How Asian Culture Has Influenced Slot Machines

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Asian Culture Slot Machines

You may be wondering about where all the Asian-flavored slots come from? How have they managed to find their way into Western land-based casinos, as well as online casinos too? Why is there such a large number of them and why are they so fun to play? And what do they offer that the traditional classic slots cannot?

Why There Are So Many Asian-Themed Slots?

So what’s behind the growth of Asian-based slots? Well, the first obvious reason is tourism! The US is one of the favorite tourist destinations of Japanese and Chinese tourists. South Korea and India together have more of an impact on tourism than Japan, while Asian countries account for almost a third part of international US tourism. Every year, millions of tourists from these countries visit the US.

Besides San Francisco and New York, they visit Las Vegas and Atlantic City too. One of the main reasons Japanese and Chinese people go to these destinations is that traditional gambling is forbidden in most cities in their home countries. But naturally, the nationals of these countries still love to gamble! Japanese Pachinko parlors and Chinese state-run national lotteries don’t count as real gambling, nor indeed do the other forms of mild gambling allowed in these countries. In light of this, Western land-based casinos already understand what one-third of their clients like, and adjust their offerings to their tastes. Online casinos are already following this trend, so nowadays you’re sure to find tons of Asian-flavored slots on the web.

The Novelty


If you get bored of traditional classic slots and know their paytables and the music they play off by heart, then Asian-themed slots are just for you!

Nowadays you can hardly find a casino that doesn’t have a couple of Asian-themed slots machines. These slots are different from the others, and have plenty of features that traditional slots don’t have. By using these slots, you can discover the way Asians see their culture. Better still, you don’t need to understand Mandarin or Japanese ideographs to play and win at these slots.

For example, did you know that in China, the number 8 has a symbolic meaning of good luck, so 8 is the luckiest number you could possibly think of? Red color has a similar meaning in Chinese culture. Dragon in China, Japan, India, and Korea is a symbol of good luck, success, and power; so that’s why you can see dragons here and there in the Asian-themed slots. They usually serve as multipliers or scatters. The rooster, as a symbol of good fortune, is also present in a large number of slots. It’s one of the twelve signs of the Chinese zodiac which is symbolizing honesty, protection, and of course, good luck as well!

What BoVegas Has to Offer

BoVegas Casino is no exception, as it has a rich collection of Asian-flavored slots. They are inspired by Chinese and Japanese mythology, horoscope, and traditions, martial arts, and even anime too! These games include Storm Lords, Fire Dragon, Wu Zetian, Ancient Gods, Gods of Nature, Cai Hong, Eagle Shadow Fist, Kung Fu Rooster, Fucanglong, God of Wealth, Lucky 8, Ninja Star, Super 6, Tiger Treasures,  Pig Winner, Panda’s Gold, Three Kingdom Wars, Zhanshi, Golden Lotus, Shanghai Lights, Ronin, Lucky Tiger.

We would also like to mention Wu Zetian, a symbolic RTG game with 25 paylines and connected reels. You will encounter precious gems while getting immersed in the times of the Tang Dynasty. Kung Fu Rooster is another Asian-themed RTG slot that combines martial arts and animal symbols. This 5-reel slot has 12 paylines, where the Rooster acts as a Wild Symbol, the Monkey is the Scatter, and the Monkey Claw is the Multiplier. The Storm Lords RTG slot has successfully managed to recreate the unique atmosphere of the Ancient East; one that is inspired by Chinese martial arts and anime. The game has 50 paylines, set in a standard 5×3 grid. The symbols feature a Clown, a Warlord, a Geisha, Treasure Coins, and Scattered Amulets.

Asian-Themed Slots VS Traditional Slots

The absence of common to Western gambler symbols like bars, sevens, bells, and cherries may be disconcerting at first, but soon you get accustomed to the symbols associated with Asia like bowls of rice, chubby babies, zodiac signs, roosters and dragons, geishas, fans, sakura, sumo wrestlers.

A few words about music: the Chinese have 12 notes in their musical scale; instead of 8, like in the Western musical scale. So this means that Asian slot sounds are different. You will enjoy playing these slots and listening to twangy Chinese music.

The similarity of these slots to the classic slots can be described in one word: winning! These slots, like many others, have some paytables that will show which combinations of symbols grant you wins. The scatters and multipliers may look differently, but they have the same function – to increase your winnings. We encourage you to try some of these slots and to feel the real taste of Asia, without having to leave your home!

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