Dealing with Your Emotions While Playing Online

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Online gambling is a very relaxing form of entertainment; but at the same time, it’s extremely exciting as well! The sheer excitement you feel when taking risks and betting is really exhilarating, and it really can’t be compared with any other feeling. And when the screen finally goes bright and shiny, proudly announcing that you’ve won – well, this unique feeling is enough to make any player the happiest person in the whole wide world!

However, even though the emotional thrill during the game is normally a positive thing, there’s a flip side – the negative emotions that may appear after losing your wager. And no matter what kind of feelings you’re experiencing during the game, they usually tend to distract you from making the right choice. And that’s precisely why the most successful online gamblers are those who can put their emotions aside whenever they’re making a wager.

That’s exactly why you should read on further with this article, to try and find out about how to build up your emotional resilience, and about how to keep your poker face, even if you’re playing online. So, without further ado, let’s begin!

Resilience to Emotions

The first thing you really need to become a successful online gambler is the capability to build up your emotional resilience. This particular aspect of resilience can be divided into three categories: financial, psychological, and physical.

Financial Resilience

This type of resilience is the easiest one to build – you just need to make sure that you don’t bet more than you can afford to lose! By achieving this, you’ll be able to effortlessly stop playing whenever you’ve lost or won a particular amount of money, without developing any addictive tendencies. Such flexibility can be reached by simply putting aside the specific amount of money for online gambling that you can allow yourself to lose.

Psychological Resilience

If financial resilience is rather an easy step to undertake, the psychological one can be really complicated. So before making any bet, try to ask yourself how you feel about it, and whether this process is starting to affect you in a negative way. By doing this, you’re going to avoid not only the negative effects that your emotions are causing, but also the possible emergence of gambling addiction.

Physical Resilience

You might not realize that, but the physical connection is sometimes even stronger than a psychological one. So building physical resilience is one of the most crucial steps that you should undertake in order to grow as a successful gambler. This may sound like a cliche, but the best way to make it is to eat well, do some exercises, and take some breaks!

And once you’ve built up all three core points of resilience, it’s time to learn how you can cope with the ups and downs of online gambling. But why is it relevant, you may ask – well, let’s find out right now!

Dealing with Ups


No matter how good or bad you are at online gambling, you’re going to face both losing and winning. And your reaction to these ups and downs may actually determine your future success!

Of course, winning your bets is usually a good thing – apart from a financial bonus, it makes you satisfied, and also gives you some confidence for the next round! Nevertheless, getting your winnings can sometimes generate some negative thoughts: such as overconfidence, greed, and laziness.

So in order to prevent these negative emotions, you have to keep your feet firmly on the ground, so you don’t get carried away with your success. And although it’s easier said than done, it’s something that you need to remember – you might hit a lucky streak, but nobody knows how long it’s going to last.

Dealing with Downs

If there’s a high probability of a long winning streak, then there’s always a chance you’ll get a long losing run. And handling such a situation can not only be challenging sometimes, but also very hard to stop. Therefore, some players might start experiencing negative feelings like fear, desperation, and frustration.

All you need to do to overcome these emotions is just to realize that downs are part of gambling. They will happen; sometimes more often, sometimes less often. But eventually, they will. You just need to accept that, and whenever you feel that it’s happening… Then just take a short break and follow the next step.

The Power of Positive Thinking

Many people underestimate the power of positive thinking. They actually shouldn’t! Our mind is capable of extraordinary and inexplicable things, including in the field of gambling.

Negative thoughts lead to negative emotions, which in turn prevent our brain from focusing and thinking properly. The power of positive thinking, on the other hand, can do some real magic and help us think clearly and rationally. And this is exactly what is vital if you want to win at online casino games!

So instead of worrying about your losses, mistakes, or a possible negative outcome, try to focus on what you’re going to achieve, and what pleasure this game is going to bring to you.

To Sum Up

Remember that online casino gambling isn’t always about losing or winning; it’s actually about relaxing, letting off some steam, and enjoying your free time. And if, for you, gambling is a real passion, then you’re already on the right track!

However, you shouldn’t forget about the importance of dealing with your emotions. Even though, in general, they’re going to work in your favor, sometimes they may prevent you from winning… Or even or worse, they may lead you to some even heavier losses!

The human mind is complex, but understanding and following the simple rules we’ve mentioned in the article above can indeed help make you a rational gambler; but also a successful one!

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