Blackjack Ball. Here’s All You Need to Know About Elite Gambling Parties!

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Blackjack Game in Neon Light on the wall

Glamorous interior, expensive champagne, exclusive invitation-only guests, and an overall excitingly luxurious atmosphere, which is pretty close to an Oscars party. No, it’s even better! Because nobody’s hand you a human-size bottle of costly rose champagne after you nail a few blackjack games at the Oscars. It’s all about the one and only (truly glorious!) Blackjack Ball which is being held annually in January; probably because winter is the perfect time to attend a fancy gambling party! Getting an invitation is extremely prestigious, and there is no way money or social status alone can get you through that lavish door. Every blackjack player has to earn this opportunity to dive into the world of elegant gambling and professional acknowledgment. Oh, and don’t get too enthusiastic about winning; because if you win three times in a row, you’ll be banned from playing at the Ball! On the upside though, this contest is the royal road to getting a cup named after you. Wait, what… Really?! Well hold your horses and buckle up, because we’re about to get you a virtual pass to one of the fanciest and most prestigious events in the world of gambling – the Blackjack Ball!

How Did the Blackjack Olympics Start?

Gambling Prizes for Tournament of BlackjackThe epic history of this exciting event began in 1997, when Max Rubin organized the very first event dedicated to playing offline blackjack; and since then, it has become an annual tradition. But if it just so happens that you’re more like a slot or poker kinda guy or gal, and Max Rubin’s name sounds weirdly unfamiliar to you, then we’d better give you a heads up real quick! You can sometimes see him referred to as a ‘Blackjack hero.’ Well, if the man has somehow managed to beat all the odds and come up with a perfect winning formula for the game, then this title is very much deserved! And Mr. Rubin is also famous for his book ‘Comp City,’ which is like a Bible with hundreds of blackjack pro tips for most blackjack players!

The number of attendees has grown to 100; and while it already may seem like a decent party which will have a room for you too, let us stop your excitement right there; because there is a special committee called the Blackjack Hall of Famers. This special organization includes the best and most professional players, both retired and active. They need to agree on all the candidates because random people are surely not welcome here!

Since 2017, the Ball has had a co-host, Richard Munchkin. He is currently ranked as the best and most successful player in the blackjack world. At first, he was an honorable invitee; but after getting three wins in a row, he was banned from playing, and the cup for second place was named after him. So, remember what we were talking about in the very first passage? The cup for the third place still remains unnamed; so how about you go for it?

The Security Measures

Let’s say you’ve already achieved considerable success as a blackjack player, and you’ve probably even written a book or two, started your own gambling-themed blog, and won at least a couple million dollars at tournaments and casinos (yep, most participants of that event really do have just such an impressive track record!) So now, you need to make a room in your schedule and wait for an invitation from Max Rubin and Richard Munchkin. Well, we’d advise you not to make plans at all throughout the whole of  January, because any day can be the day! Due to their strict and thorough security measures, you’ll receive an email with the time and place, and this will be sent very close to the actual date. If you can’t make it, you need to file in a refusal; otherwise, if you just don’t show up, without warning them in advance, you’ll be banned from the list forever!

So you finally arrive at the Ball. Firstly, you need to go through security to be checked for any devices that can record information; plus, all gamblers have to chip in $100 when they enter. You’ll be asked to show your ID, and any suspicious behavior may get you suspended. So what’s with all these excessive safety measures? Blackjack Ball is a highly secretive event, and the people who can pose the biggest threat to it are … casino employees! Because if casinos can finally get their hands on the names and/or pictures of the most professional and successful blackjack players, they will be barred from playing there; because obviously, casinos risk losing millions of dollars if they come to play with them later!

There is one casino that has prevented such trick in a really smart way! Barona Casino (situated in San Diego, California) is covering all organizational expenses; plus, it provides all Blackjack Hall of Fame members with free accommodation, food, and beverages whenever they stay at the resort. But of course, in return, the most intelligent blackjack professionals would never play at Barona Casino!

What Happens Inside?

Have you forgotten yet you’re supposed to bring a fancy, elite bottle of champagne? This is a much more serious gesture than you think. If a player ever skimps on the bubbly beverage, they can be barred from attending until the end of time! The evening starts with hors d’oeuvres and lavish exclusive alcohol beverages; mostly champagne, of course (lots of it!) After the guests have got some snacks and enjoyed professional conversations, the voting process begins. Only one new member can be accepted to the Blackjack Hall of Fame, and attendees are supposed to vote for those candidates they consider to be worthy. Many factors are taken into consideration. It’s not only big winnings that can get one to the honorable Hall, but it’s also professional success, influence, intellect, reputation, and card counting skills.

The next part of the big evening is Charitable Calcutta Auction. Players are betting on the possible winner of the great cup – the Grosjean Cup or as it’s also called, Nebuchadnezzar (a huge bottle of elite incredibly expensive champagne which is so big, you can actually fit 20 regular bottles inside it!) The main game begins with a traditional 21-question test which is meant to demonstrate the player’s overall knowledge of the sphere of gambling, as well as their card counting abilities. And finally, the highly anticipated and nerve-wracking blackjack rounds begin. But then, after the big winners are awarded, the gambling party must go on. The Blackjack Ball is about fun and games, after all!

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