Online vs. Offline Bingo. What’s the difference?

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Bingo Online vs. Offline

With the growing popularity, in recent years, of online casino-style games, one can’t help but wonder if the online version of bingo offers any advantages (besides playing from the comfort of your home). Does online bingo differ from playing at a bingo hall?

Here’s a brief review of the pros and cons that online bingo offers:

1. Faster Games That Can Be Played Anytime, Anywhere

Bingo Wood SetBingo nights were extremely popular in the UK in the 1950s. Later on, in the 70s and 80s, the popularity of this game dwindled, as bingo halls made room for discos and cinemas.

Today, the Internet looks like a way for bingo to be restored to its former glory. What was once viewed as an activity only for the elderly is now starting to gain popularity among the younger generation. This is mainly due to the convenience of the Internet: bingo players can get in on a game in a matter of seconds.

Whereas you once had to attend bingo parties, you no longer need to make room in your schedule for bingo night. Online bingo offers the luxury of playing from the comfort of home and allows players – from all over the world – to select their winning numbers and see the results minutes after.

Now, all you need is a high-speed Internet connection, and you can enjoy a classic bingo game in an online setting – any time of day. Since everything is digitalized, the draws are much faster, as well. In other words, you don’t have to spend half an hour commuting to and from the bingo hall and another hour or more waiting for someone to manually draw the balls and announce the numbers.

2. Variety

Another significant advantage of playing bingo online is the large selection of variants.

The standard for the offline game is either 90 (for British bingo) or 75 balls (for American bingo). As one would expect, online versions are not as limited. This shouldn’t come as a surprise since it literally takes a click for an operator to determine how many balls are in play online.

In an attempt to make the game more appealing to online gamblers, virtual casino operators have toyed with different versions. As a result, players who want to quickly go from one round to another can even choose the variant that features only 30 different numbers.

Some casinos have decided to try to compete with online bingo by expanding and improving upon the traditional bingo structure. An end result is a number of bingo-style games, like SNAP, that leverage playing cards instead of the standard numbered balls.

And last but not least, both traditional and online bingo variants include unconventional winning patterns, effectively boosting your chances of winning to lure more players.

3. Sign-Up Bonuses

Bingo CardOne benefit of online gambling (pertaining to all games, not just bingo) is getting welcome bonuses. When you first create an account at a particular online casino, you are eligible for various sign-up bonuses, which range from free spins on slots to “free” money that you can wager on any game. As you might expect, these bonuses are a means of attracting new players and incentivizing players to try new games.

Always make sure that bingo is one of the games the casino will allow you to play with bonus money. Online casinos impose strict limits regarding which games contribute to the wagering requirements. It’s not uncommon for the operator to void your winnings if bingo is not eligible for bonus play. So, take your time and find a reputable online casino that loves bingo as much as you do – before you dive in, first read the casino’s bonus Terms & Conditions section.

And if you’ve never played bingo before, this is a great way to start. Since in online version you can both play for real money and in a trial mode (technically you wager the casino money), so you won’t risk your own possessions. Despite the seemingly “free to play” trial version, you have the same chances of winning real money as you would have if you had bet with your deposit.

4. Bigger Payouts

In fact, you can potentially win significantly more on the web, and not because online casinos are trying to compete with bingo halls and clubs. There are hundreds of online casinos offering bingo, so they’re competing against each other and trying to offer the best possible odds.

In essence, what allows for much more tempting odds online is the fact that hosting an online game is much more affordable for the operator. They don’t rent the space as halls do. There’s no hassle with logistics since the drum and balls are virtual. And of course, you don’t need to hire and pay several dozen employees – everything’s automated.

The end result is win-win for both players and casinos. The cash prizes are much higher, which draws more players in, consequently increasing the casino revenues. So, if you select the right numbers online, your “money bag” will be considerably heavier.

Offline or Online?

Admittedly, the appeal of bingo doesn’t come strictly from the game. Many people who play offline bingo play partly for the social aspect. There is no multiplayer bingo on the Internet. The closest you can get to that feeling is having a few friends in the room while you are playing.

You can chat with other players online, watching numbers pop up on the screen. But it often comes down to one of the winners gloating. Sure, you’ll be just as thrilled when you win some money… Still, it is not quite comparable to the thrill of hearing the announcer call a number and seeing the numbers drawn match the ones on your ticket.

Also, you mustn’t overlook the fact that it might take a while for your win to reach your bank account. Depending on the available withdrawal methods a particular online casino offers, you might end up waiting a week or more.

The conclusion is simple. Like most things in life, it comes down to preference. If you love the social aspect of bingo, online variants may feel like a cheap rip-off.

But if you’re looking to play a quick game, online bingo is the better choice. You can have multiple tabs open and join 5 different draws if you please. And you’ll know if you’ve won the second the draw is complete.

In any case, you can always give online bingo a try and decide how it fares against the “real” game. If you like it, awesome! If you don’t, no big deal. You just close the tab and wait for the next bingo night at your local hall.

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