A List of Perks of Online Poker

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A List of Perks of Online Poker

Online Poker Has a Long List of Perks That You Want to Know About

To be or not to be… An online poker player? Do you prefer an old-school approach with classy suits, glasses of whiskey, and looks full of suspicion? It has a cool vintage vibe, so we totally understand why you would clear your schedule every other weekend to play poker with your buddies (or should we say rivals). Anyway, we must admit that there are some rather exciting, thrilling, and adrenaline-filled moments that IRL poker can propose.

But we know that the online version still has many more perks and we’ve got them all listed here. Perhaps we’ll change your mind concerning online poker if you weren’t already a huge fan. The internet world makes fast and confident steps while occupying our whole living space. It becomes especially obvious when certain fields that used to exist solely as land-based establishments turn into online counterparts.

Please answer this question: ‘Would you waste your precious time on going to the shop, interacting with dozens of people, standing in line, and carrying all your purchases home when you could just make a quick order online?’ Now, transfer this situation to the virtual gambling world. Do you see where we’re going with this?

Let’s Start With the Obvious Ones

A List of Perks of Online PokerAnd this is going to be about your comfort and time. Online casinos are absolutely perfect for people for whom a couple of minutes of free time are the sweetest treat ever. And in this case, a mobile version of an online casino is just a pure delight. Wherever and whenever you go – on your way to work, in a line at a supermarket, waiting for your food to be ready while enjoying your bath (but try not to turn this experience into yet another waterproof-test for your phone) – an online casino is available 24/7.

If you don’t feel like going out, just don’t! No dressing up, no leaving the house, no restrictions concerning food and drinks. However, we’re suggest you cool it with the booze because even a stay-at-home gambling session may turn into an alternative version of ‘The Hangover’ movie. Picture this: you’re sitting on your sofa, wearing pajamas, eating tacos, drinking wine, having fun, and earning money all at the same time! And no social interaction! For all extraverts out there it may not sound like an advantage, but if there are people who like to dance like no one’s watching then there are people who gamble like no one’s watching.

Making Money, Saving Money

Greenpeace may sue us for this phrase, but you can kill a dozen birds with one stone by choosing an online casino. And save dozens and dozens of dollars, actually. First and foremost, if you want to visit a brick-and-mortar casino, you’ll have to get there. If you’re lucky enough to live in Las Vegas, you should stop considering yourself to be lucky because Vegas is awesome, but only if you come there for a weekend. It’s in a middle of a bloody desert!

So you’ll have to pay for a trip, accommodation, food, and just in case you’ll also have to buy some fancy clothes. Plus, there are casinos which require entrance fees and as a nice person, you’ll feel an obligation to tip croupiers. And all of this spending is pretty much non-existent in the virtual world of gambling. In addition, online casinos have a noticeably lower rake. In fact, it’s almost insignificant.

One You and a Dozen Games

If you’ve played a poker game at a table at least once, you know how movies get it wrong all the time. In movies, players look sophisticated, confident, and cool. Unfortunately, it’s not common in real life. Casinos are noisy and crowded places and poker, as you know, is a game that requires concentration and attention to detail (like the facial expressions of other players), so this atmosphere can’t be called particularly elegant. And what on Earth can be more comfortable than your own home?

One of the greatest advantages of online casinos is the opportunity to play several tables. Even a dozen if you wish! Can you imagine such an opportunity being granted at usual casinos? You’d have to run from table to table without any time to think your actions through. How can we talk about a successful game outcome if you have to keep in mind so many combinations? Open as many tabs as you want and play as many hands as you wish online. On top of that, when you walk into a casino, it may turn out that there are no vacant places at tables and this is never-ever the case with the online alternative.

You Come to One Casino and End Up in a Hundred

A List of Perks of Online PokerApart from the possibility of efficiently playing many games at the same time, you get an enormous plethora of gambling opportunities. While at a traditional casino, you have a few options of the most popular card games. In the online world, you have a great diversity of poker itself and a whole bunch of its variations. For example, at BoVegas Casino, you can play Caribbean Draw Poker, Caribbean Hold’Em Poker, Caribbean Stud Poker, Let’Em Ride, Pai Gow Poker, Red Dog, Texas Hold’Em Bonus, Tri Card Poker. Plus, there are 13 video poker games! And the best part is that you can play all of them at the same time, without waiting in line! Isn’t it an awesome opportunity to improve your multitasking skills?

The next block of perks that we’re eager to talk about is bonuses. There are so many of them at online casinos! Offers from promotion managers and customer support teams can increase your chances of winning significantly. Cards Matches are great deals, and you should try playing poker at online casinos at least to check these out. The opportunities they provide you with are practically endless.

On top of that, gambling websites have generous and well-thought-out VIP programs, which give great rewards to active players. If poker is your hobby and you enjoy an occasional game, there is an opportunity to get yourself a cool players’ class and enjoy the advantages that it will provide you with. It can be a cashback on losses, a personal account manager, additional bonuses, birthday treats, and better withdrawal conditions.

And let’s not forget about customer support teams that can answer questions, solve problems, and resolve any issues that you may have while playing. Unfortunately, there is no such opportunity when it comes to land-based casinos. When you try to talk to a croupier at a casino, the most informative reaction that you can expect is a raised eyebrow. And if an online casino has a great friendly team of customer support guys (you can look up reviews from real players to get a general impression), you can be sure that you’ll get any help you need.

In Case You’re a Bad Liar

We’re not sure whether we should congratulate you on this or say that we’re really sorry. Because lying is an art, a talent, a necessary skill. Call it what you want, but you won’t change its essence. Doctor House was sure that everybody lies, and we trust him. Do you believe that there are people on this planet who have never lied? Okay, we’ll stop with this philosophical diversion. It’s just that poker often brings out our contemplative side. Did you know that poker improves your cognitive skills? Anyway, while playing poker in real life, you’ll have to learn how to bluff.

Is it obligatory? Not really. Will you be able to win without bluffing? It’s highly unlikely. Will you be able to play with professional players and win it big? Nope, not a chance. Nobody will be able to see you breaking a sweat while betting an impressive sum of money while playing online. Nobody will see your doubting facial expression, nervousness, and lip biting. Other players will just see your avatar and a cool name. Oh, by the way, high-profile web poker players can determine your level of professionalism based on your account name. It’s better to choose usernames which are related to gambling. Something like PokerPro45, Full House Master, or something that sounds cool but not cringe-worthy (yes, it happens often).

So if you don’t know how to bluff, visiting an online casino will become the best possible option for you. However, there is a flip side. If you’re great at playing pretend, then it can turn out to be a bummer for you. You can’t see other gamblers and other gamblers can’t see you. That’s why it’s a two way street in this case.

Can You Walk Down the Street With a Money Bag?

We guess all of us would be more than happy to walk down the street with a bag full of money, and such a fortunate occasion may happen in your life if you win a whopping sum of money at a land-based casino. Nowadays, people are turning away from cash as a primary paying option and are choosing electronic transactions instead. It’s just more practical; you don’t have to carry cash around, and in case you lose a banking card or it gets stolen, you can just block it immediately. What’s more, with modern banking options you can pay with your card in any country because there is an opportunity to automatically convert your money to local currency.

A List of Perks of Online PokerAnd let’s not forget about Bitcoins! You should never ever forget about cryptocurrency because it provides you with an endless list of prospects. With the help of the Internet, you can pay for whatever you want, whenever you want. Besides, crypto money transactions don’t comply with business hours, which annoy us so much. Seriously though, when we’re talking about 24 business hours in the world of traditional banking, people may get confused and start thinking that it will take only one day. However, in reality, it’s three days!

Now, we’re returning to that money bag issue. While you’ve already understood that depositing and withdrawing at an online casino is the simplest and most convenient option of all, let’s take a look at payout options of brick and mortar casinos in case you still have some doubts. Or perhaps you’re just someone who loves cash; you like the feeling of a roll of banknotes in your hand, and you love the weight of a wallet full of money.

Usually, when you win at a real-life casino, you get a few payout options. Different casinos have different payout policies, so keep that in mind. You can be paid in cash (if the sum doesn’t exceed $25,000), and there is also a possibility to receive a check. There is one advantage of real-life casinos in comparison to their online counterparts. You can choose to get all your money at once (don’t forget about taxation that in some cases may exceed 40% of your winnings), or you can be paid in annual installments. One payment can’t be less than 5% of the whole sum. When it comes to online casinos, though, there are weekly withdrawal limits, which vary from a website to a website. If a payment amount exceeds a certain sum, then a casino will pay out your winnings in installments. Nevertheless, keeping your money in an electronic form is always safer. You can use it whenever you want to buy stuff from any corner of a planet. Don’t tell us that all these arguments aren’t enough to convince you to make the switch to online poker.

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