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Online roulette games are deemed to be the most iconic type of entertainment that you can find in the mysterious and alluring world of gambling; mainly because placing bets and then impatiently watching as the wheel turns its merry way is the real heart of any casino experience! Indeed, we’re all used to seeing this in films about casinos where a roulette table is surrounded by lavishly dressed men and women. So ultimately, roulette is all about lucky chances and enduring glamour!

However, as technology continues to develop, you no longer need a glittery dress or a flashy tuxedo to visit one of these mysterious land-based casinos, lost somewhere in the sands of Las Vegas. Because these days, the world’s favorite roulette games are within easy reach of pretty much any smart device you can think of! What’s more, everyone can play real money roulette: how wonderful is that! So why wait? Please don’t hesitate to try out our super easy and rewarding online roulette options at BoVegas casino!

What Is Online Roulette?

Essentially, online roulette does not differ much from any other roulette table game that you would find in a brick-and-mortar casino. The virtual representation of the roulette wheel is completely random; it works just like a real wheel, except that the usual laws of physics don’t apply to your computer or smartphone!

Let’s start with the good news. You can bet on several numbers at the same time. Here at BoVegas, we offer all kinds of the best roulette games as follows:

  • American Roulette - two sections with zero and the classical table layout are just what you want, so you can play like you’re in Las Vegas.
  • European Roulette - a more intricate betting system is for sophisticated gamblers that love playing with Lady Luck and winning! The fact that there is only one zero reduces the house edge, thus making for larger wins.
  • Zoom Roulette - it offers a unique twist to the traditional game, providing an engaging and immersive experience.
  • Dragon Roulette - mythical dragons on the casino floor offers impressive visuals and special features.
  • VIP American Roulette - with premium aesthetics, higher betting limits, and possibly exclusive features, this variation caters to the discerning player looking for a luxurious twist on the American Roulette tradition.
  • European Roulette Deluxe - take the classic European roulette game to the next level of elegance and style.
  • Luxe Multipliers Roulette - add an extra layer of excitement by incorporating multiplier features into the traditional roulette experience.
  • La Partage Roulette Deluxe - in this variation, players have the chance to recover a portion of their wager after a spin with a zero result.
  • Live Dealer American Roulette is our new roulette variation available in the casino. In this game, the wheel is real! This American Roulette doesn’t differ much from the ones being played in land-based casinos. So why not just enjoy having all the advantages of real casino size of your pocket (if you’re using the mobile version)?
  • Live Dealer European Roulette - a perfect live option for European roulette fans. Enjoy call bets, one zero, as well as a real table layout and win!

Anyway, the choice of what roulette game to play really depends on your personal taste. As they say, you never know until you try! What’s more, another great feature of the BoVegas casino is that every visitor can play both for real money and for fun.


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How To Play Roulette Online For Real Money

Layers who have already tried live roulette game, the online version of roulette for real money may seem faster and simpler. The same goes for newbies as well - online roulette is an excellent option to start, especially if you've never played it before! It is effortless and intuitive. DiceLab, Betsoft, Rival, Dragon Gaming, Nucleus, and Saucify software, designed to run perfectly on any kind of device and any screen size, helps you enjoy this online roulette. Just download the software from the BoVegas website and have the time of your life! On top of that, you can withdraw real winnings straight from the app and receive them on your real money account!

Before the wheel starts spinning, you need to place a bet. In American roulette, you will see two zeros on the wheel, so make sure you're aware of that first. You can either bet on the inside or on the outside part of the table. Needless to say, more general outside bets bring you more chances to get your win than betting on specific numbers inside. For example, you can bet on reds or on the second dozen, or on all the even numbers, and if any of those come up - you are the winner of the game! However, it's pretty obvious that outside bets are going to bring you the lowest payout rates in the games: like 1 to 1 or 2 to 1. Whereas, a stake on one and only number is going to bring you a whopping payout of 35 or 36 to 1 if you win!

American roulette also allows players to bet on a few numbers inside. For example, a six-line bet offers a bet for 6 neighbor numbers on the table, basket bet lets you bet on numbers from 0 to 3, corner bet accounts for 4, and street bet - for 3 numbers next to each other on the table (not on the wheel). French roulette is different from the US type of play because there is a really interesting game feature: you're actually able to place bets on specific sections on the wheel - the closest to zero numbers are called Jeu Zero, then the area of nearly half of the wheel that surrounds Zero is called Voisins du Zero. The opposite third of the wheel is called Tiers du Cylindre, and the other two little parts on the sides are Orphelins. So yes: in European Roulette at BoVegas, you can bet on these sections too if you want!

Here we are then! Whenever you've placed all your bets, it's finally time to spin the wheel. Just click the button “Spin,” and wait for Lady Luck to shine upon your bet!

Online Roulette For Real Money Payouts

The best part of this whole roulette betting thing is to grab your chips and then finally feast your eyes on the huge stacks of money that shiny little wheel is offering you. But before you bet, you might want to know the game odds, to begin with! So let’s take a closer look at those now.

Inside Bets:

6-Line – 5/1

Basket – 6/1

Corner – 8/1

Street – 11/1

Split – 17/1

Straight-up – 35/1

Outside Bets:

Red/Black – 1/1

Odd/Even – 1/1

1 to 18 / 19 to 36 – 1/1

Dozens – 2/1

Columns – 2/1

Call Bets 

Tiers du Cylindre - 2/1

Voisins du Zéro - 36/5

Orphelins - 35/1 (lands on 1), 17:1 (lands on 6, 9, 14, 20, 31, 34), 17/1 (lands on 17)

Jeu Zero - 36/1 (lands on 26), 18/1 (lands on 32, 15, 35, 3, 12)

So, as you can see, betting on the outside in roulette games may bring you more wins; but understandably enough, your payouts are going to be smaller. Meanwhile, European bets are quite interesting, because you can bet on more numbers and win with a solid advantage. However, for these bets, you will need a corresponding number of chips, so don’t forget to manage your bankroll wisely!

Online vs. Land-Based Real Money Roulette

There are some fascinating word-of-mouth stories out there about the various different ways you can try and cheat the real roulette game wheel. Well, whether or not these stories are true, you can rest assured that the BoVegas roulette wheel is not tilted; nor does it use magnets or any of that stuff. And why? Because it’s a virtual wheel, of course! And it’s strictly random. Just like all our games; in order to comply with our official gambling license. 

Another difference between real and virtual roulette games is how easily you can reach it. With our BoVegas roulette, our guests can play whenever and wherever they want. Additionally, they can stake either small or high bets - whatever they prefer. And if they want to play even more while spending less, they can use our regular bonuses; which give our players more spins, more bonus money, more everything! And what’s really cool about this is that it’s actually a real money game, so you can actually spend your winnings in real life! Now, to sum up, let’s go straight to our list of reasons why BoVegas is going to become your favorite place online to play roulette for real money!

10 Reasons Why BoVegas Is the Best Site for Playing Real Money Online Roulette 

  1. User-friendly interface
  2. The opportunity to play games for free or for real money
  3. Different roulette types
  4. Easy, cost-free registration
  5. Juicy bonus system
  6. Quick and easy deposits and withdrawals
  7. Generous payout rates
  8. The chance to play games on a computer or to go mobile
  9. Truly random outcome
  10. The opportunity to play anywhere, anytime

Real Money Roulette Tips And Tricks

Now that you know the basic roulette rules and payout rates, you need to understand the best strategies of playing roulette. On the one hand, the outcome is essentially unpredictable (unless you have the skills of a fortune-teller!) Yet, some of the smarter approaches out there let you choose more chances of winning in games, while avoiding having to spend a king’s ransom! Here you can find a few secrets of dedicated roulette players as well as their favorite bets that can be helpful in winning it big:

  • Bet on the outside. Indeed, for those who don’t want to risk too much, the outside bet is the best option out there. You can cautiously bet with little amounts on various zones like odd or even, black or red; more than likely, you’ll get a few steady wins, even if they’re not that big; and most likely, you will have some not too big, yet stable winnings.
  • Choose wisely between European and American roulette games! French roulette can bring you some interesting chances with its call bets. What’s more, its house edge is lower than the one in the American roulette! On the other hand, the latter one is easier and has more straightforward rules. Obviously, it can bring you enormous winnings if you are the lucky one today.
  • Get used to playing with higher limits. More money on the betting table means that you win much more than you would if the maximum stakes were somehow restricted!

How to Win Roulette for Real Money Online 

One way of always keeping your budget high is to remember about your loss limit - just set one you can easily handle. Also, try to recognize that point where you start playing obsessively, or when you’re somehow driven more by emotion than good sense. As soon as you notice such behavior, make sure you’re especially attentive to what you’re doing.

The next thing is to read more about strategies for playing roulette. In most cases, these methods are approved by experienced gamblers. And because they use them practically on a daily basis, and perhaps even do it for a living, they are more than willing to recommend these strategies for newcomers to the world of roulette games.

And make sure you use BoVegas bonus offers! You probably avoid reading a lot of the emails that land in your inbox and maybe even spend holidays away from your computer. However, every time you do this, you might just be missing out on nice bonuses that will help you win. So, try your luck at BoVegas, and then you can see your winnings rise each day!

Roulette Games at BoVegas

Here at BoVegas casino, you can play different popular kinds of roulette game. Play these games either for real money or for fun; so you can finally start feeling confident in making some real bets! Depending on your taste in stakes, odds, payouts, and how the roulette looks overall, you can choose one of these two or play them both at once, which can certainly increase your chances of success.

All in all, BoVegas casino is a great website to help you play online roulette for real money; both for beginners and experienced players. The outcome that you get on our virtual roulette is completely random; so you can enjoy these games of chance knowing that this is precisely the foundation of the game: sheer luck! Also, it’s pretty convenient to play and work with your money online. Finally, should you have any questions, you can easily reach our friendly, professional and helpful support team at any time of the day!

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How to Get Real Money from Online roulette

The issue of withdrawals is very sensitive for all roulette players. This is a very tangible process that needs special care from the side of the online casino. It's a real challenge to cash out your winnings when there is no proper procedure to do so. BoVegas keeps track of all transactions and clients. What's more, it constantly monitors suspicious activities on the website to prevent hacking into the personal accounts of players.

Using Visa, Mastercard or bank wire transfers during the withdrawal process helps BoVegas players choose the most suitable option to turn their winnings into real money. Before starting, you'll have to contact the BoVegas team in order to undergo the verification process and complete the cashout as soon as possible. No fees are collected by the casino when it comes to transactions; however, bear in mind that your bank may charge extra ones. Transactions can be completed even with the help of mobile applications.

Being a Bitcoin-friendly casino helps to lower the commission for transfers for players, as cryptocurrency transactions are the best and the cheapest. Of course, due to the high volatility, this best payment method may be inconvenient. On the other hand, a thousand dollar win in Bitcoin today may cost a hundred thousand tomorrow.

Don't hesitate to contact the BoVegas team to start your withdrawal process smoothly and get best jackpots today in one of the top online casinos.



Can you play roulette online for real money?

Yes, online roulette real money gambling is possible when you register an account at our online casino website. Some mobile apps are like free roulette simulators, which is perfect when you want to train before embarking on a real-money journey! Yet, chasing real wins is so much more exciting; and online casinos give you awesome chance to do precisely that!

Is online roulette legal?

Online roulette games are perfectly legal in countries where the local jurisdiction allows online gambling. If you don’t know it for sure, then with BoVegas, it works like this: you can open the Terms page on the website and read it all carefully, especially the part where it lists the countries where you are allowed to use this casino, as well as the ones where you aren’t.

Is online roulette random?

The online roulette game should be totally random; and it’s regularly checked by third-party organizations that monitor the fairness of the algorithms, in keeping with the rules established for a particular license. However, you should also bear in mind that some less popular casinos are not too selective with regard to the RNG (random number generator). At BoVegas we care about the satisfaction of our players, so that’s why lots of our customers have already been playing with us for years. That’s because our gaming provider delivers up-to-date and fair software that has been approved by official tests.  

What's the best online roulette?

When it comes to playing online roulette, real money betting is the feature that all players are looking for; because with such online games, they can raise big wins, even while chilling on the couch. That said, you’ll definitely want to find the game that carries the best odds, to make sure you can really win it big. We recommend you check out BoVegas online roulette for real money; since it mimics the real game, with exactly the kind of fine details that even the most experienced gamblers are bound to notice and appreciate!  

Can I play real money roulette on my mobile?

When choosing online roulette for real money, players are mostly looking for cross-platform solutions so that they can play both on desktop at home and on the go using mobile. And luckily, BoVegas online casino developers have made great efforts to satisfy these demands. So, yes, you can enjoy playing roulette games using real money on your mobile.

What is the best roulette app?

Downloadable casino games are great for playing; certainly in terms of convenience, anyway! You don’t need to enter a login and password each time you visit the online casino website just to play online roulette for real money. Just download an app and that’s it! So if you want one of the best casino apps that you can download online, one where you can enjoy every game from this online casino in non-stop mode while not having to bother with opening your Internet browser, we can recommend with confidence the app from BoVegas casino. It is reliable, and its performance is stable; we’ve tested this through and through! More than that, it seamlessly integrates with virtually any screen size. 

Can I get a welcome bonus when I play roulette for real money?

Seasoned players know that online casinos give the most generous promotions once you’ve registered an account. When it comes to BoVegas, this of course is perfectly true. Plus, you should also remember about our regular bonus system which involves monthly, weekly, and even daily offers.

How long does it take to withdraw winnings from a roulette casino?

An online roulette game is no different from other games in an online casino. While deposits for games can be made instantaneously, it is necessary to wait before you can cash out your winnings (the only exception, perhaps, is Bitcoin payment option). The bank wire transfers are the safest way to withdraw, yet they are the longest and might take up to 10 business days to transfer your funds. Then, if you are transferring to an e-wallet, such transactions are much faster - up to 3-4 days!