American Banker’s BlockFS to Be Held at Crowne Plaza Times Square

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blockchain related event Crowne Plaza

According to the American Banker, a daily trade newspaper, Block|FS, a great blockchain-related event, will take place at Crowne Plaza from November 29th to November 30th, 2018. The steam-picking event will be dedicated to modern technologies and their optimization in terms of accessibility and development, with the focus on blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

The Block-FS event, where participants can learn about blockchain technology, will gather leading U.S. investors, financial authorities, business standouts, and insiders from  New York’s top media entities. The day-and-a-half convention is to cover the challenging topics of today’s financial and economic sectors: Stablecoins and their mission of saving the volatility of cryptocurrencies; the transformation of the structured credit ecosystem; the ways of unlocking institutional capital; and methods of leveraging DLT in order to identify the implementation area for reciprocal deposits. This substantial range of vital economic matters is to be elaborated by financial connoisseurs who possess the power and knowledge to push the current complex and multifaceted technological situation forward. BlockFS is going to host the world’s top CEOs, managing directors, and founders, such as Divya Agarwalla, senior Vice president of Circle; Christopher Brown, CEO of Modular Inc.; Steven Becker, President and COO of MarketDAO; and Dan Doney, CEO of Serurrency.

The conference keynote will be delivered by Tom Jessop, the managing director of Fidelity Investments and president of Fidelity Assets. Being in charge of the company’s strategic operations like acquisitions, divestitures, strategic investments, and partnerships, Jessop has gained tremendous insight into how to develop the necessary platforms that will help blockchain move forward and evolve at its fastest. He will contribute to the conference both as the keynote speaker and as an active participant, as the expertise he has obtained oversteps that of a regular managing director developing harvesting strategies.

The pivotal topic to be worked through at BlockFS is the correlation between blockchain and financial services regarding the elimination of their complexity, a decrease in transaction fees, and transparency enhancement. And it’s widely believed that all these actions can be realized with the immense help of the latest features blockchain has gained. With over $30 billion invested in blockchain technology, the world’s financial leaders are now anticipating a huge remuneration through the advancement and optimization of today’s financial system.

The rapidly growing interest in blockchain can also be instanced by the IBM study suggesting that two-thirds of banks plan to employ this technology by 2020. Furthermore, there are companies that boost the industry development with their proof-of-concept projects and progressive incentives: Wells Fargo&Co., UBS Group AG, and Royal Bank of Scotland Group have announced the course on reinforcing the current financial system and conducting their global optimization.

Following the assumptions of numerous crypto experts who understand the impact of cryptocurrencies on the global market, blockchain technology has yet to see its glory; given the current number of sectors and industries employing blockchain, it’s easy to surmise that this technology will soon edge out the traditional (and somewhat outdated) financial system the world lives by. The fact that there are proficiency-powered and investment-driven conferences such as BlockFS gives hope that the financial realm as we know it is about to explode into something bigger and more contemporary.

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