The Best Wagers to Make in a Casino

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Casino Best Bets

In order to cater to everyone’s tastes, casinos endeavor to include as many games as possible. The majority of them are capable of taking your mind off of a particularly bad day, and some include bets that you should not disregard. So, if you are planning to spend a quiet Friday evening online at a casino, then you should become well versed in the types of bets that games have. And if you are arranging a trip to Las Vegas and might have a hankering for some gambling, then we are here to school you on what you should explore.

So, arm yourself with the knowledge that might assist you in increasing your chances of winning. Let’s examine the best wagers that craps, roulette, and baccarat have to offer.

Best Wagers at the Craps Table

Some people might concur that craps is the most thrilling game they have ever played. In most cases, connoisseurs of classic games make a beeline for it. They devote rapt attention to it and hope that, by rolling the dice, they might make a particular casino cough up an exorbitant amount of money. And these aficionados aspire to keep abreast of all the wagers they can place while playing. This, in turn, assists them in improving their odds of winning. So, in order to be like them, learn about the top 3 bets in this game.

The Place 6 and Place 8

Craps Strategies BetsCraps boasts place wagers, which means you can bet your money on some of the numbers on the table. Particularly, we suggest that you look no further than two specific ones in the beginning: place 6 and 8. The goal here is more than simple. Once you choose between a 6 or an 8, you as the shooter need to get these two numbers before you roll a 7. And if you are lucky and land them, then your payout will be 7:6.

What’s more, while you are playing, always remain focused and don’t allow anything to distract you. Most importantly, don’t confuse these two bets in craps with the big 6 and the big 8. This would be a cardinal mistake because they differ in the house edge. And as you probably know, the house edge insinuates the advantage a particular casino has over you.

For instance, if you opt for the big 6 and the big 8, you will be up against a house edge of 9.09%. In contrast, if you make an informed choice and decide wisely to go with place 6 and 8, then we have good news: this rate would be 1.52%, which is a favorable value.

The Pass Line

The principal and the most important bet you can make in craps is the pass line. The dealer does not need to assist you with this type of wager, and you are left to your own devices. Namely, you place the bet yourself before the come-out roll. If you roll either a 7 or 11, then your payout will be 1:1. However, if you roll a different number (i.e., 2, 3, or 12), you lose the round.

Furthermore, at times, none of the above numbers are rolled, which might spice things up for you a bit. That is to say, if you roll a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10, then one of them is used as the point. So this means that your goal is to roll that point number (whatever it may be) before the actual 7. And if this happens, you will double your money. On the other hand, if you get a 7, you will lose your bet.

To increase their chances, some players bet on the pass line and then decide to add another wager. In this case, they include the pass odds’ bet, which comes with a house edge of 0%. But if players don’t wish to do so, then the casino has an advantage of 1.41%. And if you were to ask us, we would recommend that you include the pass odds at all costs.

The Don’t Pass Line

The previous bet and this one are in stark contrast. Specifically, the difference lies in the fact that you will strike gold if, during the come-out roll, you get a 2 or 3. This means that you will lose if the dice show a 7 or 11. On the other hand, if a shooter rolls a 12, then there is a tie; i.e., a push. Therefore, you would neither win nor lose in this case, and the game would stop immediately.

In addition, remember that in the pass line wager, you want to get the point number before a 7. Well, here, you should actually covet a 7 and hope that you roll it before the point number. And similarly to the above, you can add the don’t-pass-odds wager and increase your chances. So, with these distinguishing characteristics, is this wager better than the abovementioned one? Well, mathematically speaking, it is, because of the house edge. If you opt for this, then the casino’s advantage would be 1.36%. This combination is the best one in the game of craps.

The Best Bets in Roulette

Roulette is one of those games synonymous with glamour. And why wouldn’t it be? It has been included in a number of motion pictures where men, walking around in their tuxedos, try to successfully choose the winning pocket. And make no mistake; this is not an easy task. After all, roulette is a game of luck in which, no matter how hard you try, you cannot predict the end result. So what can you do? Easy – go with the outside bets, as they might improve your odds.

The Outside Bet

If you are a true roulette aficionado, then you are well aware that it includes two types of bets – inside and outside. Both of them come with different payouts and odds. In the former, you can place some chips on a single number on the table. And in the latter, you can wager on some particular sections; e.g., on red or black spots. Therefore, if the ball lands in that pocket on the roulette wheel, you win.

The inside bets have a payout that is appealing to most players. In particular, if you guess the number, then your wager will pay 35 to 1. But you have only a 1 in 37 chance to actually predict the correct result. Although we admit that the payout is more than worthy of your attention, we have to point out that your odds are not that high. For this reason, you might want to toy with the idea of placing outside wagers.Roulette Bets Placing

As you are going to see, the payout is not mind-blowing compared to the aforementioned. But at least your chances will increase. For instance, you can wager on the following sections: even/odd, high/low and red/black. We recommend these three because they boost your chances the most. The payout is 1:1, but the good news is that your odds are around 50%. Bear in mind that this does not exert any impact on the house edge for either American or European roulette. Namely, it will still be 5.26% and 2.70%, respectively. And the house edge differs because the first one has two spots for a 0 and 00, while the other one has just a single 0.

Overall, if you are a beginner, make the most of these wagers and see where they may take you.

Top Wagers in Baccarat

Baccarat is a card game that you will inevitably come across in most casinos. And to most, it is an exciting game that entails having the player and the banker engage in a face-off. Baccarat offers three potential bets: on a tie, the player or the banker. Naturally, these three differ in a few aspects – most importantly, in their house edges. Therefore, we will mention the two you should select.

The Player Bet

As some players might already know, this bet type might provide good odds if selected. If you compare it to, say, the tie bet, then you will conclude that it is a better option. For instance, because of the tie bet, the casinos have an advantage, which amounts to around 15%. And the player wager significantly decreases this advantage – it is 1.24%. So, if you go with this one, you are basically hoping that the player’s hand will prevail over the banker’s.

The Banker Bet

The hardcore fans of baccarat know that the banker bet is the most beneficial wager in the game. When compared to the tie bet, the house edge is remarkably lower, as it is at 1.06%. However, there is a twist here that you might not like – the casino often receives a 5% commission if this wager wins. Additionally, this rate might differ from casino to casino. Thus, it might be advisable to always double-check this before playing.

With this in mind, we strongly suggest that you avoid the tie bet.


In conclusion, each time you approach any of these three games, always have the abovementioned things in mind. After all, by selecting the correct wager, you might significantly influence the outcome. Who knows – perhaps you might even strike gold.

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