The Wheel of Fortune Tips

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The Wheel of Fortune

You may know the phrase “Wheel of Fortune” from the famous Emmy-award winning TV show hosted by Pat Sajak. There are even online versions of this TV game; however, this is not what we’re going to be talking about in this article. We want to share some of our tips on how to deal with one of the classic table games that you can find in almost every land-based or online casino. This game, which is known as the Big Six Wheel, is certainly going to give you goosebumps!

Once you’re tired of blackjack or roulette, just switch to the Wheel of Fortune and enjoy the spins and lavish prizes of the game. This is one of the most exciting experiences you can possibly have while you’re at any gambling venue…

How Do You Play It?

The layout of the Big Six Wheel is pretty simple: it’s a huge vertical wheel separated into different sections. In brick-and-mortar casinos, these sections are separated with crossbeams, and there is a pointer to show which section has won. It looks like it’s just another slot game, except it’s been placed upon a huge wheel! Generally speaking, the winning symbols are going to be $1, $2, $10, $20, the joker, the casino logo.

The stop pointer usually determines the winner, and the size of the prize is paid out according to the section. Don’t assume that the dollar sign in one particular section shows the sum of the payout because it doesn’t. Actually, this figure refers to the number of units you have to be paid. Suppose, for example, you’ve put $4 on the $1 section. If you win, you get $4. But if you place $1 on the $20 section, and the wheel stops at the winning section, you’re going to get $20. The casino logo or the joker might end up giving you a payout 40 times the size of the original wager!

There are numerous variations of the game that you can find today, and the difference lies in the number of sections, which can vary from 19 to 54. The most popular one, however, is the 54 slot type. In this particular variation of Wheel of Fortune, there are twenty-four $1 sections; and the number of other lucky slots diminishes over time until there is only one joker and one casino symbol. You can find the house edge for each slot on the 54 section wheel here:

Once the dealer spins the wheel, the chances of hitting your lucky spot are 53 to 1. The safest bet for you is the $1 section, as this has the lowest house edge, and it is one of the most frequently met spots. However, this doesn’t stop punters from risking big sums of money when it comes to the Joker or Casino Symbol bet. This enticing 40:1 payout is more than enough to draw them to play real money online and in live casinos.


The Wheel of Fortune has many faces, not unlike Lady Luck herself! Sometimes you can find it under the names of the Money Wheel or Dice Wheel. What is more, every gambling location has its own gaming rules; so the house edge may well change from casino to casino.

For example, both Atlantic City or Macau have their own casino gaming rules; and this is why they have separate variations. In Atlantic City, the main feature is the presence of two Casino Logos and the absence of the Joker. Furthermore, these symbols pay out 45, rather than not 40. Because of such variations, the house edge increases on the $1 section bet, while it’s actually lowered on the Logo section. So this is how it’s looking:

The Big Six Wheel is not that popular in Macau, and there are some discrepancies between this game and existing variations in Europe or the USA. The biggest one is that there are no dollar signs on the wheel; instead, you can see a dazzling array of vivid colors! Each color has its own position and respective house edge. And this is the way it’s organized:

The wildest type of this game can be found in Australia. It’s called the Big Wheel over there!  The player’s gaming experience is greatly enhanced by the highly innovative and creative approach the Aussies have brought to the table, who have decided to use native animals instead of dollar signs. Indeed, they have actually gone even further and made a standard house edge on each reel. Just check this out!

The Money Wheel is yet another type of game that is popular in the United States. The main distinctive features are the 23 $1 spots and the pair of jokers; bagging a joker gets you a payout of 40:1. In the Dice Wheel, this set is totally unique. You’ll have six numbers to choose to bet on, and 216 combinations of the three dice to appear.

Now, if you’re excited by the prospect of trying games for real money without ever once leaving your home, there’s always the option of playing online. Some of the wheels may have 49 stops of $1, $3, $7, $15, $23 and $47. Others can have 52 stops with $2, $4, $6, $16, $24 and $48 bets. The main advantage of online casino games is that you can get some casino deposit bonuses, which may well influence your bankroll. And the Wheel of Fortune is no exception! So if you’re afraid of wagering real money, there’s always the possibility of trying a demo version first, where you have to place some virtual bets. In addition to the simulation of the traditional Big Six Wheel, there might be other slots that are similar to this one. There isn’t really any huge difference between this and the other traditional slots, so you can enjoy playing for some progressive jackpots too.


Gamblers know that the Wheel of Fortune is not that easy to trick. Still, there are some superstitious punters out there who are constantly searching for a strategy to help them outsmart the game: counting the spins, in the hope of finding some trends winning spots appear. Some laymen try to figure out how the speed of the wheel influences the outcome; but in the end, it doesn’t really matter.

The Wheel of Fortune is a game where everyone can try their luck! If you’re aware of the odds and house edge, you can certainly use this knowledge to try and help you win. However, we recommend you not to depend on some kind of overly sophisticated approach: just enjoy the game!

Top Questions About Big Six Wheel

Here you can find top questions and answers regarding Big Six Wheel. They will serve you as tips when you decide to try your luck with this game.

  • How many numbers are on the Big Wheel?

The values of the Big Wheel have multiples starting from 5 cents to 1 dollar. They go in the following order: 5, 1.00, 15, 80, 35, 60, 20, 40, 75, 55, 95, 50, 85, 30, 65, 10, 45, 70, 25, 90.

  • How does the Money Wheel work?

This is basically a huge wheel with various sections to bet on. The winning sections are $1, $2, $10, $20, the joker, the casino logo. Once the pointer stops at one of them, it’s considered to be a win.

  • How do you win the Wheel of Luck?

Try to place maximum bets. If you win, try to use the money from the winnings from the game to make more spins. When playing online, use bonuses, additional spins, or special offers.

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