ICE London Nowadays

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International Casinos Exhibition

ICE means the “International Casinos Exhibition” and it has a long history. It is organized by Clarion Gaming, a subdivision of Clarion Events; the latter has been organizing, producing and delivering market-leading and innovative events since 1947. The gaming industry has significantly evolved to stay in line with the continually changing gaming landscape since the start of ICE London. And so today, it’s providing services to the entire gaming world, for both land-based and digital casinos.

Nowadays, ICE London is a global gathering platform for professionals in the gaming sphere who are looking for source service and product solutions to cover all sectors: casino, bingo, betting, esports, mobile, lottery, social, online and sports betting. It takes place at ExCeL London, UK.

International Casinos Exhibition Girls Playing

This exhibition is held every year for over three days, and attracts over 35,000 visitors who are set on discovering the latest trends and news in gaming across all sectors. More than 600 gaming providers and 9,000 operators from all over the world have their stands in the venue and are there to bring you the latest innovations. This platform can also help participants to find new opportunities for business and partnership, where over 150 countries are exhibiting on the show floor.

ICE offers many formats for this event: Totally Gaming Academy, Lounge, Ice Arena, and lots of opportunities for networking. The networking events are usually billed as the kind of place where it is possible to both form new relationships and consolidate existing ones.

Many celebrities of the world of sport made their appearance at the exhibition this year, such as Usain Bolt. The CEOs of prominent gaming companies spoke to the public, sharing their vision of the gaming industry’s future.

International Casinos Exhibition Conference

The topics discussed at the conferences were the following: the reputation of the industry, regulation both in individual countries and in general, responsible gaming, sports betting, etc. There was no dominant topic of conversation this year, whether in meetings or conferences. The discussion on how to change the image of gambling in the Advertising and Marketing conference took place.

This event is a starting point for all decision-makers in the gaming world, and it provides an intense working atmosphere, which is constantly full of new endeavors and challenges. So for an ordinary player who’s showing some interest in innovative gaming, this exhibition really can bring lots of interesting news, while also setting some exciting new gaming trends!

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