Is It Always About Skill? Professional Gamblers and Bonus Hunters

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At any gambling venue, the punters can all be roughly divided into two main categories: occasional gamblers and professional players! The former cross the threshold of a casino to simply enjoy the process and maybe to get some winnings, even if they have to experience losses too; while the latter take wagering activities quite seriously!  They make a living out of that by coming to the casino like to a proper workplace, and they are always sure to apply certain betting strategies that they believe will help them win. Many famous poker pros spend nearly all their time practicing and learning new tricks and strategies, so there is no need to ask questions like “How did Dan Bilzerian make money?” or “Why is Fedor Holz’s net worth that high?” These guys do everything they can to gain the necessary skills; however, this approach is not quite useful when being applied to the games the outcome of which is based solely on luck.

Apart from gambling games which obviously require skills (like poker, where professional players earn money on it and become world-renowned stars), there are also some types of entertainment where we can’t win relying solely on our own knowledge and effort. In such cases, the bonuses offered by casinos may come in handy!

Bonus Hunting Strategies

Bonus Hunting StarsOnline casino bonus hunting is all about getting extra help from gambling platforms, so you can finally take advantage of this knowledge as you play. This concept was initially implemented in land-based facilities, where it was standard practice to treat the players with free beverages, as well as to provide the most active gamblers with unlimited access to hotel rooms. But everything has changed since then, in the age of the Internet!

Every bonus has some hidden limitations — they are explained in the terms and conditions, but not everybody manages to read these! These limitations, which are called wagering requirements, mean that a customer has to bet several times more in order to withdraw their winnings.

The thing is that it was much easier in the past: the requirements were lower, and bonuses could be applied to any game. For example, with a $100 deposit match bonus having a WR of 25x, a player could more or less easily make profits in the long run. Of course, there were no guarantees, and the results depended largely on the game choice and betting approach, but the simple truth is that bonus hunting was an effective method back at the time. But now, as more and more products are accessible online, and the competition between gambling platforms is so intense, it’s way more complicated than it used to be!

Tips for Bonus Hunting

Nowadays, a player needs a big bankroll and a lot of time to devote to the gaming process, with all these big bonuses on offer. Gamblers are recommended to select a highly volatile game and to play aggressively until they either hit a big win or lose everything! In the latter case, it would be reasonable to leave the casino and expect to get your money from some other bonuses elsewhere.

Many casinos try to prevent players from winning on bonus offers! The irregular play item is applied on platforms, which allows the casino to void the bonus if any irregular play was noticed. That’s why bonus hunters don’t change their gambling behavior radically. They need to stick to their own individual style of play, whether they have any promotions or not! Another tip for a bonus hunter would be to avoid small casinos. You need to be sure that a gambling establishment has a high income, so they can actually afford to give you out some nice bonuses. Always do your research, and be sure to read some platform reviews!

Who Are Professional Gamblers?

Professional Gambler Casino RoyaleSome people who take gambling seriously, think that bonus hunting is not worth the effort. They are more likely to put their knowledge and skills to make a profit out of playing. But while bonus hunters that regularly accept offers from casinos can indeed make decent money, there is another type of professional player as well. They are called advantage gamblers, which means that users find forms of entertainment that are not entirely based on luck! Sports betting and table games are the most common attractions for advantage gamblers. Many players do it like day-to-day work and can support their families just by betting.

Skill-based games are becoming more and more common in casinos. The era of slots (which are the most popular kind of entertainment that brings about 80% of overall revenue) is expected to be transformed into the age of skill-based games. Slot machines are supposed to give way to games that require more decision-making experience and strategies!

Skill, Luck, and Bonuses

The eternal debate is whether gambling wins are more about skills or luck. But it usually turns out that everything depends on the game in question! Some of them can really be beaten with a math-driven approach, along with the dogged persistence we’re all striving so hard to cultivate! Card counting in blackjack or the error-free strategy of video poker with the RTP over 100% are just a few examples.

The kinds of bonuses offered by casinos take the question of skill and luck to a new level: the discussion is really all about whether or not, with generous promotions, players can get more wins; and whether or not they can successfully win the bonuses with the help of some judicious strategies!

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