Is it Legal to Play Online Pokies in Australia?

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Gambling Laws Online Pokies

Pokie machines in Australia are like talks around nuclear weapons — everybody passionately stands for getting rid of them, but nobody genuinely wants it! The gambling industry in the largest country in Oceania is flourishing at a rapid pace. And the Aussies, in turn, annually spend a big chunk of money on games of chance: including such gambling activities as poker, roulette, sports betting, and of course pokies! But when it comes to online gambling, there have been lots of doubts and concerns lately about whether there are any legal online pokies sites for Australia. Let’s sort this out once and for all.

Legal Pokies In Australia

Australian law

Australia is utterly swarming with poker machines, which can be found practically in all corners of the country. The number of pokies per person here is the highest in the world (excluding only such tourist destinations as Macau and Monaco), amounting to about 125 machines per person. With such a wide availability of slots, there is little wonder then why the Aussies are deemed to be one of the biggest nations. As recent research reveals, over 80% of residents of Australia regularly indulge themselves in gambling activities, with the lion’s share of them opting for pokies!

What Does The Law Say?

Citing the Interactive Gambling Act, passed in 2001 and enacted later in the same year by the Australian Government (Commonwealth Parliament), Australian players aren’t barred from participating in any form of gambling activity — be it online poker, poker machines, or whatever. It is up to gambling operators to bear the responsibility for rendering their services to Aussie players, and by no means the gamblers themselves. Overall, online gambling in Australia is not illegal for players, and Australians have a free hand in playing on any of the highest rated online pokies sites.


Even though Australia has poker machines virtually at every corner and turn, the Aussies do still love to play online slots! But more importantly, they can gamble online legally, as there is no gambling law to prevent them from doing so.

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