The Most Typical Poker Room Promos

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The Most Typical Poker Room Promos

Over the last few decades, poker rooms have come up with some genuinely unusual (and often really strange) solutions for attracting some of the more seasoned gamblers. Offline and online gambling promotions are one of the most popular strategies casinos use for increasing their visitor numbers. Because of this, famous poker rooms tend to focus mainly on promotions, in order to attract more customers. As a rule, such promotions tend to range from the creative (and thus highly lucrative) to the dull and crude. Throughout the years, casinos have mastered the art of making good promotions; this, in turn, is reflected in the high visitor of popular casinos all over the world.

We’re now giving you a chance to enhance your skills and expertise in poker, by familiarizing yourself with the most common poker room promos.

Casinos Pay You To Play

However tricky you may find it, many casinos do encourage players to engage, by giving them some startup capital. “Pay-to-play” promo is a cash giveaway, and it is paid per hour. It resembles freeroll tournaments, where you get a seat as an additional bonus. But poker is the only game where you get paid with money, and not with top seats!

Bad Beat Jackpots

If you were asked to come up with the most unfair and debilitating promo poker rooms ever offered, you’d probably mention Bad Beat Jackpot. The principle it works by is as follows: the one who loses the hand gets most of the prize, while a little lesser amount goes to the winner. Ignoble as it is, this promotion is in great demand among gamblers.

Spin The Wheel

Nowadays, you can find a spinning wheel in any casino. All you have to do is spin it, and pray the wheel eventually shows the prize you’re aiming for. But spinning is only allowed after an “event” happens. And by “event,” they mean a high hand, a bad beat, a random drawing, etc. The amount one can win by spinning a wheel is seldom above a hundred dollars.


Comps are cash vouchers you can spend at casinos, instead of your own money. Typically, casinos offer vouchers of $1-$2 per one hour for the most popular low-stake games. Comps stand out from the other poker room promos, due to being free money a casino gives you at no cost. The number of comps you can get depends on the length of time spent at the table. There’s also one condition for receiving comps: you have to take a card from one of the players. So, if you don’t feel like getting yourself one more card, then you’re not getting comps.

Random Drawings

Drawings is giveaway money players most often receive during sports games, after betting. For instance, some casinos have a giveaway every time the football team someone bet on scores a touchdown. Normally, the winners are determined in two ways: by artificial intelligence, or by drawing from a bowl; the latter method explains the name of this commonly encountered promotion.

Swank Poker’s Sexual Inclinations

The Swank Poker website has gained notoriety for its extravagant and ostentatious promotions. Ranging from a year’s supply of condoms for 4,000 swank points to VIP membership at Green Door Sex Club for 80,000 points, Swank Poker promotions will always be able to successfully entice any players who are looking for something beyond financial benefits. But the culmination of the “sextraction” the poker website is offering to its horny gamblers is a strip dance from a Swank Girl for 100,000 swank points. Although the site was shut down a few years ago, the website promotions still sicken some players, while making others head over heels “sextonished!”

The last promotion we mentioned in this article seems to totally eclipse the rest, doesn’t it? Most people, including this whole vast demographic of gamblers, are more likely to get hooked on bizarre yet creative offers, rather than the somewhat dull average promotions a great many casinos are churning out today. All in all, most prominent poker rooms, like the ones in Vegas, have been doing amazingly well without any promotions. This suggests that once a casino has finally gained worldwide fame, it is finally possible to move away from promotions. What such casinos do employ instead of promotions is their spotless reputation.

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