Top Non-Cash Prizes Ever Given by Online Casinos

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It’s a no-brainer that the majority of players who spend real money at online casinos often expect to get huge cash prizes and earn a fortune. Overall, most online gambling sites will give players some promotional offers, like cash incentives, deposit bonuses, match bonuses and similar bonus offers to improve their experience. And by those prizes, we don’t mean comp points or free spins; we’re talking about serious rewards, like all-inclusive vacation packages and luxury cars worth a lot of money. It’s true – by playing casino games and slot machines online, you could end up winning a trip to Las Vegas, expensive gadgets, gift cards, cruise tickets and even sports cars.

Check out this list of some non-cash prizes we believe were the best ever given by an online casino.

1. Dream Vacation in the Maldives

Top Non-Cash Prizes Ever Given by Online CasinosPokerStars Casino once organized a holiday giveaway in which the top prize was a trip to the Maldives. The Maldives is among the most popular tropical vacation destinations visited by millions of tourists each year; that’s why it can be quite expensive for some people. However, PokerStars Casino once had an incredible vacation offer. Namely, the offer was given not to one, but to eight different winners. Each winner got a pair of tickets, so they could bring a loved one along. The lucky winners were to stay in a gorgeous bungalow by the beach on Ellaidhoo Island for 10 days. The island is quite small and secluded, and it is owned by Cinnamon Hotel. Additionally, their facilities are world-class.

2. Backyard Furniture and BBQ Grill

A few years ago, BGO Casino organized a bingo tournament, the main prize of which was quite a surprise. Namely, the lucky winner, as part of a summer promotion, got a full outdoor BBQ grill set and furniture. Moreover, he had the chance to equip his entire garden or backyard, and we hope he had an incredible summer. The BBQ set and the furniture complement each other perfectly and are great for festive occasions and outdoor celebrations. Currently, this UK-friendly casino offers some Amazon gift vouchers, Apple watches, iPhones and other non-cash prizes. However, perhaps the most interesting current prize is a luxurious trip to Dubai.

3. Mini Cooper

Payment as Mini cooperMini Cooper is one of the most legendary vehicles in the United Kingdom. It’s certainly among the best cars of all time since it’s a perfect city vehicle that has a classy and hard-to-match look. A member at PlayOJO Casino was able to win this incredible car by scoring first place in a slots tournament. The brand-new Mini Cooper was worth over $20,000, which means this was quite a special prize! Additionally, second place in this tournament included a pair of flight tickets to any location chosen by the winner.

4. Champagne and Cuban Cigars

This prize might be a bit more modest than the previous ones, but it is definitely top-class. Namely, a player at 32Red Casino won this prize by signing up for the loyalty program. The lucky winner got four boxes of Cohiba cigars or two of the finest bottles of Champagne. Cohiba cigars are some of the most legendary and finest Cuban cigars ever. They were created way back in 1966 and have since become synonymous with the Cuban culture. Moreover, the best thing about this giveaway is that it is on-going. You can join each month, and the winner is selected randomly.

5. Dog Sled Adventure

Top Non-Cash Prizes Ever Given by Online CasinosA few years ago, Virgin Casino featured some incredible Christmas offers. It offered an Airbnb gift card in a sweepstake. The gift card was worth $500, meaning you could get some great accommodations during a holiday using Airbnb. There was another prize, and it was much more alluring – tickets to the Poconos. For those who don’t know, these incredible mountains in the United States are located in Pennsylvania. The Poconos are among the top travel destinations in the area. This region is full of valleys and hills and even some beautiful hotels. It’s a good destination for skiing and all sorts of other sporting activities. The lucky winner got a perfect winter vacation and an unforgettable adventure: a thrilling dog sled ride over ice and snow!

6. Louis Vuitton Purse

For International Women’s Day of 2018, Rizk Casino organized a free raffle. The casino gave all women the chance to win a highly fashionable designer purse. The purse was the exclusive Keepall Bandoulière 55 by Louis Vuitton, worth thousands of dollars. In fact, the Keepall Bandoulière 55 was first created in 1930, and it has become a staple in the world of fashion. The purse has a compact size and timeless design. It was the perfect gift for Women’s Day.

7. Spring Break Vacation

As part of a 2017 spring break promotion, Mr Green Casino gave away a 6-day, all-inclusive trip to Las Vegas or France. The trip included a pair of first-class plane tickets to one of the locations, and the winners stayed at a 5-star hotel. Additionally, the winner got a $1,000 allowance to spend on their trip. The location in France was Colmar, a smaller town near Germany. However, an interesting thing about this small town is that it’s one of the oldest in the country. Its streets and buildings are lined with cobblestone. Moreover, the town has a fantastic medieval atmosphere, plenty of local vineyards and even a wine route. And regarding Las Vegas, many call it the “gambling capital of the world,” so that $1,000-allowance must have really come in handy!

8. Formula 1 VIP Tickets

Top Non-Cash Prizes Ever Given by Online CasinosThat same year, 2017, Mr Green Casino gave away VIP tickets to the Formula One Spanish Grand Prix. This popular racing event is held in Barcelona, and the first race was held back in 1913 and it has been held 59 times in total. The race consists of 66 laps, the circuit length is 2.89 miles, and the total race distance is around 190.1 miles. The lucky winner of the giveaway received two tickets for the high-octane event, and the casino also paid for accommodations and travel expenses. Players only had to deposit and wager on blackjack or roulette to enter the giveaway.

9. Caribbean Summer Cruise

CyberBingo Casino once gave away two tickets for an 8-day, all-inclusive cruise to the Caribbean. The cruise line was Royal Caribbean, which is among the most popular in the world. Players could enter the giveaway simply by making a deposit. The cruise departed from Fort Lauderdale, FL and took the winners to some of the most popular Caribbean destinations like Nassau, Saint Kitts and Charlotte Amalie. The casino covered all travel expenses to the starting destination (Florida). During the cruise, the winner also got to dive with dolphins, visit old pirate fortresses and enjoy beautiful white-sand beaches. This was truly an unforgettable prize!

Prizes Caribbean Summer Cruise

10. Porsche Sports Car

Gambling Prize Porsche sport car And last, but not least, check out the top non-monetary prize on our list. Members of Royal Vegas Casino once had a chance to participate in a Porsche Challenge. Players had to compete to win a ticket for a draw by wagering on some games at this casino. The casino devised some special challenges to make the race for the main prize more exciting; namely, players had to win games to go through 10 different cities on a virtual map. While the free cash prizes and casino bonuses amounted to a massive sum of $250,000, the main prize was a new Porsche! Members could also pick among a few different models of the sports car, which meant they could ask for a Porsche of their choice. Some of the available models were the legendary 911 Carrera S, the Cayman, Panamera, and more.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, these non-cash prizes have gotten you all revved up. As you have seen, you might get an opportunity to win tickets to a holiday of your dreams, see some thrilling racing action, enjoy luxurious designer items and high-tech gadgets or even get a brand-new sports car worth a small fortune. All in all, casinos have a lot of unique, non-cash offers that you’ve probably never even paid attention to. So, check out some online casinos and enter their unique giveaways!

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