‘Game of Thrones’ Betting Odds Are Changing for the Final Two Episodes

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The long-awaited war against the Army of the Dead may have finished after episode 3 of the exciting final season of Game of Thrones; but as the latest episode unfolded this week, the story took some unexpected turns (spoiler alert!).

With the culmination of episode 4, things are starting to heat up even further, as there are only two episodes left. Hundreds of online bettors are investing their money into the characters that they believe will sit on the precious Iron Throne and rule the kingdom of Westeros. Additionally, fans are passionately betting on who will be the next to die! But the odds are changing.

Moreover, the previous two episodes marked the deaths of some major characters, and gave way to some unexpected twists; after the triumph of the living in the Battle of Winterfell! Anyhow, it seems that the wager pool is changing, due to the events of the last episode. There is a large variety of prop bets that fans are placing their money on.

What’s more, George R.R. Martin and the television show creators have always been unpredictable; and this means the betting is quite frantic. Nevertheless, with only two episodes left for us to enjoy, there is still a long time left for victories and deaths for you to find your pay-off!

So, who has the best chances of conquering the Iron Throne? Will Dany’s last dragon survive? And what about Cersei Lannister, will she finally pay her debts? What will happen with Daenerys and Jon?

‘Game of Thrones’ Betting Odds Are Changing for the Final Two Episodes

Who Will Claim the Iron Throne?

Overall, it seems that the odds have unexpectedly increased for Bran to sit on the Iron Throne.

Reportedly, major betting sites and experts have claimed that the odds of Bran Stark ruling Westeros have skyrocketed to +200 from +450.

Interestingly, Sansa Stark holds the second place on the list for becoming the ruler of Westeros, with her odds being +275, which is still a lot lower than Bran’s. The odds of Jon Snow sitting on the throne have decreased and have placed him on the third place, at around +300, possibly due to his scenes with Daenerys in the latest episode.

Next up on the list are Gendry, Daenerys, Tyrion, Samwell Tarly, and funnily enough, the baby of Jon and Daenerys, which is quite a stretch. It also seems that Daenerys’ chances have dropped to +600 or +900 depending on the betting portal. It’s a similar scenario with Cersei.

Death Pool and Other Bets

Speaking of Daenerys Targaryen and Jon, will they marry or will Jon kill her? The odds for him killing his beloved are currently -250, and the odds of the couple getting married are over 400. Additionally, there are a number of unexpected bets that you can make.

One of the most popular prop bets is which of the Lannisters will lose their life first; and currently, Jaime is at the top of the list. However, it is possible that he may murder Cersei first, before losing his life. Moreover, Arya Stark and Jaime have the highest odds for killing Cersei. Another unexpected wager you can place is that Jon Snow will not survive, which comes with +200 odds. Game of Thrones fans are also betting on the following characters to die: The Hound, The Mountain, Bran Stark, Arya, and even Gilly or Hot Pie. For those who were betting on the Night King to win, it seems that they made some unlucky predictions!

Undoubtedly, the most unusual bet is that the Starbucks cup that appeared in episode 4 and broke social media by mistake will make another appearance in the next episode.

As we are nearing next week’s penultimate episode, there could be some big winners in the realm of Game of Thrones betting, and it’s more than possible that the odds will change before the final episode of the series!

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