Man Punches Slot Machine at Hard Rock Casino, Gets 6 Days in Prison

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Tommy Goldberg (52) was recently found guilty for punching the screen and damaging a slot machine in Sioux City, Iowa at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Resort.

According to The Sioux City Journal, the Woodbury County District Court charged Goldberg with criminal mischief. Goldberg received a prison sentence in Sioux City and was told to pay a large fine.

Slot machine being brokenReportedly, Goldberg was playing a casino slot for some time and became infuriated. He then proceeded to rapidly tap the touchscreen on the machine. After that, the gambler became even more enraged, and he punched the casino slot. However, the Hard Rock staff did not seem to notice Goldberg’s actions until he asked for help.

According to the story, the man reached out to a Hard Rock attendant, claiming that something was wrong with the slot. He told the staff members that his voucher ticket got stuck in the machine. But when the attendant spotted the screen, Goldberg said that it was cracked before he played on the “one-armed bandit.”

The Hard Rock security then replayed the casino surveillance video, which showed the gambler becoming frustrated and punching the screen. Goldberg appeared enraged when he rained a harsh and violent blow upon the machine.

Unable to escape his actions, Tommy Goldberg pled guilty in court and was sentenced to 6 days in prison. However, as the gambler had already served six days in jail during the trial, the judge credited him for the days already served.

Then the judge sentenced Goldberg to pay a $625 fine. Furthermore, Goldberg was ordered to pay Hard Rock another fine of $1500 to cover the slot damages.

The man was reportedly fully responsible for the criminal mischief. Allegedly, the slot machine did not malfunction, and there was no evidence of an error.

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