7 Cool Instagram-able Las Vegas Bars

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The gleaming lights of Las Vegas Strip are gonna set your soul on fire! So when you finally make it to Sin City, don’t forget to pay a visit to some of the most extravagant bars, so you can add a very exciting new splash of color to your Instagram account!

Mix the best shows of 2019 in Las Vegas with bizarre cocktails and fantastical interior of the modern bars and lounge zones, and you’re sure to end up with a truly unforgettable experience. Once you finally get a chance to encounter the charming and relaxed atmosphere of Las Vegas bars, chances are you’re gonna be itching to snap more and more photos! So here’s our list of the top 7 venues to grab a drink and make everyone jealous of the amazing time you’ve had, as amply demonstrated by your amazing Instagram pics!

The Chandelier

No, this is not the title of Sia’s song! This is the name of the well-framed ground of every well-heeled Cosmopolitan hotel guest; an amazing time of relaxation and leisure is guaranteed! This place is a true marvel for every visitor; not least because it has actually been designed in the form of a gigantic three-floor chandelier.

Non-Gambling activities The Chandelier

The immense first floor is dedicated to gambling. So there are main bars and sidebars with video poker machines all over the hall. All you have to do is put your $20 in one of the machines and get a free drink voucher! Don’t bother yourself about the dress code: the bar is situated on the casino level, and many visitors walk around without a hint of it! So just let it slide and enjoy your handcrafted drinks, either before or after nabbing your table games winnings!

You can enter the second level of the Chandelier by the glorious staircase from 6 P.M. to 4 A.M.; opening up to such a spectacular scene, that everyone will be amazed by its beauty! Polite and attentive bartenders will take you on the adventure of a lifetime, full of tasteful drinks and stunning stories. At this level, you just cannot skip trying the Fire Breathing Dragon. This cocktail is a hell of a drink. Mixed raspberry puree and Bacardi DragonBerry with the addition of Red Bull make it really delicious! The cherry on the cake is a couple of raspberries dipped in liquid nitrogen and handled before the start of the drink, making you burst with smoke like a real dragon!

On the upper level, there is a luxury lounge zone, where you can enjoy a grand and sweeping view of the colossal metropolis you are now staying in – Sin City itself! This is the quietest floor, with some smooth music, where people watch the nightlife of Las Vegas through the light beams in their glasses.

No stay at the Chandelier, however, is complete without trying the legendary Verbena cocktail. Its citrus notes, accompanied by an edible Szechuan flower, are going to drive your receptors crazy, making your mouth cringe! Take some shots of this nicely decorated Verbena, so you can brag about it on Instagram!

Minus5 Ice Bar

Non Gambling Activities Minus5 Ice Bar

Have you ever heard of the Snow Queen? Well, something tells us she might have opened a bar in Mandalay Bay! This ice-covered oasis in the hot desert city serves as a perfect place to escape from the mundane cuisine, gaming, and shows in Las Vegas. Feeling the cold biting your cheeks; as you wander around, the ice-made furniture and walls are all going to make you believe you’re already part of a fairy tale! Take a shot of your drinks; these are served in ice goblets, to make it look like you’re in the Game of Thrones series! The Iceman cocktail is the most served drink in here. Leaving a tangy coconut and pineapple aftertaste in your mouth, this drink cannot fail to fill you with a keen nostalgia for the forgotten summer outside.


Gay bars in Las Vegas have much to offer. “Temptation” at  Luxor brings one of the biggest gay pool parties to the Strip. Don’t miss your chance to play pool darts and enjoy the luring go-go boys performances. Unfortunately, this event is held only on Sundays, so there is a whole week ahead to roll some dice or try your luck with the slot machines. The grand scale celebrations of the Egyptian pharaohs of old probably didn’t even come close to this epic show at the foot of the Luxor pyramid! The DJs and the celebrity line up is so good that you will never get bored. Take a selfie with some of them and show your Instagram how really wild the pool party can get.

Gambling Luxor Hotel Las Vegas

Beauty Bar

Get in the time machine and go back to this 50s hair salon styled bar! This tiny, intimate place has a welcoming interior; with all its posh golden framed glasses and vintage pieces of vinyl. Some great live music also makes for a great atmosphere in the beauty salon. Even though the bar is rather small, it has its own star drink called “The dumpster fire.” A bit of fresh lime juice and raspberry vodka stirred up with Wilks & Wilson Raspberry Gomme with fresh raspberries on the top will make you hit the dance floor like a real disco diva! Your Instagram account may be enriched by some vintage photos under the hair dryers or selfies with the frontmen of some local bands. But if this is too boring for you, there is always casinos nearby to hit the poker table or roll the dice.

Golden Tiki

This bar takes your imagination to a whole new level! Every guest is expected to follow the steps of Captain William Tobias Faulkner, whose adventures take place in four different Tiki themed lounges.Gambling Golden Tiki

The Cirque du Soleil show can’t be compared to the excitement from the “Lava cave,” where the Tiki idol was allegedly forged by Cyclops. The “Headhunter Village” and “Mermaid Cove” have a lot to offer for Instagram geeks. Just think how cool it would be to snap a photo near the giant clamshell, or to take a petrifying shot with the Faulkner`s skeleton in the “Pirates Lair” room. The lavish taste of the Hawaiian Dole Whip can only be found in this place. Mixed with rum, this drink has a fresh pineapple aftertaste, which is exactly what you need when the heat comes down on the streets of Chinatown!

Film your adventures for your Instagram stories, showing your followers the creative decor of the place. Share your exciting quests with them; searching for Easter eggs all over the bar! Amusing and freaky details of the Golden Tiki will always call you back. What is more, this Chinatown location offers some decent baccarat to play.

Parasol Up and Parasol Down

Wes Anderson would definitely shoot a movie here! This colorful treasure belongs to Wynn Casino; and it is full of a staggering number of umbrellas which come in different shapes, sizes and hues. The Parasol Up can be found on the main floor next to the outstanding bar. Ask for the “Sinatra Smash!” This based on Jack Daniel’s single malt, with some fruity notes to refresh you after the heat.

Take a spiral escalator to the Parasol Down. This secluded place has so much on offer: from the magic waterfall pouring into the beautiful pond to the tremendous show experience in the evenings. Your Instagram is going to really glisten with the variety of shadows hidden in this venue. Acquire some show tickets and spend a night looking through the kaleidoscope of bright emotions.

The Laundry Room

Fremont Street has a secret entrance to the famous speakeasy joint called the Laundry Room. The entrance isn’t open to everyone, though. Preliminary reservations should be done by phone. Even if it is the biggest reminder of the Prohibition times you can find here, it is still capable of handling up to 28 clients, with paper clippings abundantly strewn all over the bar!

However, this place is quite conservative: customers should respect the classy dress code, and no photos are allowed. This being said, there is nothing to stop the real Instagrammer from taking a good shot! Catch a moment and snap the picture of this secret space with its weird doors on the ceiling. We bet you’ve nothing seen like that before! Another option is to make some pencil sketches of yourself! But this is too time consuming; and let’s be honest, you’re not going to be going there for the drawing opportunities!

Due to the small space, there are only two or three bartenders working in the Laundry Room, but they all pay special attention to every bar visitor. The exquisite venue menu some old-time classics from the wild 1930s. And if you want, you can also go off-the-book and ask them to prepare something unique, just for you!

Now you have a list of the most popular bars to visit while you are in Las Vegas. You may also decide to drop in for some drinks in the breaks between Blackjack and Poker variations. When your gambling is accompanied by a good drink, you’ll be sure to feel much better at the table. Sin City has a great deal to offer for your Instagram, so buckle up and fly over to Las Vegas, to give your Instagram likes an epic boost!

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