The Truth about Online Casino Bonuses and Promotions

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The Truth about Online Casino Bonuses and Promotions

Ever-increasing competition in the gambling world leads to new inventions in online casinos. Online casinos are searching for more and more ways to attract new players and keep their regulars interested. One of the most widespread ways to promote a business is to create a decent loyalty program. Bonuses and special offers are an integral part of an online casinos’ advertising approach.

Bonuses are very popular among new players and users with decent experience. Let’s find out why.

How Are Casino Bonuses Calculated?

Online casino promotions and bonuses are an essential part of each casino’s marketing strategy. Let’s look at the basic scheme of typical bonus programs.

Usually, you are not obliged to accept such offers, and there is a reason for that. Always look thoroughly through all the terms and conditions to make sure particular casino bonus promotions are right for you.

Consider that the majority of casinos do not give bonuses by default. In order to take advantage of them, you need to enter a specified code into a special field. However, some online portals make you use them automatically, so take the time to learn the rules, and contact the casino’s support team if you decided to reject a default offer.

Do not be careless; when you decide to withdraw your money, it may turn out that you did not fulfill the wagering requirements, which could mean that your winnings are not available to you.

Wagering Requirements

To withdraw bonus money obtained in an online venue, you need to fulfill the so-called “wagering requirements,” which comprise the conditions of a given offer.

Most frequently, such a wager means an amount of money that has to be bet to make your bonus fund available. This amount always exceeds the bonus sum several times. For example, x20 indicates that before you withdraw money, you must make bets worth 20 times the total amount of the bonus and deposit. Simply put, if you bet a hundred dollars and got the same amount, you should bet $200 x 20 = $4000.

You’ll want to choose carefully when selecting a game to fulfill the requirements of the bonus. The thing is, the majority of games with low casino advantage are excluded from the wager list, so making bets playing blackjack and poker may be useless in terms of making your bonus funds available for withdrawal.

In sum, read wagering requirements carefully, and pay attention to special rules that outline terms concerning players from different countries etc.

Is Bonus Profitable or Not?

As you can see, not all offers are equally advantageous, and some can even cause needless trouble and waste. Some gratuities are pure promotion stunts, which we suggest avoiding.

If you clearly understand terms like ‘House Edge’ and ‘Return to Player,’ the theoretical advantage of each bonus can easily be derived.

the couple is excited with casino bonuses and promotions

For example, you get a 100% bonus up to $100, which must be wagered twenty times. We already know that, to withdraw such a bonus, you need to bet $4000. According to the wager conditions, it can only be cleared by playing certain games.

Firstly, we’ll want to find the game with the maximum return to player percentage (if this information is available). Suppose it’s a scratch card game that gives 98%. Put differently, you lose $2 out of every $100. If you bet the $4000 needed, you lose $80.

Apparently, the portal gives you a $100 bonus but sets rules that theoretically make you lose much more money. You may be able to win this bonus back. However, the casino will earn a great deal on numerous players who agree to this promotion.

Luckily, not all special offers are predatory. For instance, if wagering requirements include only the bonus amount, it can be cleared profitably for a player.

What About No Deposit Bonuses?

These perks do not require any deposits and are usually credited after a player’s registration. In theory, there is no risk. However, these offers also need to be wagered.

Moreover, the standard conditions force players to deposit real money to withdraw such bonuses. Nevertheless, these offers are quite attractive and are rather widely used by beginners.

Other Offers

In addition to the most widespread types of bonuses, online casinos make many other offers to their audiences. Some of these offers include:

  • Free Spins
  • Cashback
  • Comp points
  • Free slot tournaments
  • Drawings
  • Offline event
  • Personal management


In theory, bonus programs are rather beneficial for players, as they offer extra money to play more games. It makes sense to assume that such online gambling promotions should increase the chances of winning and help us make a fortune. And at one time, they did.

However, a surge of millions of casino bonus hunters changed the situation dramatically. Nowadays, many casinos have instituted rules that prevent players from simply withdrawing money. Players should be rather careful and cautious when reviewing any bonus’ terms and conditions.

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