What Are Your Odds of Winning in Casino Blackjack

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Blackjack Good Hand

Blackjack can definitely be described as one of the simplest and most commonly encountered casino games for you to play. It has a minimal house edge, which can be as low as 1%; or even lower, once you follow the blackjack strategy. The basic strategy of blackjack is usually presented in the form of a table. Some US casinos have this basic strategy printed on paper, and it can be purchased at any souvenir shop at the casino. It is pure math. The meaning of Blackjack is to get the closest possible to 21, while having scored above the dealer, but without surpassing the magic number; because that means “busting!” If you bust, the dealer wins; even if they also bust during the same round. So, here you can see some tips that will easily help you to increase your Blackjack odds while playing Blackjack in its most popular variations.

Basic Terms of Blackjack

First, let us remind you about the main terms of Blackjack.

  • Hit means ask for the next card draw.
  • Stand means end the turn.
  • Double means doubling your bet and receiving an additional card.
  • Split means that if you’ve been dealt two identical cards, you may divide them and play two hands with two separate bets.
  • Surrender means the possibility of returning 50% of the bet if your hand is bad this time.

Odds of Winning in Blackjack

The odds depend on the rules applied in each particular casino. They can change depending on the following variables:

  • Number of card decks that are present in the game
  • A dealer hits/stands on a soft 17
  • In which cases the player has a right to double (any 2 cards or 9-11, or 10 to 11)
  • A player’s possibility to double after making a split
  • Possibility of resplitting aces
  • Possibility of hitting split aces
  • Surrender (not allowed, late or normal)
  • Pay rate (3/2 or 6/5)

Below we show the odds and house edges for some most popular Blackjack games.


This game is played mostly in Australia, and its house edge equals to 1/3 less than in the standard Blackjack game.

Blackjack Switch

Under the standard set of rules with six decks, dealer hitting on soft 17: here the house edge is equal to 0.58% within the optimal strategy.

Double Exposure Blackjack

When playing the game, the dealer exposes both cards. The house edge oscillates between 0,66% to 0,96%; the exact figure depends on the rules followed by the particular casino.

European Blackjack

Under this set of rules, 6 decks are used, and the dealer must stand on soft 17 and the chance of doubling after splitting; and on hard totals of 9 to 11 the house edge is of 0.62%.

Bonus Blackjack

Bonus Blackjack refers to the side bets that are offered at different casinos, comprising of several variants. You have the possibility of betting on the player’s or dealer’s getting a blackjack; in that case, the house edge is from 22.78% to 24.08%, which depends on the quantity of the decks. In other variations, the house edge oscillates from 14.16% to 45%.

Bonus Blackjack

Double Attack Blackjack

This game has complex rules, but the total house edge is 0,62%.

Spanish 21

When playing this game, several rule variants are possible: the house edge is 0.40% if the dealer stands on soft 17, if he hits on soft 17 and redoubling is allowed it is 0.42%, and if redoubling is not allowed — 0.76%.

Carribean 21

When you follow the basic strategy of playing for Carribean 21, the house age is 0.19%; while the house edge received on insurance is 5.38%.

Card Counting

In the long run, we can say that the house always tends to win; and there is little we can do about that. However, you can definitely increase your odds by counting your cards. Here, we explain to you how to count them in your mind.

Win in BlackjackDisclaimer: Card counting mentally is not, strictly speaking, illegal; but casinos have still banned it. So even if it’s not against the law, it’s certainly against the rules!

Every card has its own individual value, which affects your chances of winning. A card can have a positive, zero or negative value. The appearance of low cards increases the percentage of high-value cards in the card shoe. A system was developed to make it easier to count cards. The system is called Hi-Lo. It counts -1 for each Face Card or 10; it also counts +1 for each card 2 to 6; and it stays at zero for cards 7-9. These counting systems are premised on the fact that high cards, unlike low cards, benefit more the player than the dealer; and this also works vice-versa. At the very moment you notice a higher amount of high cards, the chances of hitting a Blackjack increase; as well as your chances to double or split!

The Most Popular Questions People Ask About Odds of Winning in Blackjack in Casinos

  • Why is that the casino always has better odds in blackjack?

The main reason why the casino has better odds is simple: when a player draws first and busts, he loses; even if the dealer busts in the same round! So the drawing sequence helps explain why the casino’s odds are better.

  • How do you win in blackjack?

The only surefire way of winning this game is counting cards. It is forbidden in all casinos, and card counters themselves are also banned from the premises. So, an alternative way of decreasing the house edge might be to follow the basic strategy.

  • When should you hit or stay in blackjack?

In the American variation of Blackjack, you must hit if the dealer’s card face up is Ace or 7 to 10 and you were handed a total of 8 or 12; dealer has Ace and you total 11; dealer has 10 and you 10; dealer has 7-9 and you 9. You must stand when you have 17 total; dealer has up to 6 and you 13 total or more; or you were handed a pair of 10 or splittable Face Cards.

  • Why does the house always have to win in blackjack?

The house is given a mathematical advantage over the player. It is possible to minimize the house edge to 1% (or to even less, by following the strategy). But even if you come to the casino with $100, you leave with $99; even if you didn’t make any mistakes!

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