Typical Crypto Investors

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Crypto Investors

Humanity has seen a lot of trends that are changing in the blink of an eye. The weather, political situation, hunger, economic situation, and many other topics all have become important points of discussion. And recently, cryptocurrency has become one such topic. To be precise, people are talking about the ways of investing in cryptocurrencies. They are discussing some tips and tricks that are capable of turning them into successful investors. And what are types of crypto investors we’re talking about here? Well, in this article, you’re going to read about the six main types of crypto investors and learn how to invest money in the way most convenient for you.

The Hobbyist

We’ll begin our list with the hobbyist. Who is the number one on our list? Who are the hobbyists? These guys are ordinary young folks who are newbies to crypto investing. But there might be some exceptions. In fact, the hobbyists may all be different ages. However, we can distinguish them in terms of their attitude to investing! They’re doing this just for fun. These young guys try to dive deeper into this question and to understand all the features of crypto investments. Those folks do their best to learn as much as possible. It should be clear that some prominent crypto investors actually did start as hobbyists. This is how it is possible for this innocent hobby to transform into a successful startup or money-making business. People interested in crypto need to start investing and garner valuable knowledge about the crypto market. When such hobbyists gain enough knowledge, they can get rich, and then they can all share their wisdom with the next generation!

The Skeptic

The second type of crypto investors is the skeptic. Skeptics don’t share the hobbyist’s excitement about crypto investing. They are more critical and negative about how to spend their money. Skeptics think they can achieve success thanks to critical reasoning, which is an integral part of a true trader’s job. Nowadays, people risk encountering an array of scam coins and projects; and crypto users can easily come across these accidentally. So, what can they do to avoid losing out? Yes, that’s right! Skepticism and critical thinking about the information they encounter in their crypto space. Skeptics are involved in many promising crypto projects, but they tend to treat these projects with caution. They dive deeply into the most interesting projects, and make their own research; and if there are any doubts, skeptics will not work with this project. Instead, they will search for the kind of crypto coin whose future can be predicted with 100% certainty. This is the kind of project skeptics will invest in. That’s their personal rule.

The Short-Term Investor

Now we can discuss another investor type: the short-term investor. What kind of investments do these people usually make? The strategy of short investors is as follows. They are trying to make money within the shortest period of time. But what does this actually mean? Well, this is a tricky strategy with only two rules. The traders quickly sell their crypto assets. In a while, they’ll buy it again, because they believe the price will go down; and if this happens, the traders can buy crypto at a more reasonable price. An average reader may wonder if such behavior is sensible. But it’s quite simple: the key difference is between the sale price and the purchase price. This difference is what produces profits or losses, and these can actually be useful in one particular situation. For instance, a crypto trader is sure the price of any cryptocurrency is going to go down. And after that, the price will rise. In such a case, being a short-term investor is extremely profitable. On the other hand, such investors can also lose money even faster than they earn it. Remember this fact, when turning investments into cryptocurrency.

The Long-Term Investor

This type of investing is the opposite of short-term investing.  So you can guess what we are going to say: long-term investing is another type of thinking. These investors usually hold their crypto assets for a long time. They can hold them for 5-10 years, or even longer. Such a behavior may surprise an average user. But the answer is as easy as pie. Long-term crypto investors believe the price will significantly rise. They know and understand the true state of things in terms of cryptocurrency volatility. Long-term investors realize they’ll need some time to get massive returns. This is the only reason why they’ve decided to wait for 5-10 years. Cryptocurrency has some obvious peculiarities, and such investors have a keen understanding of this fact. Time is very important. Let’s recall the situation with Bitcoin prices. In 2010, two pizzas were sold for 10,000 Bitcoins. And how many pizzas can you buy for one Bitcoin now?

The Gambler

Last but not least type of crypto investors. What is the peculiar quality of gambler investors? These investors take big risks with their money and are not afraid of them. They can invest huge funds in several projects and discuss it with their friends. As a rule, they do manage to achieve what they want; but sometimes, everything turns very nasty. Some people say investing is always a gamble. What do you think? We think this saying is 50% true. You can make good money if you’re an expert in something. On the other hand, investing is similar to gambling. Anyway, you need to make your own decision! As a rule, people don’t risk big sums of money. They invest the funds that they can afford to lose. This rule doesn’t work for crypto gamblers. Sometimes, they lose more money than they have. In this case, they need people close to them to help them. What kind of crypto investor are you?

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