Strip Poker: The Art of Stripping Like a Pro

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If you’ve never heard about the game of strip poker, then there’s only one logical explanation for this: you’ve been living under a rock for your entire life! Well, even if you’ve never played strip poker, it doesn’t mean that you’ve never seen a strip poker scene in a movie or TV series. Remember that hilarious poker game in Friends, where they all gather to play it at the beach house? Well, if you want to have a good laugh, you should definitely rewatch it, but only after you finish reading this article because it’s just as fascinating!

It’s quite obvious that the rules of strip poker are practically identical with those of regular poker, except for one alteration: you have to lose some items of your clothing if you have a weak hand. In the best-case scenario, you’ll be lucky enough to lose your tie or a shoe while everybody else will be sitting in front of you butt-naked. Sounds pretty cool, but only if you’re truly open-minded and have no inveterate body stereotypes that will kill the mood for everybody. Or in simple terms: less body shaming, more spicy gambling!

How to Strip Right?

While the main rules of the game remain the same, there are some essential points we also need to stress here. If you want to have a successful strip poker session, you should stick to the most recognizable version of the game: it can either be Texas Hold’em, 5 card poker, or 3 card-poker. Anyway, try not to choose something too complicated, and just let everybody have similar chances of winning.

Another crucial point is to let everybody understand that this game is going to have an interesting twist at the end. Don’t just invite people for poker and beer, and then expect them to comply with the rules of the strip version of the game. People have to either feel comfortable around each other, or at least be interested in and curious about the developments to follow. Plus, they also need to be well-prepared for the session and all wearing the same number of clothes. Because let’s face it, it would be a little bit unfair if some people dressed like a cabbage showed up covered in 10 thick layers of clothing, while the others were wearing only a couple of items!

Also, you should all have a clear understanding of which clothing items count and which don’t, i.e., jewelry and underwear. Additionally, you should decide how far you all agree to go: all the way down to the bottom (losing all your clothes), or you want to keep closer to the surface (leaving your underwear on).


Let’s put all these rules in the form of a simple guide, comprising a few crucial steps:

  1. Make sure everybody knows that you are having a STRIP poker session and that everybody’s ready to see each other naked or at last without some important clothing items.
  2. Choose the version of the game everybody is familiar with.
  3. Make sure everybody is acquainted with the rules, and decide whether the weakest hand loses clothing items, or all losing hands do.
  4. Agree on the number of items you all are going to be wearing at the same time, including jewelry and accessories.
  5. To make everybody feel a little bit more comfortable with each other, offer the players some cocktails or another kind of drink.

Well, about this last one – we don’t encourage drinking in any form; however, alcohol may be useful in a situation when you’re about to see something you’ve never seen before: i.e., your colleague Karen without her favorite granite grey blazer on! We bet that’s something you’ve never expected to witness! Alcohol, in its turn, can help break the ice a little for all of you.

Just try not to get too hammered, though; because it all can easily turn into something embarrassing, given it’s kind of a spicy situation.

Apart from that, the game’s rules remain the same. You can utilize all the strategies you want: bluff, distract, deceive – because all that is just as acceptable here as at any poker table anywhere in the world. The main goal is to keep most of your clothes on. However, we’re not going to insist on that in case you want to boast about your new tattoo or that puffy triceps you’ve built during your intensive gym training.

There are only two possible outcomes in this game: either one poker player ends up sitting at the table wearing their birthday suit, or you play till there’s one player left with a piece of clothing on. The choice is yours, but we recommend trying the second one. This way the game lasts longer, and it’s a lot more fun!

Attention! Some actions are strictly forbidden in the game of strip poker:

  • Don’t sabotage the game!
  • Don’t cheat or alter the gameplay in order to see a particular person get undressed!
  • Don’t stare for too long!
  • Don’t make anyone feel uncomfortable around you!
  • Don’t make comments!

Example of a Strip Poker Session

Let’s see how an average gaming session may look like for players who decide to play this highly piquant yet intriguing game of strip poker.

  1. You count all your pieces of clothing and make sure everybody wears the same number of items.
  2. You choose which closing item to nominate as ante.
  3. The dealer hands out five cards to each player. Players are only allowed to look at two of them; three cards stay on the table face-down.
  4. The flop is dealt.
  5. Players can now exchange any of the two face-up cards they want for unknown cards.
  6. The Turn is dealt.
  7. Players have the option of exchanging one of their cards for a face-down card.
  8. The River is dealt.
  9. The showdown takes place. The worst hand takes off the ante item.
  10. If the player ends up losing all of their clothes, they must patiently wait for the next game.

strip poker

Strip Poker Online: Sexist or Sexy?

If your attempts of luring your friends to a strip poker game are not quite successful, then you can always try to play it online instead! There are various casino sites that are going to offer you the chance to outplay the pretty lady on the screen and make her lose some of her clothing items. Usually, this casino software features photos of the models that change depending on your playing success. If you win, they undress.


These games can at times be highly erotic. Some casinos will offer you to strip the model to the point when they end up wearing nothing except for their underwear, while others may take this game to the very end, which will simply leave your opponent totally nude. Additionally, you can get a closer look at the model’s private parts if your poker game is sufficiently on point.

This all raises the question of whether strip poker is sexist because most of the time, you can see the ads featuring beautiful women, but almost never men. The reason this happens is because the target audience is mainly men; but there’s still some good news for the female audience: strip poker is available with male opponents! So if you wish to spice up your gambling routine a little, then online strip poker is the perfect choice for you.

However, we want to stress the fact that the live game is much better than online strip poker where all you can see are the photos of models, and there is no real interaction. Unlike the live version of the game, where all the players are playing it for fun and to fight off the social stigma connected to nudity, online strip poker mainly objectifies the models’ bodies. The only upside to the game of online poker is the opportunity to play it for real money.

Game’s Over

When all the cards are on the table, it’s time to wrap it up without being weird about it.

After all, strip poker is a great party game and a perfect way to diversify your party activities. Just don’t make it weirder than it should be and don’t kill the buzz by making anyone around you feel uncomfortable. This game is a pretty delicate one, and the players should be mature enough to be able to play it right. So now that you know some basic rules of strip poker, there shouldn’t be any unpleasant surprises for you and your friends!

Info Related to the Topic:

  • When was strip poker invented?

It’s believed that strip poker was invented in 1912 in New Orleans, the United States.

  • How many players are there in strip poker?

The best number of players to play with is 2-6; otherwise, the game ends up being too long, and even boring. Having too many people involved can just ruin the atmosphere.

  • What is strip chess?

Strip chess has the same aim as strip poker – losing your clothes every time you lose the game. All you have to do here is to comply with the rules of the game of chess instead of poker.

  • What is truth or dare poker?

Truth or Dare poker is the type of poker where every time you have a weak hand, you’re supposed to either answer the question posed by the person with the better hand, or else fulfill some kind of a challenge.

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