Top 10 RTG Slots That Will Get You Really Excited!

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Top 10 RTG Slots Games That Will Get You Really Excited!

10 Exciting RTG Slots

What are your plans for tonight? All the TV-shows seem to be the same, and there is utterly no mood to go out. It’s a familiar feeling. There is this company called Real Time Gaming that proposes a neat way to spend your free time, have fun, and earn good money in the meantime. Yep, we’re talking about online casino games.

Moreover, RTG has an enormous variety of suggestions. Let’s focus on slots because these are the most popular in the world of online gambling. RTG has more than 200 of them. Let’s take a closer look at the top 10 online casino slots by this provider.

Online gamblers can be somewhat demanding. They dedicate their time to a particular game, and it should be high-quality. Mainly, all online slots are divided into two categories: jackpot progressives, and the usual ones. If you don’t have a specific preference yet, this list will help you to make a life-changing decision.

Jackpot Progressives

It’s about a momentous win, a great adrenaline rush, and nerves of steel. This type of games doesn`t have a fixed jackpot, and its sum can go up and up. The more players participate in this enjoyable and thrilling activity, the bigger the jackpot will be. Sounds like one of the most appealing types of gambling games, doesn’t it? What is more, we’ve chosen the top five jackpot progressives from RTG so you won’t have to try them all.

5. Megasaur Slot

Megasaur Slot RTG Slots Games

Which would you prefer: going to vast Disneyland or Jurassic Park? Of course, it’s the dinosaur land that we would love going to on a trip! Don’t worry; Meagasaur Slot is much safer than in the actual movie. If you are feeling sorry for all herbivores who were eaten by carnivores, then, perhaps, you`d instead switch to the 4th place. Moreover, for all brave money-makers out there, welcome to the online casino Jurassic Park!

In case you skipped biology classes at school, this game will help you catch up. It’s a five-reel slot which presents you with the wildlife of prehistoric times. It includes diplodocus, triceratops, pterodactyl, and a velociraptor. These are words which would make Ross Geller genuinely excited. Some dinosaurs cost 1000 coins, some 750, and some 250 and winnings depend on combinations of dinosaurs and cards (Ace, King, Queen, and Jack).

4. Shopping Spree (1,2)

Shopping Spree RTG Slots Games

Do your eyes sparkle when you hear the word “sale”? Oh, stop with all the pretending because everybody loves shopping and this slots game will help you to embrace it. Shopping Spree has two versions so you can play both forms and figure out which one you like more. The biggest progressive jackpot that a player won was over a million bucks. Yep, you can win that kind of money online. There is a free spin round prepared for you, so the chances of winning keep getting higher and higher. Just like in real life, you have to look for a sign “sale.” This game is the one that will bring you happiness.

There is a free spin round prepared for you so chances of winning is getting higher and higher. Just like in real life, you have to look for a sign “sale”. This is the one that will bring you happiness.

3. Spirit of the Inca

Spirit of the Inca RTG Slots Games

We all are adventurous tomb raiders deep down inside and if there is no chance to find a treasure in the concrete jungle, then switch to the Inca`s settlement. Because there are many more opportunities to become rich there. Spirit of the Inca is a game that practically leaves you with no chance to lose.

It has a traditional progressive jackpot, but it’s divided into five types: mini, minor, major, maxi, and grand according to a sum of money that a player can win. So instead of one jackpot, you get a chance to win 5.

Well, this sounds like something undeniably worth trying!

2. Cleopatra`s Gold

Cleopatra`s Gold RTG Slots Games

Wow, Cleopatra. Wasn`t she the most desirable women in all of history? Yes! What is more, this jackpot is the best opportunity to get rich you`ve ever seen. It’s also a yes! This lady fittingly radiates success, money, and power. It’s safe to say that this game has one of the most accurate depictions of Ancient Egypt and furthermore will submerge you into the atmosphere of that glorious time.

Cleopatra`s Gold is somewhat of a champion because it`s believed to be the best iPod slot that you can find online. The game has all necessary attributes that will help players feel like they’re in a historical movie.

Egyptian jewels, pyramids, hieroglyphs, and, of course, Cleopatra herself are waiting for players from all over the world.

1. Aztec`s Millions

Aztec`s Millions RTG Slots Games

Follow the logic here. How much money can you win playing Aztec’s Millions? I hope you guessed it right because this is the exact reason why we placed this game so high on the rating ladder. It has a simple design, and some players may even say that it produces a vintage classic slots vibe. This vibe is just one of the many reasons why RTG games are so well-liked. All players know for sure that Aztec’s Millions is a super secure and fair game and they never hesitate to deposit more to elevate their chances. As you know, the more people are playing, the bigger a progressive jackpot gets. Plus the game we’re talking about now is mega popular so you can’t even imagine how big that jackpot can get. Any player can practically become a Rockefeller. As well as, a modern-day Acamapichtli; because it’s Aztec`s Empire and stuff!


Classy and fabulous, is definitely how these RealTime Gaming slots should be described. We`ve tried them all. Yes, that’s right. FYI, RTG has hundreds of slots, and it would take you months to figure out what`s what in that huge list and try all of them. So let us prove to you that we have a great taste in slots and an impressive winnings radar.

5. God of Wealth

God of Wealth RTG Slots Games

Even if you`re a very skeptical person, honestly admit that you still feel that irresistible magnetism which Chinese wealth mascots are radiating. Something is mesmerizing about them, and you genuinely feel like they are meant to give you good luck. God of Wealth seems to be surrounded by this type of power because it`s Caishen about whom we`re talking. While playing this game, you need especially pay attention to 8`s. Let us invite you to an educational segment of our article for a second. Number 8 is considered to be lucky in Chinese culture. All because its pronunciation (Fa) is similar to the word wealth or fortune. Isn`t that like the best possible theme of an online slot? It can be, but we`ve got more from which to choose.

4. Secret Jungle

Secret Jungle RTG Slots Games

It’s new; it`s stylish, it`s already all the rage among players all over the world. Secret Jungle has the coolest graphics and don`t get us started on the well-thought-out design. Oh, and since this game is a new player in the market, it proposes incredibly cool bonuses, so you’d better hurry up. If it’s so cool, why didn’t we place it among the top winners of this rating? It’s new so we’re still figuring out what pitfalls there can be found but so far so good. Secret Jungle includes a nod to Aztec culture, and as we can see, this is a relatively favored topic among game producers. All because there is a long-lived legend about Aztec`s gold that still can`t be found. Perhaps, you`re going to become that wealthy hero!

3. Popiñata

Popiñata RTG Slots Games

We`re mainly going to turn you into a cultural expert with such a set of RTG games. This time, we`re focusing on Hispanic heritage, and we`re inviting you to join us. Can you imagine an exciting party without a piñata? Depending on what you`re going to put in there, it can provide you with all kinds of fun. However, what if RTG designers put some colossal winnings, cash, and cacti in the piñata? Okay, putting cacti in a piñata may not be an excellent idea but we’re all in when it comes to money. Crack that piñata wide open and get a rain of cash flowing! You can earn money slowly but surely, or you can hit the jackpot and win big. It all depends on your luck. It’s time to test it by playing Popiñata!

2. Cash Bandits (1,2)

Cash Bandits RTG Slots Games

There are two versions of Cash Bandits, and we honestly have no idea which one is better. It seems like the second one is supposed to be more modern and have better graphics. On the other hand, if we look at the primary rule of cinematography, the first movie is often much better. So it’s your call! A criminal lifestyle has a romantic aspect in it, but in reality, you know that stepping onto the illegal path is not a good idea. However, if it`s an online game, you`re free to be whomever you want. You will, in fact, get money but you won’t have to steal anything. How do like this idea? You`re going to become a crime lord of the Internet world! Some great features that you`re going to spot there include bags with money, piles of cash, police badges, handcuffs, and some other exciting stuff that will make you feel like Bonnie or Clyde!

1. Lucha Libre (1,2)

Lucha Libre RTG Slots Games

We would have included a drum roll, but you saw the name of that game already so what’s the point? It’s the one and only Taco Malo who is inviting you to join the game. RTG has yet another Mexican theme, and it`s unquestionably Maravilloso! Lucha Libre is a type of professional wrestler that is mega popular in Mexico. Moreover, even if you`re not very sporty but want to feel like you can kick anybody’s ass, this is the slot for you. Every wrestling champion has to pay close attention to his/her nutrition, so this game is so going to help with that. You`ll get chips, chili pepper, beer, and some other tasty but spicy stuff. The hottest award that a player can get while playing Lucha Libre (1 or 2) is, of course, some serious winnings. As a result, this is one of many reasons why we chose this game to be the absolute champion of this rating. Explore all the top 10 slots by RTG, and you may thank us later.

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