Realtime Gaming Presents the Top 5 Best Slot Games

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Realtime Gaming Presents the Top 5 Best Slot Games

Top 5 Best Slot Games From Realtime Gaming

We’re listing the top 5 RealTime Gaming slots that turn your game fun on.

Realtime Gaming is considered one of the most epic casino game providers of all time, supplying players with an abundance of undeniably entertaining slot sensations since its establishment in 1998. The company prides itself on its unique, signature blend of powerful graphics and audio performance infused with rich and vibrant themes. And while most RTG games that make their way out of the RTG offices turn out to be a roaring success, some sparkle through the colorful crowd more brightly than others.

Here are our choices for the 5 best slots to ever come out of Realtime Gaming:

5. The Bubble Bubble Franchise

Sometimes a game is so magnificently good, it just calls for a sequel. Bubble Bubble happens to be one of those real-time slots that leave you wanting more. This progressive slot game follows a rather voluptuous witch named Winni and her many magical artifacts, enchanted animal friends, and eerie potion ingredients. With its spooky, Halloween-ish vibe, Bubble Bubble introduces players to a chilling yet highly-entertaining slot experience that makes you wish it was Halloween every day. The game grew so popular amongst players that a sequel to the franchise came out in October of 2017. The sequel, which some claim is even better than the first installment, follows Winni the witch yet again, this time with a fellow witch friend, Wonda, as she goes through the same eerie bubbly potion-making endeavors. Both games in the Bubble Bubble franchise have 50 pay lines and 5 reels.

4. Swindle All the Way

When the holiday season rolls around, RTG likes to keep things festive, and Christmas 2017 was hardly an exception. This fan favorite follows a couple of rough looking burglars who escape from prison just before Christmas comes along. Meaner than ever and with huge red Christmas gift bags, they make their way through the houses searching for a shiny bundle of holiday gifts to “borrow.” While simple in its essence, this RTG game manages to keep things light, festive, and fun. It became an instant hit, remaining popular even after Christmas. Swindle All the Way has 25 pay lines and 5 reels

3. The Lucha Libre Franchise

If there’s one thing Realtime Gaming manages to do right, it’s making literally anything entertaining and exciting. When you start with something that’s already thrilling and exciting, like Mexican wrestling, you better believe they’ll deliver. Big time. As expected, this RTG slot machine is packed with Mexican themed symbols, tons of wrestling references, and good old-fashioned wordplay. As expected, the game spawned a rather successful sequel, along with a confident new opponent, Nacho Friend, who enters the ring to face the game’s iconic star, Taco Malo. Both games in the Lucha Libre Franchise have 25 pay lines and 5 reels.

2. The Cash Bandit Franchise

If there’s one thing Realtime Gaming does well, it’s giving its fans what they like. As this list makes clear, sequels to fan favorites are the norm, and Cash Bandits is no exception. One of RTG’s most popular games, Cash Bandits follows a couple of delinquents trying to pull off a heist. The game is chock-full of crime-related symbols to match. From donuts and handcuffs to a big pile of cash, joining the duo is a sure dose of action for anyone who likes fast-paced bandit themed fun. The game became so popular it produced a sequel in 2017, which is arguably even better than the first installment in the series. Both games in the Cash Bandits franchise have 25 pay lines and 5 reels.

1. Gemtopia

Sometimes you just can’t argue with the classics: a simple dose of straightforward fun. Gemtopia, like the majority of RealTime gaming slots, gives you just that. True, it might not be one of RTG’s fanciest games, but its simplicity and vibrance are so infectiously entertaining we just had to choose the little gem as our top pick. With a bundle full of shiny symbols, this progressive slot game is a sparkling good time, and it’s perfect for anyone who just wants to have some good old-fashioned fun. Gemtopia has 25 pay lines and 5 reels,  like many other RTG slot machines, so if you are ready to try other option there are plenty of them to choose from.

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