What Nevada Cities Can Compete with Las Vegas

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Most people believe Las Vegas is the world’s best gambling destination. This area has grown from being an abandoned desert to being one of the largest and most spectacular urban spots in the contemporary commercial industry. And despite the famous saying, it’s actually pretty difficult to conceal things that are happening in Vegas from the outside world; so, the legendary city is always going to come to mind when for the topics of sin, endless fun, and sin again.

But, as you may know, the unbridled spirit of gambling is not confined to just one tremendous and glorious hub, Las Vegas; because many other residential areas of Nevada also boast magnificent and prosperous gaming enterprises. Many of these are inconspicuous and little known, and so are the gambling businesses they feature. However, the industries in such towns have multiple benefits, and they are marked by a more quiet and cozy environment than that of Las Vegas. Therefore, some comfort-loving gamblers deliberately avoid the sparkling hustle and bustle of Vegas, choosing other Nevada cities instead.

Now, let’s have a look at our list of cities that give even the City of Vice a run for its money!


A north-eastern Nevada town, Elko is renowned for its gold-mining business and abundant gaming enterprises. The city features up to ten casinos where gamblers can “mine” their golden winnings as well: the Stockmen’s, Commercial Casino, the Red Lion, The Gold Country Inn and Casino, The Gold Dust West, and Dotty’s 35, etc. In these humble yet prominent gambling facilities, playing introverts can immerse themselves in the atmosphere of upmarket gaming services.

The Stockmen’s Casino

Home to more than 150 amazing slot machines, this gambling landmark is the most popular in Elko. The facility offers several blackjack tables, three-card poker, and Ultimate Texas Hold’Em. The casino’s main highlight is its Player’s Choice Cards — special offerings that provide the players with various rewards, promotional events, VIP parties, etc. At the Stockmen’s casino, you can also use the excellent catering services — whether it’s a business meeting or a family dinner, our professionals will provide you with the highest quality and an unforgettable experience.

Commercial Casino

Gambling The Commercial Casino in ElkoHave you ever seen a casino that has a huge polar bear hanging at its entrance? If yes, that must have been Commercial Casino on Elko’s main stroll, Idaho Street. Allegedly the biggest polar bear in the world, White King (this is how the bear was named), makes the casino one of the most recognizable gambling establishments countrywide.

Now, speaking of the casino itself, it traces its history to the epic 60s of the 18th century. To be more precise, Commercial Casino was founded in 1869, the year when the United States was just getting over its toughest and craziest time so far, the Civil War. And, as we can see now, the post-war period in Nevada was largely devoid of any debilitating imprints that this bitter episode might have left on the state’s commercial industry. The casino rose to its fame and popularity right after opening and, despite featuring no table games, Commercial casino has placed its main gambling stress on slot machines, which deliver nearly 90 percent of their overall income.


This long-standing Clark County town includes four casinos that make up its tiny but thriving gambling industry. Located just an hour’s drive from Las Vegas, this small municipal area offers the playing enthusiasts its favorably plain and peaceful environment as opposed to the incessant hustle and bustle of the Sin City. Down below, we provided the best must-visit casinos of this Arizona-bordering town.

Eureka Casino Resort

Here, you are offered the broadest range of traditional casino entertainments — alluring slot machines, a sports book, table games, and of course, legendary video poker. The casino puts special emphasis on its betting sector, featuring the renowned London-based bookmaker, William Hill. Eureka’s exclusive poker room is available round the clock; and patrons are also offered to join Players’ Club, which allows them to collect bonuses and other rewards with each bet made.

Casablanca Hotel & Resort

History Casa BlancaIt’s been supposed that this gambling entity was named after the iconic noir movie or the namesake river itself. And, turns out that it’s not really a big deal — the visitors, as well as the locals, are enticed by the tempting grandeur and gaming abundance of the casino, rather than its unique name. The Casablanca resort comprises a luxury 450-room hotel, a huge swimming pool, and, lastly, a top-notch casino club that features 800 slots!

Apart from the slot heaven, the casino also offers the partons to dive into the broad variety of its table games — here you have craps, blackjack, poker, Pai gow poker, etc. The only disadvantage of Casablanca is that it lacks poker rooms. But you can still enjoy this game to the fullest at the shared room, which is designed for casino table games.


Casino RenoDubbed “The biggest little city in the world,” Reno was the gambling capital of the United States until Las Vegas managed to outperform it in the mid-1950s. Nowadays, the city makes a boast of 20 casinos that bring over $520 million of the annual revenue. Interestingly, the six most remarkable and largest casinos out of the given 20 gambling establishments generate $462 million of the revenue. According to some regular Reno gamblers, the city has the essence of old Vegas, embracing the vibe of the laid-back vintage ambience of Sin City.

Peppermill Reno

Named the most outstanding gambling property of Reno by Casino Player and Nevada magazines, the Peppermill Resort constitutes a lavish entertainment complex, including a high-end hotel and casino itself. The casino has over 100, 000 square feet of gaming space, which makes it the biggest gambling entity of Reno as well as even better than some Las Vegas Strip casinos in terms of size. Special attention should be drawn to the casino’s luxurious poker room — it features 19 tables, where you can hit it big before enjoying your victorious dinner at one of Peppermill’s ten restaurants. High rollers can also opt for High Limit slot area and try their luck on high-denomination slot machines.

Atlantis Casino Resort

This 76,000 square feet hub of never-ending gambling action offers its visitors over 1,500 slots and a complete range of casino table games. Its High Limit area features three private tables for most formidable and riskiest high-stakes players. The Atlantis Hotel comprises over 800 ultra-comfy rooms and is formed of three different towers — Concierge Tower, Luxury Tower, and Atlantis Tower, all of which are designed to ensure the highest level of comfort and ultimate pleasure for the guests!

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