How to Determine the Optimal Bet Size

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Deciding on the gambling bets for various casino games is of great importance. Some would say there’s nothing complicated, just choose the coin value and then make a bet! However, there are several points where casino visitors can either decide to curb their appetites or just let them loose. Each individual player has their own superstitions, but only a few of them know the real strategies that can increase their chances of victory. And the main guarantee of success is making the right bet!

Let’s make it clear right from the start: there are no strict criteria for determining the optimal bet size. It’s only possible to give general recommendations on this issue, and each player can decide for themselves how many credits per line it’s better to play. It all depends on two factors: the player’s financial opportunities and appetite for risk. Those who have a significant budget allocated for playing in a casino can set rather large bets without sacrificing the duration of the game. Those players who have more modest amounts to be spent on deposits need (or should at least try) to save money by placing small bets on active lines.

Seasoned gamblers often opt for some average rates, considering them to be the most optimal. To play on average bets is more profitable than the minimum, because in case of loss of winning combinations, the amounts received are much larger. As for the risks, they are much lower than when playing at maximum bets.

Start Small and Succeed

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If the player is an absolute novice, then it makes sense for them to make small bets at the initial stage of their gambling career. Thus, the person will be able to minimize their losses, as well as to get used to the gameplay. As mentioned earlier, it’s recommended for them to make minimum bets if their bankroll is low. In general, experienced players spend up to 5% of all their funds on bets. If there is a long losing streak, then they just get off the table. It is worth noting that often in slot machines the bet size depends upon the number of paylines. The more lines are involved, the higher the bet will be. In addition, some slots feature a fixed number of lines, which gives them only a few maneuvers for bets.

You can win with minimal bets if you make a lot of them. It is necessary to pick up a gaming machine that provides a high percentage of payments. If everything is done correctly, it will be possible over time to accumulate a decent amount, and then it is already better to switch to large bets in order to win more.

Bet Big and…Still Succeed

Guy draging chips on the TableIf we talk about big bets, it’s important to stress that this is the most sure way to win huge sums. In this case, you can count on success and Fortune. It’s extremely rare to win without a big bet, as such cases may occur but less frequently. However, the risk of losing is also higher. So you better switch to big bets only after you’ve gained some experience. However, if you have money, you can change the bet size later in the game. For instance, you can initially make some minimal investment, and in the middle of the game, it will be possible to sharply increase the bet several times. If a winning combination lands on the reels, you can get a lot of cash. And if you also use bonuses (we’ll touch upon this topic a little bit later), which is the experienced player’s secret for the successful game, your income can become very large.

So don’t get tempted by the images of happy people who have just hit the jackpot. It’s not the recommended approach for everyone, especially for beginners, to start playing at the maximum rates. Remember, if the game is unknown to you, then it makes sense to use free bets for starters. This way, you can easily accumulate the necessary experience and will be able to skillfully use money bets in the future.

Use Free Casino Bonuses to Make Your Fortune Rise

What is the best way to play and not spend a single penny? You should make free bets, that is, play titles in demo mode. A free game has many advantages, including the ability to test all the games present in the library, to simply enjoy the gameplay, and a chance to test for effectiveness each individual strategy in your player’s arsenal.

You can also pick up slots in which free spins are given, because in such games you can significantly save a bankroll by spending bonuses received in a casino. If you decide to make minimum bets afterwards, it’s not always necessary to follow the game, because you can use the auto-play function in order to receive income. All that is needed is to set the correct limits so that the game ends when you receive income, and you need to set the settings so that there are not many losses.

What Strategies to Follow?

When making bets, you can either stick to a constant rate or change the bet amount.

The idea of the first strategy is that you don’t change your bet and the number of lines in the game course. Your goal here is to find the optimal option, which depends on several things. First, before the start of the game you need to set a limit. Playing as long as possible will not work for you, because your excitement and inability to stop always plays on the side of the casino. Thus, it is crucial to determine the level after reaching which you leave the game. The most optimal goal is to double the bankroll. If you start the game with $100 dollars, then as soon as you cross the line of $200, quit the game.

Handful of ChipsOn the other hand, the larger your deposit, the wider the possibilities. Before making your bet, you must determine the exact amount that you can afford to lose. Based on the optimal goal we mentioned above, it is advisable that your capital for the game session is twice the maximum game bet. If the max line bet is $5 dollars, and there are 10 paylines, then you shouldn’t exceed the amount of $100.

You must understand that by increasing your stake on the line, you do not increase your chance of victory. That is, this amount does not affect the result; but the number of lines can! Your task is to choose such a proportion of lines to the bet amount, so that your bankroll is enough to make a sufficient number of spins.

As for the second approach with floating bets, first you have to choose the lowest possible stake with the minimum number of lines. Make a spin, and if you win, go for another one. If you lose, then increase the bet at least twice. That is, if you start with 5 cents, then the next spin is supposed to be at least 10 cents. It is advisable to choose those slots that have the highest winning odds with combinations and bonuses in the form of free spins. This adds significantly to the probability of success.

Note that this system also contributes to the probability of victory and doesn’t increase the amount of possible winnings. Your gain depends solely on the RNG (Random Number Generator).

In Conclusion

There’s a common myth among the players that only large bets can bring wins. Big bets can indeed bring more income, just like the small bets. If players do not have a large amount to replenish the account, they can start playing with small bets. Moreover, if they don’t have any game experience at all, opting for minimum bets is the most optimal option to avoid spending a lot of money in vain.

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