Blackjack Strategies and Different House Rules

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Blackjack game inside casino two pairs of cards laying on the chips

Any game has its strategy and tactics – even such “complicated” games as tug of war and pillow fights! But people often mistake tactics for strategy and strategy for tactics – even people who go in for different sports more or less professionally.

But we’re not going to distinguish these things in detail here; let’s just go ahead with what people usually call “blackjack strategies.” Even if these “strategies” are tactics the player can choose to either apply, or not apply, as they’re playing real blackjack for money.

The Strategies and the House Rules

Casino chips laying on top of each other Even though the game itself is simple and can be traced back to the old game of 21 that was apparently played centuries ago, modern blackjack gameplay does vary; as there are various different nuances and rules, and even different practices in this or that casino. This means that the appropriate tips and advice to offer players can also vary, depending on the casino. So you need to make your decisions in light of the gameplay of the particular casino you’re going to, and the special rules set up by this or that house.

Before you decide to play at a particular land-based or virtual online venue, you need to read the rules first. You have to pay attention to this issue because you could find something you do not like or cannot agree to, and it’s better to figure this out before you start playing blackjack for real money and placing your first bets!

The “Push”

One key example is the “push” rule. This rule applies to situations when both the player and the dealer hold a winning 21 hand. Some casinos would consider this situation a draw, or a “push,” return the bets to the player, and declare this game “no action”. Nobody won, and nobody lost. However, some other casinos would apply a different rule: there is no draw, and the dealer wins with a 21 hand, regardless of what the player might have. This boosts their house advantage.

It’s up to you, of course, but our advice is that such venues should be avoided! Consider it a strategy tip, too: avoid playing “no-push” blackjack.

Table Limits

Every land-based or online casino set up betting limits. The lowest is usually $5 for brick-and-mortar venues or $1 for playing blackjack online. The maximum betting amount varies a great deal more: it can be $50 or $50,000. Before you decide where to play for real cash, find out everything you can about the appropriate betting range.

It is also important to notice that the higher the minimal betting size is, the lower the number of players there will be at the table! Most tables are designed for up to six players, but at high-stakes one there might only be one or two.

Blackjack Payout Ratio

When a player gets exactly 21 points on their deal, it is called “blackjack.” In such a case, the payout can be 2:1 or 3:2. This means that for every $2 you bet, you win $3 when the ratio is 3:2; and $2 for $1 bet if the ratio is 2:1. So the latter is clearly the best possibility! Bear in mind that there are some casinos who have moved this ratio to 7:5 or 6:5, which means you’re likely to win a lot less money if you decide to play blackjack with these houses. However, we’re not saying you should avoid such venues – because after all, they may well offer some other advantages you might like. Just pay attention to the ratio.

Surrender Rules

Some casinos offer the option of cutting the player’s losses by the “surrender rule.” This surrender option can seriously influence your strategy. If you’re the kind of person that prefers “safer” ways of gaming, then this is exactly what you need! Looking for a venue to play blackjack for real money, choose the one where you can surrender half of your initial bet after you see the first two cards you are dealt – if you see your hand is going to be too weak to play. You will lose only this half, and the hand is no longer going to be played.Blackjack deal pair of cards laying on the table

There can be an early surrender if you’re dealt a 10 or a face card before you check a hole-card. This is a good option to use, especially if the dealer’s hand is very strong – like an ace. The late surrender option applies after the hole-card is checked, but before the dealer’s hand is revealed.

Many players appreciate the surrender option some casinos offer, as it allows them to be more flexible with their blackjack strategies and to minimize your losses – especially if the dealer’s hand is apparently going to be too strong to beat! After all, making your potential losses as low as possible is one of your most important strategic considerations when you’re playing real blackjack for money.

Splitting and Re-splitting

Splitting cards is an important option that comes up for blackjack players when they’ve been dealt two cards of the same value. You can split the initial hand into two hands and make another bet for the second hand; upon which, you are then dealt another two cards, and you can make a further decision about whether to hit or stand with the two hands you are now playing.

The best pairs for you to split are a pair of aces and a pair of eights. Splitting cards increases your chance of winning. But some casinos offer an option to “re-split” your hand if at least one of your new hands consists of cards of the same numerical value, again. Re-splitting your aces can really boost your winnings. While this is not going to happen too often, many players still consider this option a nice, entertaining thing to do!


The variety of rules applied by the various online and offline houses is really broad. So your experience playing real blackjack for money with these houses can be different, too; and so can your results! That is why we strongly advise you not only to carefully check the version of blackjack you are going to play, but also to have a look at the house rules too. Then you can adapt your strategy to the specific set of rules in operation, or decide not to play with this house at all if you find their rules are not good for you.

A good, reputable casino, whether it’s online or land-based, should always place the rules in a place they are easily seen, and where everyone can get a clear understanding before they make their bets! This will help you get a clear idea about what your blackjack strategy should be before you actually take your real or virtual seat.

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