13 Tricks Casinos Adopt to Attract Visitors

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Tricks Casinos Adopt to Attract Visitors

However weird it may seem to you, it’s not just players’ enthusiasm for winning money and their fervent desire to try their luck that attracts risky gamers to casinos; because whether or not a casino can get enough patrons largely depends upon how hard they work to attract new customers. But just so you know, casinos are using quite a number of tricks and cunning techniques to improve their image and to try and attract more and more avid punters over time!

So we’re going to offer you some insights into the broad array of psychological tricks and secrets that casinos are using to make sure you end up coming back another time, or maybe even throw away an entire fortune while you’re there! So, read on to find out how casinos attract more visitors.

Prize Giveaway

Most casinos offer their visitors raffles at player-friendly prices; and of course, this tactic really does make their patrons want to enter more and more raffles! The casino staff also set the dates the tickets are to be drawn.

Initial Bonus Offering

In both online and land-based casinos, bonuses are free money given to loyal customers, to encourage them to start a game. This practice has had a strong influence on the trend of casino bonus hunting. A bonus is a kind of solid platform that launches the player into a big game and motivates them to gamble until they run out of bonuses. And here’s why casinos actually give away bonuses: because once they’ve finally run out of free money, the players generally do continue to spend their own dollar bills. Bingo!

The Show Is Beginning!

Once they’ve finally got stuck into a tricky game, the players generally enjoy the atmospheric vibe of the casino. So casinos have come up with a range of ideas for shows that they can indulge their patrons with. Better still, some of these events include the world’s top celebrity singers (although this mostly applies to rich Las Vegas casinos), as well as a full range of professional dancing performances!

Impressive Jackpot Money

Progressive slots jackpot Casinos are always trying to entice you with all kinds of huge jackpots you can try and win on their slot machines. And they obviously take great pains to emphasize that you can win some pretty huge sums of money, purely by pushing the buttons and keeping track of the beautiful fluorescent pictures on the screen! But sad to say, your chances of hitting the jackpot are still just about as slim as you might expect them to be.

Freebies to Drink and a Range of Snacks

When they’re deeply engrossed in their big game, the players get to receive some refreshing drinks, which help them to keep their spirits up during the game. Casino visitors are routinely served with both hard and soft beverages; better still, the latter category often includes tea and coffee! As for snacks, these are not just given away for free; but there’s a wide range of food that players can come and grab whenever they want! So, providing a mini-restaurant is a common trick casinos utilize to establish a good relationship with their customers.

All Time Low Pricing

Veteran casino patrons never lose control, even if they feel hungry; and the kind of money they spend on casino food is generally even less than they would at a filling station supermarket! So gamers usually have a great chance to get some delicious meals and high-quality snacks at a price well below that of an upmarket destination restaurant.

Gaming Oblivion

Landed Casinos raw of lost inside The most common technique land-based casinos use to attract more customers is to trap their visitors in the magic circle of crazy gaming, where they lose track of time, and finally begin taking on higher and higher risks! But just in case you didn’t know, there’s a reason why they don’t put windows in casino halls. Because that way, you’re sure to remain heavily engrossed in gambling at your slot machine or the table you’re betting at, without any unnecessary distractions.

Carpets Matter

Nobody can deny that casinos have some of the most exuberant carpets to be found anywhere! And this is no coincidence, as in the casino business, absolutely nothing is left to chance! Actually, such surroundings are nothing less than a clever method of retaining players. Because after all, these colorful carpets are great for creating a feeling of real ease and comfort, which really helps make the casino’s gambling visitors feel more relaxed and happy. It’s very important that you don’t get bored and sleepy; so, that’s why casino bosses focus so hard on creating some beautiful surroundings for your next exciting gambling sessions!

Casino Labyrinth

Entering or leaving a casino can sometimes end up a trickier task than you bargained for! The maze of slot machines and table games can make you stay for quite a bit longer than you first anticipated. Bewildered by the labyrinth-like design, people end up falling into playing traps, where they just can’t resist trying their luck more and more. So if by any chance you’ve decided to stop by one of the tables on your way out, it’ll definitely be hard for you to resist laying another bet down!

Playing with No Сash

Payment wallet with no cashOnce your cash has finally run out, there’s always the option of playing for digital credits. The main problem with this strategy is that there’s no way of tracking the money you’re about to spend! At least when you’re holding the cash in your hand, you can monitor how much you’re wagering; but with a credit card, things can be pretty unclear! And yes, sometimes players really are stunned by the sum they’ve lost when they finally get the printout of their account balance!

Gulp of Freedom

One highly creative strategy casinos make use of is to adjust the level of oxygen inside the building. Usually, the oxygen level inside the casino is higher than on the outside. This keeps the gamblers awake and makes them feel refreshed! So once you’re in the casino, there will be zero temptation to come out for the breath of fresh air; you’ll be too busy playing, and you won’t be feeling uncomfortable anyway, given the unbelievably clean and pleasant surroundings!

The Illusion of Control

Every casino game (including blackjack or craps, for instance) has an influence on how far you feel you are truly in control. So you can maybe choose the colors, numbers or hands you bet on, working on the assumption that doing this might help you influence the outcome of your game! But the truth is, there is always a factor of sheer luck in these things, and there really is nothing you can do about it!

Compliments for High Rollers

High rollers are always welcome guests at any venue! And because they’re always prepared to wager some really huge sums, they’re sure to get some additional compliments and even cash back rewards on some of the games. This may be alluring for other players, who think that betting a higher amount of money may end up bringing the comps up to such a level that they will end up covering their losses. However, if you don’t have much money in your bankroll, then don’t try to pretend to be a high roller! Because after all: these huge bonuses are only available for real whales with a reputation of long standing.

Keeping all of these tips in mind can make you play better, and they can even help you avoid the risk of developing a gambling addiction as well. You will enjoy gambling even more in the future, once you finally know what traps you need to avoid in the future!

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