stake is my only strategy!
  4. It’s hard for me to say… I tried a couple, but it didn’t work out.

What do you feel when you snatch a large sum?

  1. Yeah, pretty good! I always know what I am doing!
  2. A good day! I know what I will buy for my old lady with this money.
  3. I’m running around the room telling everyone about my winnings! I order drinks for everyone at the table; I’m really looking forward to everyone congratulating me again! Everyone else has lost it completely, so I’m gonna be the adult in the room.
  4. I really won?! Great, let’s go again!

What do you feel when you lose?

  1. I can’t lose! I have winning strategies! Everything is thought out to the last detail.
  2. Well… I lost no more and no less than I planned to lose overnight. Opportunity rarely knocks twice.
  3. Let’s look for the exit and make ourselves scarce. It’s not my day at all! What a shame!
  4. Oh no, again! This is a plot against me! The card is stacked against me here! The dealer is an intriguer and a plotter! OK… Let’s have another try…

Describe your outfit for the casino night:

  1. I usually wear something casual that makes me feel as comfortable as possible.
  2. What kind of fool plans an outfit for a casino?! It’s not a fashion show!
  3. Speaking specifically about tonight, it will be my favorite blue suit, red socks matched to the tone; a stylish neckerchief from the latest collection, a fichu, and a few accessories!
  4. I plan my outfit up front, but I’m in a big rush to the casino after work; I don’t even have time to change my clothes!

What do you feel when you overstep the casino door?

  1. I just make myself at ease! My rule is to explore the battlefield in advance!
  2. I’m gonna have a good time here. It’s about time to switch off from problems.
  3. I run this show! This casino is my scene, and the casino staff is my backup dancers!
  4. I feel lost and frustrated.

Choose a song:

  1. ABBA: “The Winner Takes It All.”
  2. Okkervil River: “The President’s Dead.”
  3. Queen “Don’t Stop Me Now.”
  4. Blondie “One Way or Another.”

How do you feel when you leave a casino?

  1. Winning money makes me feel satisfied.
  2. I had a good time, and at least I managed to distract myself from my daily routine for one evening. The most important thing is, I didn’t spend any more than I originally planned.
  3. I feel like Napoleon after a huge battle! I gave it the big I am.
  4. Goodbye forever! I’m never coming back here again… Not till tomorrow, anyway!

Test Results

  • The “A” Player

Test: What Type of Gambler Are You?For you, the game is not just a game, and not an abstraction or entertainment; it’s actually rather hard work! You’ve read Ed Thorp’s “Beat the Dealer” and other professional gamblers’ books from cover to cover. You’ve learned all the strategies of the game by heart. You find mental arithmetic as easy as ABC; mathematics and statistics are your best friends. You’ve got used to convincing yourself that as long as you control everything around and keep making rational decisions, everything will be fine. There are a lot of advantages to being the “A” player, because you often leave the table with money in your pocket; and also, experience has proven that this type of casino player is less likely to end up with gambling addiction as they have control over their gambling.

  • The Self-Supervisory Player

You are very serious and even suspicious of the game. You strictly control the time you spend playing. You put a limitation on the sum you can spend in one evening, and you never give in to temptation. It’s natural for you to control your habits at the gaming table. You tend to plan your games from A to Z, and to choose games which omit high stakes or significant risks. You would never spend a lot of money on the game, and you never have debts or any problems with a gambling addiction. This game is just fun entertainment for you, the way to escape from your routine and to enjoy being with others.

  • The Fun and Frolics Seeker

You’re a social gambler who appreciates fun and entertainment above all things in the world! You treat a casino trip like a social event. You carefully choose the outfit, choose your socks to match the color of the suit; and you make this whole mess just to impress a couple of newbies at the gaming table! And as a rule, all the casino employees, as well as frequent visitors, have long since become your acquaintances. You are impulsive in how you communicate with people, and no less so at the gaming table. Your gambling nature makes itself felt even more in the course of the game. This type of player may not have brilliant knowledge about mathematics or human psychology; they bet on luck and believe that the more they bet, the more they win. You are ready to bet big to get a win; “the road to success is fraught with risk” is your life motto!

  • The Drama Queen Player

You take the game way too seriously! You are often inclined to give a dramatic turn to incidents in your life. You perceive every loss to be your own personal defeat. It’s hard for you to control your passion for the game. You are even capable of putting the game above your work, life, and friends. As a rule, this type of player is often inclined to all kinds of dependencies like compulsive gambling, and it is difficult for them to devote singleminded concentration to their activities. It is natural for them to struggle financially. A sense of discipline and self-control is not exactly their distinguishing feature. You may be disillusioned with the game, but after some time, you will return to the casino again. If you had to throw chips at the croupier, then you’re most definitely the drama queen type of player!

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