All You Need to Know About RealTime Gaming

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Online Gambling in RealTime Gaming Casino

Traveling to Las Vegas or Macau is no longer needed nowadays, when online casinos are such a big deal! Slot machines and table games are available online, so you only need to make a little effort to pull a lever or spin the wheel to finally see your jackpot coming! The current gaming market is flooded with online casino games operators, but the majority of them have many pitfalls that await their eager punters. That said, there is one provider that stands out from the crowd, and it’s called RealTime Gaming! Its products are so popular that you’re definitely likely to come across some of them fairly soon.

Is there anything you should know about this company? Sure there is. And we are glad to provide you with more insights into this gambling industry legend.


The company was founded in Atlanta, Georgia in 1998. But almost a decade later, it was acquired by HBM Group; and all the company’s assets were moved to Heredia, Costa Rica.

At the beginning of 1998, RealTime Gaming (RTG) recognized online games as a splendid opportunity for filling the online gaming niche. Since the management of this organization took gambling seriously, soon enough they built a team of industry pros, which allowed RTG to move from the development of creative interface design to advanced gaming software solutions. Interface simplicity, easy-to-follow rules and progressive jackpots soon became the distinctive features of this company. Even though there are only 150 kinds of games available, they have been attracting the attention of the punters for a long time.

From the very beginning of its existence, RTG has never tried to impose its rules on the individual casinos that showcase their games. Business owners enjoy no-limit terms of operating standards, so anyone can have a play on as many kinds of RTG games as they possibly can. So, it is better to check the license of a particular casino in terms of the percentage of the payouts, given that RTG themselves don’t influence the actual operations of the casinos that use their games.

What Is so Special About RTG Slots?

Have you ever played online slots? Slot machine games are banned in most states, so RTG is a taste of freedom in the world of restrictions! For example, this provider accepts gamblers from the US as cash players. And what’s more, each game is tailored for the needs of the local market: its online slot games come in different languages, accepting all currencies.

As you can see, RTG is mostly famous for its slot games. You can’t but have heard of the Aztec’s Millions or Megasaur. They have different design solutions, but the overall logic of the game is the same. The standard RTG game has a 5×3 layout, with 50 paylines. The average bet ranges from $0.25 to $25. You need to have a hair-trigger reaction and sharp thought to deal with these games! Even though the odds to win can be rather high, there is always a possibility to dump the entire bankroll within seconds.

Online Gambling RTG Slots Games on RealTime GamingUsually, RTG games are very customer friendly. They offer free spins, bonus rounds, and a myriad of prizes. Players can get wild and scatter symbols to morph winning combinations. Depending on the game, there may be different rules about how many symbols one should get to be awarded a free game or a special bonus. Some of these rounds multiply your winnings, or else move you up to the next rounds.

A progressive jackpot is an integral part of the RTG video slots. It means that the jackpot will gradually grow throughout the gameplay. RTG is known for its enticing payouts, which can be 1,000 times bigger than your initial bet. Any kind of the RTG game has Minor and Major jackpots that may mount up to $2,000,000, before some lucky punter takes it all.

But before you go into the world of the RTG slots, better practice some of the social gambling. This company offers free slot games for newcomers to try before they actually begin dealing with real money casinos.

Video Poker is yet another thing to enjoy with RTG. The payouts from such games manage to attract more and more customers every year. Among the most significant high-quality products to be found there, you may find Joker Poker, Pick’em Poker, Aces & Eights, Double Double Jackpot, All American, Jacks or Better, Seventh Wild, etc. Video poker strategies are easy to learn, and the rules are very similar to casino slots, but with cards included as well! And the odds of the games are pretty enticing; so this is why video poker is so popular, with its 97% payout rate. Nevertheless, do remember to find out more about the version of the RTG product you choose to play; as there is still a risk the rate may fluctuate!

The list of products is not exhausting. RTG is always at the cutting edge when it comes to your playing experience. Some slot games like Fish Catch will change your gaming experience once and for all! Imagine a slot machine where you can shoot fish for bonuses? Everything is possible with RTG!

Security and Tournaments

Fairness, as well as security, is the top priority for the RTG, as a casino software gaming provider. The software development of each game undergoes the RNG process (Real Number Navigators) to help improve the quality. External audits are conducted to monitor the transparency and performance of each game. Firewalls and encryption systems are used to secure your casino accounts from hacking or other shady manipulations. Players have an opportunity to seamlessly withdraw and transfer their money from the accounts, without any problems.

Never underestimate the real power of RTG! Its creativity has successfully lifted some boring classic slot concepts to a whole new level. The company has developed a list of competitions where players can participate in buy-ins, free spins, etc. These remote venues are organized on an occasional basis, and everyone is given a chance to try their luck in certain games within a predetermined time frame. Once the tournament is completed, the winnings are transferred to participant accounts. Preliminary registration is required to enter the tournament.

RTG tries to evoke the feeling of a genuine gambling experience for those who play at home. Suppose someone wants to feel like they are playing in Sin City, with real-life dealers and players. RTG live chats and video streams cover this social aspect. This is called the “Vegas” quality video option, and it allows you to get an unforgettable and truly comprehensive gambling experience.


With more than 20 years of gaming industry experience, RTG has managed to become one of the top 5 best providers in the world. Thanks to its openness and the general lack of regulations for online casinos, it has become one of the most widely beloved companies on the market! The odds offered by RTG games create an equal relationship between players and casinos, offering some really nice payouts, with some pleasantly small losses! Another reason for such booming popularity is the simplicity of the rules and the relative lack of complexity in the strategies required to win the games, which are both positive things for novices. The human error factor is eliminated, giving you more chances to succeed than you otherwise would. Furthermore, when trying video poker, you can play several hands at a time, thereby increasing your chance of winning!

For those who are hesitating about whether or not to pursue the path of the RTG gambler, we advise you to stop contemplating and begin playing instead. These games are suitable for any player with any budget and any level of experience. So once you get the hang of any one of them, the rest will be pretty easy for you to make progress with as well!

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