Las Vegas Casinos Reopening: Rules and Changes

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Las Vegas Casinos

Las Vegas is among the first big U.S. cities to reopen for the general public and for tourists amid the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. The decision came after more than two months of lockdown, during which the city was not able to receive tourists. The Nevada Gaming Control Board, the Nevada Governor, and the local health authorities are now pledging to comply with the new guidelines and rules set by the WHO and the CDC, in a bid to restore the economy and welcome tourists and gamblers.

CEO and resident of Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, Steve Hill, said that “Las Vegas [is thrilled to] welcome visitors from around the country.” He also mentioned that the “health and wellbeing of those guests continues to be a top priority.”

He added that some things might look a little bit different for some time; and some changes are going to be implemented, which are different to the way such casino venues, restaurants, and other establishments used to operate. So now let’s have a look at each of the major casino venues and big Las Vegas facilities, along with their reopening plans as well.

Caesars Entertainment

All the gamblers who are enjoying the services of this chain of casinos, particularly Caesar’s Palace, Harrah’s and Flamingo, can start planning their Las Vegas vacations starting from the early June, as all these establishments are now reopening their doors to the great public. For instance, Harrah’s celebrated this occasion with a lot of fuss and feathers, presenting its newly remodeled casino floor and hotel lobby. It has also reopened The LINQ Hotel + Experience gaming floor as well as the selection of high-class restaurants and swimming pools. However, some of these attractions are only going to be serving the public for a limited number of hours a day.

The CEO of Caesars Entertainment, Tony Rodio, mentions that the administration has renewed its safety and health protocols and guarantees their implementation for the sake of the best interests of the venue’s clients. The venue will focus on “properly executing health and safety directives” as well as enhancing “guest and team member comfort and experience,” Tony Rodio mentioned in his interview.

Las Vegas Convention Center


This facility is one of the first ones in the industry to follow the GBAC STAR accreditation guidelines; as it is making disease prevention, cleaning, and disinfection its top priority. The guidelines of the program include 20 elements connected to standard procedures, response measures implementation, and preparedness for emergencies. This means that the facility is going to implement the highest level of protection against the spread of Covid-19, for the sake of the clients and the team.

The chief operating officer for the LVCVA mentioned that they are making a huge step forward, showing the world that “Las Vegas means business” and that the Las Vegas Convention Center is ready to welcome back its intrepid travelers!

The Cosmopolitan

The majority of facilities at this venue reopen their doors to tourists (including some restaurants, bars, and beauty salons, as well as the pool) the venues for entertainment and nightlife are still unavailable for clients and tourists. The Cosmopolitan has implemented several crucial safety measures, like the placing of chairs and tables at a safe distance, to prevent any outbreak of the disease. Frequent disinfection and proper cleaning of the surfaces are also on the agenda of the company, to help ensure the safety of everyone concerned.

MGM Resorts

MGM Grand Las Vegas, The Signature, New York-New York, and Bellagio are reopening their doors again with some changes to their usual agenda. They all now feature limited amenities, but they are also going to expand their capacities in response to growing demand. For now, the clients can just enjoy a new feature presented inside the Bellagio’s Conservatory – a Japanese garden display known as “Japan Journey: Magic of Kansai.”

The Venetian Las Vegas


For any Americans out there who still feel reluctant to book a trip to Italy, the Venetian, which is of course an Italian-themed venue, offers to savor the atmosphere of this romantic city inside of its facilities. Both the Venetian and Palazzo towers (another similar venue) have been reopened to the public starting from early June; and the administration of the venue is considering reopening the casino floor, restaurants, and bars by the end of June.

Wynn Las Vegas

Just like the Las Vegas Convention Center, Wynn Las Vegas already demonstrated some eager support for the relevant safety and health protocols earlier this spring, in a bid to finally reopen its venues for both guests and tourists. In February this year, the facility presented its newly renovated convention and meeting space; and now, the resort is ready to hold some exhibitions, conventions, and big events there. Moreover, Wynn has announced its full-profile opening, including its Wynn and Encore hotel towers as well as the casino floor, restaurants, bars, pools, golf courses, etc.

In addition, the venue has also announced the plan to build an underground tunnel in partnership with Elon Musk’s company, which is going to connect the Wynn Las Vegas facility to the Las Vegas Convention Center. The company is looking forward to investing in eco-friendly ways to hold meetings and conferences, to make it possible to transport its guests from one facility to another in less than two minutes!

Side Note

As a lot of hotels and restaurants begin to reopen, it’s still very important to stay safe and cautious while visiting one of the Las Vegas resorts (or any other one!) And even though the entertainment industry has declared its readiness to pursue appropriate safety protocols and preventive measures, it’s still up to each guest to protect their own safety, by following the guidelines of the health authorities.

And while it may seem like the threat is already gone, especially in the jolly atmosphere of an entertainment venue, health authorities are still encouraging people to think twice before booking a holiday this summer.

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