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Lucky Dragon MultiDice X
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Lucky Dragon MultiDice X

Lucky Dragon MultiDice X



Lucky Dragon MultiDice X

$ 115.92


Lucky Dragon MultiDice X

$ 80.2


Lucky Dragon MultiDice X

$ 31.49

Lucky Dragon MultiDice X game by Bgaming is not only a slot game, but much more than that. The game is simple to play. With its elegantly simplified graphics, and welcoming gameplay, it offers players, regardless of their experience level, the chance to enjoy the thrill of playing this game at BoVegas Casino.

Lucky Dragon MultiDice X Game Review

Put on your game-face and dive into the world of lucky dices and dragons with Lucky Dragon MultiDice X. Presented by the prominent game provider, Bgaming, this game is specifically designed for thrill-seekers. Brimming with big wins and exciting bonuses, let’s see what makes this game so unique.

Gameplay explanation and features

The gameplay of Lucky Dragon MultiDice X is straightforward yet inviting to players. This game trumps with its MultiDice Feature which lessens the predictability factor and Results in unexpected twists. While the game is relatively simple to understand, it has a multitude of features that keep players entertained:

The flexibility of betting caters to everyone's needs, whether you want to start small and work your way up or dive straight into big betting. The winning potential in Lucky Dragon MultiDice X is high, making the gameplay that much more exciting.

Design of Lucky Dragon MultiDice X

The design aesthetics of Lucky Dragon MultiDice X is a visual treat. It is based on a Chinese theme and the graphic representation is visually pleasing and captivating. The color palette is a combination of vibrant red, gold, and green contributing to the overall dynamic and high energy of the game. The backdrop is filled with oriental elements and adorned with beautifully crafted symbols in the form of dice, dragons, and Chinese letter symbols all set under a night sky touched with Chinese lanterns.

The audiovisual effects have been synced perfectly with the game's theme, adding to the overall gaming experience. The game is optimized for both mobile devices and desktop display ensuring a smooth gaming experience across all platforms.

How to Play Lucky Dragon MultiDice X Game

Playing Lucky Dragon MultiDice X is user-friendly. Firstly, you must select your bet and the number of play lines. Then, hit the 'Spin' button and wait for the outcome. The chances of winning depend on where the spinning wheel stops. The red dragon and Chinese letters offer the best payout. Aim for the Super Wheel Feature and the Dragon Egg bonus round to increase your winnings.

Lucky Dragon MultiDice X isn’t an ordinary slot game. It is a place where the thrill of gambling meets the beauty of game design. You can make the most of this game at BoVegas Casino, either from your desktop or mobile device. So, let your spirits fly high and wages escalate with this beautifully designed game by Bgaming.

Boasting a unique blend of Asian culture and dice-themed gameplay, Lucky Dragon MultiDice X is poised to captivate the players with its ingenious features and seamless user experience. So why wait? Try your luck today at BoVegas Casino and see if the Lucky Dragon smiles upon you.