Does Stratis Gambling Have a Future?

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Stratis Gambling

By now, we’ve all got used to online gambling with cryptocurrencies. Every day, for a variety of reasons, more and more online gambling venues decide to switch to digital coins. Of course, some players are wary of acquiring this kind of assets; however, they can actually benefit a lot from this innovative approach.

“Old-timers” like BTC, ETH, and DOGE have already become assimilated to the sphere of crypto gambling. Some of them have even managed to take on several complicated issues; the current Bitcoin miner’s commission is an excellent example of such difficulties. Even though BTC and ETH represent a superb solution for gambling fans, it is becoming obvious that the market needs new blood.

As a first step, let’s figure out what Stratis is and why it is one of the primary options for crypto gamblers.

What You Need to Know About Stratis

If we’re discussing the cryptocurrency known as Stratis, it is useful to begin by mentioning that the project is based on the BaaS (Blockchain-as-a-service) platform, which is aimed at creating products for corporations in the financial sector. Stratis allows you to create custom blockchain-based applications intended for specific goals; simplifying the process of development and speeding up the life cycle of projects based on blockchain technology.

Stratis system capabilities allow any organization to create independent blocks in order to realize their goals and meet specific needs. All of these blocks are attached to the Stratis main blockchain, while the communication with them is maintained via the Lite client and API.

Companies get an opportunity to use the advantages of the system blocks for boosting their applications while connecting the blocks with the main chain does not require any financial costs and also eliminates any difficulties with creating and maintaining their infrastructure. In addition, Stratis blocks combine new features with preexisting ones, for example, those of Ethereum or Waves blockchains.


C# Stratis Bitcoin Full Node

C# Stratis Bitcoin Full Node is a platform which is a basis for Stratis. This solution was developed on top of the NBitcoin library by Nicolas Dorier. Considering that NBitcoin is based on pure C# code and the .NET platform, the development and support of the system is easier as compared to traditional C ++ Bitcoin Core source code. The Stratis development team also provides consulting services regarding their project functions and capabilities. They have started to render their consulting services in London and intend to enter the international arena in case of demand.

nStratis Development Framework

The launch of the nStratis Development Framework (SDF) has opened up the possibility of creating a blockchain using C # and .NET. This step will reduce the time spent on building open source applications and cross-platform blockchains within Microsoft .NET. Today there is a wide range of programmers who are actively working on C # .NET – the dominant languages in the development of business applications.

How Stratis Differs from Ethereum

Despite the fact that these two projects are similar to each other in terms of their concept, in fact, they are entirely different. Stratis works on the basis of a Bitcoin blockchain; however, its uniqueness lies in the fact that it offers developers the possibility of programming in C #. This, in turn, opens up a wealth of opportunities for developing different types of applications for many areas.

Nevertheless, Stratis is still similar to Ethereum, since both cryptocurrencies are platforms for developing applications based on blockchain technology and smart contracts. The most significant difference between STRAT and ETH is that the former is based on C # which eliminates the need to learn new programming languages for developers of apps and smart contracts.

Stratis facilitates the process of smart contracts creation. If you carefully examine ETH smart contracts, you will notice that all data moves along the main network backbone and massive traffic can cause its overload. Stratis reduces the load by using side blocks so that the main network gets rid of excessive traffic.

Why Gambling for Stratis?

If Dash is considered a young cryptocurrency, then it is not quite clear how to call Stratis. This coin was established in 2016, but already in the early summer of 2017, its market capitalization overcame one billion dollar mark.

The new cryptocurrency was distributed through ICO – the initial offer of tokens. Yes, this is the very model of collecting money for projects, which almost all financial media of the world was buzzing about during the last year.

Billions of dollars and partnership with Microsoft Azure do not appear out of thin air. So, what is special about this cryptocurrency that managed to attract the attention of the computer technology giant?

The most likely explanation is that it’s a matter of combining Bitcoin consensus with the latest developments in the blockchain technology, along with an experienced development team. By the way, their consultant is Mahesh Chand, who has obtained the title of “Most Valuable Professional” of Microsoft as many as twelve times.

Some Important Features of Stratis Platform

  • Breeze Wallet. This innovative wallet is designed to significantly increase the anonymity of conducted transactions. It also provides an easy way of handling cryptocurrency and, as planned, will allow the exchange between BTC and Stratis “in one click.”
  • Proof-of-Stake. Users can receive a reward for keeping STRAT in official wallets. In addition to this motivational element, it helps to hold the level of inflation down.
  • Extendibility. On the Stratis network, this problem was solved with the help of sidechains (also called “private chains.”) Thanks to this platform, it is unlikely that any increase in the miner’s commission will be as painful as it is now with Bitcoin.

Since the Stratis platform has just started to gain momentum, there are currently only a few virtual gambling venues that are accepting this cryptocurrency. However, it is far too soon to draw hasty conclusions from this alone: the development of the Stratis platform hints that over time, more and more people in the cryptocurrency community will consider this crypto asset. And this means that announcements about new online casinos supporting STRAT are just around the corner!

How to Start Playing for Stratis?

First of all, you need a place to store your STRAT coins. One of the two options are available:

  • Stratis Wallet (Stratis Electrum, My Staking Wallet, Ledger, and others)
  • An account on the exchange where this cryptocurrency is quoted (Bittrex, Poloniex, Changelly, and more.)

You will need to replenish the account using other cryptocurrencies or fiat money. After that, you can send your coins to the corresponding address of the Stratis casino which you decided to play at.

Stratis Faucets

If you have decided to get some coins for free, it is best for you to go to STRAT faucets that can help you achieve your goal by playing games, completing surveys, referring friends, or even for watching videos. You can find plenty of faucets when surfing the Internet; as for us, we’ve bumped into the following ones:


Of course, you may find more options and gradually collect some of these altcoins.

Stratis Development Prospects

The authors of the project have set the right technological goals, offering companies all the improvements the business community could possibly need. The Stratis team intends to attract a large number of corporations and financial institutions to their platform, in order to turn the project into a leader in the development sector of blockchain technology. If the creators of Stratis succeed in this, then their project will receive significant potential, which will also affect the cost of the STRAT coins.

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