The Ultimate Guide to Sic Bo

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Sic Bo is an ancient gambling game which is now popular in both Western and Eastern casinos. This is a dice game like craps; but it differs from the latter, insofar as it is purely dependent on chance, and does not require any real strategy. The object is to guess the result of the three dice. The number of betting options is impressive: the probability ranges from 0.46% to 48.61%. After the players have placed their bets, a dealer shakes the dice and then reveals the combination.

The Game’s Transition From the East

Dice tree dices This game has originated in China, where it’s known under the names ‘Dai Siu’ meaning ‘lucky dice’ and ‘Tai Sai’ meaning ‘big small.’ It’s hard to track its history, but Sic Bo is probably thousands of years old, as dice were used for games before the invention of paper and the emergence of cards. The entertainment was brought to the West by immigrants working on the American railroads in the 19th century, and it only became known to the majority of gamblers in the middle of 20th century.

At some stage, it was modified to ‘Chuck-a-Luck’ in the U.S. (the dice are rolled in a glass container) and ‘Grand Hazard’ in the UK (as a version of old army pastime). These variations have not become very popular. Nowadays, Sic Bo is established in many casinos all around the world, being extremely demanded in Macau. Las Vegas has experienced the biggest ‘Sic Bo boom’ in the 1990s.

Betting Rules

Participants may bet on the total amount, one number (out of three), or a certain combination (of two, three or four numbers). Players can make as many wagers as they like. Let’s look at different types of bets available while playing Sic Bo:

  • Three dice total. The game board features a line ranged from 4 to 17: 10 and 11 have the biggest chances (6 to 1) and, of course, the lowest percentage of payouts. Other numbers on both sides gradually decrease in probability (and increase in profitability). A total of 3 and 18 is not included.
  • Small/Big (Hi-Lo). The safest way is to wager on the range of the total, which may be small (4-10) or big (11-17). 3 and 18, again, are not included. This is the most common type among gamblers, which is considered to be a part of a low-risk Sic Bo strategy.
  • Odd/Even. Similarly to roulette, Sic Bo game participants can guess whether a total will be an odd or an even number. This variation is not presented in many casinos, especially Asian ones, which changes the balance of odds for other bet types. Together with small/big bets, odd/even ones represent the highest probability of getting 48.61%.
  • Single dice bet. Players wager on a certain number, hoping it will appear as the result of the throw, on any of the three dice Sic Bo is played with.
  • Specific doubles. There’s an option to bet on a particular number to appear twice on the three dice.
  • Specific triples. You can also bet on a particular number which all dice will show, as well as on any triple. A triple (also called ‘all three’ or a strong bet) is extremely risky, but if you’re lucky, you’ll get great returns (the payout can be 150 to 1 or even 180 to 1).
  • Three particular numbers and a combination of specific double and a single number are other betting options. They are not available everywhere, so check this information directly on a gambling platform.
  • Dice combinations. Players can choose two numbers to bet on. The probability will be 13.9%. Apart from this, there is a pretty rare option of betting on four-number combinations: the dice should show any three numbers out of chosen four. These combinations are predefined by rules (1-2-3-4, 2-3-4-5, 2-3-5-6, 3-4-5-6) and provide chances equal 7 to 1.

Gamblers Dice in hand

There’s a condition about triple winnings you have to be aware of: small/big wins will be dismissed when any triple appears!

As the game is insanely popular in Asia, land-based and online casinos over there have a comparably more significant house edge. For instance, the advantage casinos in Macau offer for specific triples stake reaches 30.1%, while in the UK it’s 16.2%. Gambling venues in Macau often provide a slightly different game called Yee Hah Hi, where symbols pictured in three colors are used instead of numbers.

Live dealer Sic Bo is a trending version of the game which delivers a life-like experience in a digitized form. It’s usually has a distinctive oriental vibe, with Asian girls being the croupiers who roll the dice.

Strategic Approaches

Craps Sic bo Table Sic Bo is a game of chance that doesn’t require any skills, but it still does not make you wager without thinking about it. It’s advisable to stick to defensive (low-risk) strategy here: focus on small/big and combination bets. To balance the risk, you can combine conflicting stakes to make sure that one of them will win. It could be, for example, a triple 4-4-4, a single 1, and a four-number combination 2-3-5-6.

There are some strategies which apply to many gambling activities. The Martingale system, which recommends doubling a wager after losing, is also commonly used in Sic Bo. There’s also the reverse Martingale system that represents an opposite approach. They might bring you small profits, but only in combination with luck.

Calculations are essential not only for players but for providers too. There were some incidents of players finding a flaw in casinos’ systems which formed a customer edge: in 1994, a player published a scheme of beating the game and receiving $450 per 72 rounds. With the rise of online casinos, it’s easier for operators to avoid such mistakes, as the RNG ensures the results.

The key to this casino game is understanding the payout percentage and the system of bets. Find out what your chances of winning are for every particular bet. The Sic Bo table may seem confusing to a newcomer, but once you have gained some experience, you’ll get used to wagers and realize what types are more common and which ones can be the most profitable.

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