Australian Gambling Events

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Landed casinos Australian Bridge and Sidney

Australia has been paving the way to becoming one of the largest and most attractive gambling centers in the world. The popularity of poker machines, social gambling, and sports betting are constantly increasing, owing to the activity of both local fans and international tourists.

As the industry hits new milestones in Australia, more and more events dedicated to casino gaming and betting are becoming fixtures in the land Down Under. Some events already have a rich history and record attendance while others are just starting to emerge.

Australasian Gaming Expo (AGE)

Australasian Gaming ExpoAGE is an annual event that will be held for the 30th time in 2019. This gaming trade show is the third largest in the world and welcomes over 6,000 attendees. Last year, AGE received the Award for Excellence at the Exhibition and Event Association of Australasia (EEAA). This event features new international technologies and services and presents the latest industry seminars. The Australasian Gaming Council (AGC) provides significant support to the exposition.

Date of establishment: 1990

Location and dates of the next event: Sydney, August 2019

Gaming, Racing and Wagering Australia (GRWA)

History Horse Race

GRWA is an annual conference that covers all areas of the industry: sports betting, horse racing, lottery, and casino entertainment (including land-based facilities and gambling sites). This C-level event brings together executives from the leading gambling companies to exchange ideas on industrial development, regulatory issues, and security improvements. Regional as well as global key players and stakeholders attent GRWA for networking and professional development. In 2019, GRWA will be held for the 10th time. The conference has an experienced organizer, Beacon Events, which is also in charge of three major gambling market events in Asia.

Date of establishment: 2009

Location and dates of the next event: Sydney, August 2019

Gaming Innovation Summit

Since the world of casino gaming is constantly evolving and new technological innovations appear at a rapid pace, it is important to hold events dedicated to digital advancements. This summit, hosted by GRWA, is dedicated to exploring how new approaches are being implemented in gaming sectors, including various wagering activities. Executives from different gaming spaces collaborate to learn about the latest developments, strategies, and challenges. Speakers from other countries are invited to share their experiences and help develop a broad discussion among the attendees. A strong focus is given to responsible gambling policies and managing at-risk activities.

Date of establishing: 2019

Location and dates of the next event: Sydney, February 2019

EGR Australia Power Summit

Australia Renewable EnergyThe Summit was launched to provide an overview of key challenges and opportunities in the gambling industry. During panels and discussions, senior executives can improve their market insights and establish new partnerships. The Summit is an exclusive event targeted at local companies and can only be attended by invitation. EGR (eGaming Review) is a global initiative that offers membership to the top companies in the field.

Date of establishment: 2015

Location and dates of the next event: Sydney, February 2019

Liquor and Gaming Law Roundtable

For 15 years, Legalwise has been hosting a roundtable to keep entertainment companies up to date with the latest developments in casino games. Leading practitioners provide valuable insights into new systems available on the market, the latest licensing issues, and many other aspects related to operating a successful casino. Interactive discussions help executives communicate and find solutions to improve their businesses and enhance the entire Australian gaming landscape.

Date of establishment: 2005

Location and dates of the next event: Sydney, March 2019

Gambling Harm Awareness Week

Responsible Gambling Foundation supports numerous events dedicated to the topic of problem gambling and dealing with the harmful impacts it may cause. Innovative approaches to identifying and treating addiction are presented throughout the program. These events are held around the world to promote a healthy environment inside the industry.

Date of establishment: 2018

Location and dates of the next event: TBA

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