Top 5 Most Peculiar Casino Games

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Brick-and-mortar casinos put out all the stops to lure and entertain their loyal players. And sometimes, they invent games that are out of the ordinary — ones that can only be dubbed peculiar. Therefore, if you have had more than your fair share of the same slot machine or video poker game, then why not try to guess where a gerbil might stop or play tic-tac-toe against a chicken? Yes, you’ve read that right. Some of these weird casino games let you go toe-to-toe with an animal — a fascinating idea to some, and a source of anger to others.

So buckle up for a rundown on a number of outlandish and bizarre casino games!

Rodent Roulette

Land Casino Rodent RouletteThe Rodent Roulette has been sparking controversy for the last couple of decades. In fact, a vast number of animal rights activists have been vocal opponents of this casino game. They are not at all reluctant to speak their mind and express just how enraged the thought of this pastime makes them feel. As a result, they have staged some public protests, so as to spread the word about the dangers of Rodent Roulette. They want to encourage people to suppress any thoughts they have about playing it. So what is making their blood boil so much? Well, the treatment of rodents, of course!

On the other hand, this table game might be appealing for those who find that the traditional roulette is not cutting it for them anymore. And it even has a number of different variants so as to cater to everyone’s needs. But here, the “variant” does not mean that you get to choose between the European or American Roulette. Oh, no… Rather, it signifies that some casinos use different animals, but the most famous type is the Gerbil Roulette.

If you decide to try it out, then you should know how it works! A croupier does not throw a ball here — instead, a rodent is put in a box at the center of a roulette wheel. As you might have already seen, this wheel features some pockets, which do resemble those of the standard versions. And once a person spins it, the fuzzy animal will find its way across it and inevitably opt to hide in one of the spots. A player wins the money if they guess where a rodent will stop. If you feel like it, you can bet on colors (i.e., red or black) or on numbers. So if you go with the number 3 and a gerbil selects this pocket as its safe haven, you will get a prize!

Belgium Birdsong

If you are hankering after a once-in-a-lifetime experience, then pack your bags and make a beeline for the next available flight to Belgium. But make no mistake; we are not suggesting this because of its Renaissance architecture or medieval towns. No, we have something entirely different on our minds!. We’re about to introduce to you the Belgian Birdsong — a popular game all over this friendly country. And let’s see why the Belgians are losing their minds over it!

This casino game entails having the bettors make a bet on which bird is going to sing the loudest. At times, they can even wager on which one is going to last the longest. The birds are separated into different cages, and they take turns to “showcase” their singing capabilities to the overzealous gamblers. The players, on their part, have an opportunity to take one hard look at these animals. Following this, they can decide which one of them is worthy of their money. So all that is left after placing your bet is to wait patiently and see whether you have a hunch for this type of game.

Furthermore, this might be a fascinating thing to explore. Although, we cannot help but wonder how weird it might be to witness it firsthand. In the end, as they say, it is not over until the fat bird sings. Okay, we admit, that is not the saying, but we could not resist changing it in this case. Lastly, we should emphasize that the Belgium Birdsong, like the Rodent Roulette, has fierce opposers who have the animals’ well-being in mind as well.

Tic-Tac-Toe Chicken

Moving on to a game that has also been ruffling the activists’ feathers (no pun intended). If you have no desire to visit Belgium, then perhaps we might interest you in a game of tic-tac-toe in Atlantic City. Here, bettors go against the most unusual of opponents — a chicken. That’s right; casino operators have come up with a new way in which they might attract larger crowds. So why not try your chances in a game of noughts and crosses.

In particular, the Tropicana Hotel and Casino is famous for featuring this game in which Ginger, a chicken, makes everyone else pale in comparison. Put differently, do not expect this to be a simple task. Ginger is notable for being the real expert in this game — no matter how strange that might sound. In fact, as she is that good, some American casinos are vying for the moment in which they can include it on their own gambling floors too. So Ginger is touring the country and literally annihilating anyone who crosses her path!

As you can see, this is not your run-of-the-mill tic-tac-toe game you’ve played when you were little. Particularly because, if you land a win against Ginger, you might obtain up to $10,000. And how does this peculiar game unfold? Well, you need to decide where to place X or Y (depending on which one is assigned to you) on the grid. After this, you have to be patient, as Ginger will start pecking in her cage. She will ultimately press a button that determines where her X or Y will be placed on the grid. So if you are bored of constantly playing online slots, why not try your odds against Ginger — you might even walk away with a substantial amount of money!


Casino DreidelAnd now onto a game that has won the hearts of the Jewish community — the one they tend to go all out for and play it during Hanukkah. It also goes under the name of “sevivon,” which stands for “to turn around.” And as you are going to soon see, this name suits it to a tee.

Namely, Dreidel is a spinning top that boasts 4 sides. And each one of these 4 parts bears a particular letter from the Hebrew alphabet: Shin, Hei, Gimel, and Nun. Together, they stand for the following saying: “Nes Gadol Hayah Sham,” which translates to “A great miracle happened there.” And now we can delve deeper into the actual gameplay.

Moreover, there is no limitation to how many players can participate. But those taking part need to fulfill one prerequisite — bring around 10 to 15 pieces with them, including chocolate, raisins, pennies, etc. And at the start of each new round, the players are obliged to put one of those pieces in the pot. That’s right; these can substitute for money in Dreidel. In addition, if the pot gets empty, all of them need to chip in and place another piece in it. Every participant gets a chance to spin the dreidel in each round. Your fate heavily depends on where the dreidel will land.

In other words, you will not get anything if the dreidel falls on “nun.” In contrast, you will win the whole pot if you are lucky enough to land “gimel.” And if you want to take half of the pieces from the pot, then you should get “hei.” Conversely, the rules oblige you to place something in the pot if you get “shin.” Thus, as you can see, it is a simple game, and it is even found in some land-based casinos where people can opt to play for money.


This one is dedicated to all of us who’ve spent a part of their childhood playing War against their siblings. To some, this is the first card game they were introduced to, and it is one that is not that difficult to understand. Thus, a number of casinos have decided to include War in order to attract those who want to reminisce about the past and check whether it is as easy as playing against a family member.

The game is pretty simple and can be even found at some online casinos. But some gamblers love the excitement that playing in front of another person brings. Hence, if you come across War in a casino, then you can compete against a dealer. After placing your bet, you will receive one card. The goal here is to get a card that is higher than the dealer’s. If both of you expose the same one, then you might decide to surrender, in which case you will forfeit half of your wager. In contrast, you might opt to “go to war” and see whether your cards will prevail.

Besides this, “going to war” entails doubling your wager and seeing how it goes from there. Though do keep in mind you might come across a number of different variations of this game. As you might see, they set some rules which make War a bit more challenging. Therefore, if you are haunting some Las Vegas casinos, why don’t you give your best to find War and try your luck?


To sum up, you may find some other weird games in some casinos you visit from time to time as well. The gambling venues introduce them to retain those who, once in a while, feel like they have had enough of the traditional games and want to try something new. And if you are one of those people, why don’t you start with the games from our list, and see whether you can win some money or chocolate?

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