Top 10 Fears of Online Casino Players

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Online Casino Players Fears

There are a lot of things we need to be aware of before playing in online casinos; especially if we’re talking about slot machines. If you’re going to put effort and money into some of these games, you’ll probably want them to be fair and safe. Let’s explore the biggest fears gamblers experience when they are playing the slots!

How Do I Know Which Online Slots Are Legal?

Legal issues should always be of vital importance to any casino player. As the industry of online gambling is undergoing exponential growth right now, many fake projects have appeared, which are eager to steal your money. So how can you distinguish which slots you can trust? Firstly, you should gamble on a tried and tested website: check licenses at the bottom of the page, and read some reviews on relevant forums. Secondly, make sure that the game you’ve chosen comes from a reputable software provider. If it’s a product of trustworthy companies and it is represented on their official websites, then you’re safe.

How Do You Know What Online Slots Are the Best?

As there is already an impressive variety of casino entertainments, it may be hard to choose the best slots to try out. So, if you’re a complete newbie, try and stick to the most popular games like Buffalo Ways or Book Of Magic: Always Adventure. To get more details, you can check the RTP percentages of the games: the higher the number, the better your chances of winning. 

Cash Bandits online slot

Where Can You Play Online Slots for Free?

You don’t necessarily have to put money into the slots. You can simply get acquainted with the way they work in free mode first. If the casino you’re using doesn’t give you such an opportunity, this is a clear sign you should find another place to gamble.

Which Online Slots Pay Real Money?

Every slot machine made by a trusted provider has a real-money mode where you can win something. To stay protected, make sure you read the terms and conditions carefully, and explore which payment methods are accepted for making deposits and withdrawals; and you should also learn about cashout limitations, of course!

How to Avoid Being Fooled by Bonus Offers?

Casinos tend to create specific attractions to keep players involved in a game. There are many bonus options you can get while playing online slots. The free spins feature is available in pretty much any slot machine: i.e., whenever you collect a particular combination, you get an additional round for free! And you can also get free spins with some free credits to use in some games as a welcome package after you register on the website. Besides all this, some casinos may reward you for a certain amount of wagers made or for being a regular customer. The thing about bonuses is that no matter how beneficial they look, you have to make some steps to cash out your winnings. Remember to read the wagering requirements to know how many times you have to bet over a bonus amount, in order to be able to withdraw. Note that the rule in question may apply to a bonus only, or to wins made by using a reward, or to a bonus amount with an initial deposit.

How Do You Collect the Money Won on Online Slots?

Cashing out your winnings safely is probably the biggest concern of any gambler. When you make a deposit on a website, it goes to your balance, which then fills up with your winnings. Any prizes from your successful spins in the slots are automatically transferred to your account. So, in order to make a withdrawal, you have to provide proper identification to the casino, then choose one of the payment methods available to you, and then input currency and the appropriate amount. The number shouldn’t exceed a daily, weekly, or monthly limit, as defined by the casino’s terms and conditions. How long the withdrawal procedure will take actually depends on the method you’ve chosen.

Claim Taxes on Online SlotsWhen Do You Have to Claim Taxes on Online Slots?

All winnings from licensed casinos are subject to taxes. You don’t have to report sums of less than $1,200, nor any jackpots of less than $5,000. But if you’re eager to hit a big jackpot, then be sure to provide some proper identification, and make sure you’re ready to pay any relevant taxes for your gambling earnings.

How to Identify a Rigged Slot?

Slot machines are programmed to have a slight mathematical edge over gamblers, but it doesn’t mean they won’t provide any winnings. Actually, these games are based on RNG: and it’s this particular mechanism that determines the outcome of the game. This software should be regularly checked by the relevant internationally recognized testing authorities, as this will guarantee fair payouts to customers.

Who to Report Online Slots Scam To?

The Internet is filled with gambling scams, but if you use only tried and tested platforms with verified licenses, you shouldn’t worry too much. If, however, you have a feeling that the outcome of a game wasn’t fair, then you can write about it to the casino itself. Go to the contact page and ask operators to explain the situation. If you don’t receive any answer in a week or two, then you can submit a complaint against the casino to the gambling control boards.

How to Avoid Addiction?

Problem gambling is a serious threat nowadays. Given all the exciting games and generous offers from casinos nowadays, people sometimes find it hard to stop playing. We strongly recommend using websites which have responsible gaming policies. Set a time or a budget limit and quit playing when you reach it. You can even ask customer support of a casino for reminding you about those limits, and even about disabling your account under certain predefined conditions.

To Sum Up

There are probably many more fears gamblers occasionally face. But don’t think of them as meaning you shouldn’t play online slots; because while the slots might seem tricky at times, they certainly don’t cheat! So, as long as you’re using reputable websites with products from well-known brands, you can be pretty sure they are fair and safe.

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